I just took a lesson from a new instructor. My old instructor has moved on to greener pastures. My best game to date is an 88 on a 132 slope. My best run ever is 4 over for...

R&A rule changes
http://sports.yahoo.golfserv.com/gdc/news/article.asp?Source=YAHOO&id=19125 "SOTOGRANDE, Spain (AP) -- Golfers behaving badly could be disqualified under an expanded section of e...

Suitable Shaft?
I recently found an elderly 7 wood fitted with a Low Torque 4.0 graphite shaft. And it,s great,everything straight as an arrow.Problem is ,it,s now made me question my other woods(Callaway S...

Club head covers
Just curious, has anyone seen the rubber iron covers in yellow before? I am talking about the "shell" type like the ones from Castle Bay. Thanks Bryan

Golf courses for sale
Read today that approx 30% of all golf courses in the Atlanta area are up for sale. Wow!!! I don't know about the rest of the country, but I don't think this is a very good busin...

Anyone have recent info on Kaluakoi, (Molokai island, Hawaii)
Several years ago I stayed in a condo on Molokai and played the Kalua Koi resort course, which was spectacular, reasonably priced, and uncrowded. 3 years ago we wanted to go back but were t...

Recommendations for Seattle in November?
Yes, I realize I am seriously addicted to even consider it, but I'm wondering whether to pack golf supplies for a trip next week and if so where to think about trying to play.

Great to be back (Abe)
Hey gang, Haven't posted in a few months. My dear children, it is so good to be back. Was in a mental asylum for 3 months. My wife had me committed because I have been so preoc...

Interesting article Re:optics
Came across an interesting article. I usually don't like the stuff the Natural Golf folks put out, but this really is interesting stuff regarding optics and the golf swing. Hope you enjoy!...

"100 Club"
We automatically become a member - when we don't break an hundred. I have yet to determine the real reason for the inability to post a lower score. (other than, that until h...

Fresno, CA area golf courses?
Hello all I am thinking of going out to Fresno in January for a week to visit a buddy of mine and to play some golf....well a lot of golf and I was hoping to get some recommendations on what...

Pull/Hook Problem
I have a serious problem with hitting a pull/hook, particularly with the driver and fairway woods. I have drastically weakened my grip, but still hook when I pull. I believe the problem is r...

Lefthanded golfers
Most of lefties i know that play golf, they play like righties. Almost allthey have a great short game and specific problems with the long shots. That happens also with righties that play li...

Golf cart GPS accuracy?
The more I check out those GPS devices and see that accuracy on differential GPS and WAAS enabled GPS have improved accuracy to some +/- 3 yards, the more it begs the question. If...

Short game and type of ball
Finally, the leaves have been picked up and mown over enough that I can risk playing a ProV1 again (one day a couple weeks ago I lost THREE of them in the leaves). I'd been play...

Green size today -- and last year?
With a friend's laser rangefinder (+/- 1 yard advertised accuracy) I am attempting to create a yardage booklet for our country club. We've already done a few holes and the yardages we've co...

Taylor Made rescue 3 19 vs. 7 wood ???
Hi, I am hesitating in buying one new club. What would be your advice between a rescue 3 (ie. the TM one) and a 7 wood (ie. the TM one)? Would you have any idea about a price shipp...

The "future of womens golf"
So Michelle Wie is dead last at +13, 20 strokes behind the leader in the LPGA CJ Nine Bridges Classic. And that's only after *one* round. The "future of women's golf" still has a lot ...

Trading iron sets?
Recently I stupidly bought a brand new set(still in a sealed box) of Taylor Made 360 irons. The reason I bought these is because one I thought they were the same specs as my current Firesol...

Is Phil Mickelson done as a top pro like David Duval?
His decline this year hasn't been as precipitous as Duval's but rather shocking anyway. I imagine being a husband and father first and a golfer second probably explains a lot of the decline ...

Who's got one? What's it good for? -- Cheers, --Jeff Let's Go Orange! orange @ at @ rsfckers @ dot @ com

Holiday Wish Lists
The holidays are coming up, faster than I care to think. My wife will be asking me to make a list of things I want. When it comes to golf I will be looking for something like a pre-paid ro...

The earth has slowed
I think the earth has slowed in its orbit of the sun. How else do you explain why it's still like winter here, and yet bushfires are raging in Calfornia? The seasons are out of whack! ...

Warrior Custom Golf..PAINS IN THE ASS!!
Signed up thinking about trying some of their stuff, decided not to...since then, they have called me every couple of weeks even after I have told them 4 times to remove me from their call l...

POY award: Vijay vs Tiger
Being Money Leader would be as much of an achievement for Singh as it was for Tiger the last few years while he was winning it. Tiger is one of the few golf players who can afford to p...

Filament Wound
Been doing some reading on spine aligning, swingweight matching, frequency matching, and MOI matching. Frankly, the only one I really find explained in detail and seems easy to perform ...

How do you feel abt. your Driver
Which one?:--) My driver is - like one of the family - I dearly love to use it ever chance I get. Using it, presents me with a real challenge. Where else can I - be for

Landmark CC report
Landmark CC in Indio, CA (outside Palm Springs). Played there last week. Here are a few pics: http://cincinnatimedia.com/jbvaca03/ What a fabulous course. It's where the Sk...

Hybrid Clubs / Utility Clubs
The low-profile woods are available in 1 - 11, this type club has been available, and played by some golfers for a spell. It looks like there is being shown a renewed interest in them...

Stiff flex - Who's best suited?
Just doing a random search on E-bay, I notice the drivers and iron sets being resold are quite often stiff flex. Is this because the owners over- estimate their swing speed and realize they...

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