foot in a bucket
hey calling all rightys. if you step behind ball (befor your shot)do you step back to the ball with your right or left foot?

Position of Right Thumb
Where should your right thumb be on the shaft. Assume pointing straight down on top of the the grip is 6:00? Thank you, Ken

Deja vu plus
This is a true story. I have been playing golf regularly for the past 5 or 6 years with a guy named Joe. Two or three years ago, we were on a par 3 hole. I was on the fringe. J...

Damn you, Golfsmith
I went in there looking for a 3 wood to fill out a gap I have in the bag. Tried the Adams GT Tight Lies Strong 3W, a Lynx and a couple others. Then I hit the Cleveland Launcher 3W.

Male pro golfers w/long hair
Tommy Armour III (one of my favorite dos, and his snarling aditude on course really complements it) Pat Bates (I'm not suprised he's a big Christian) Stuart Ginn (aka Steven Spielburg) ...

690 CB vs. 690.CB
Does anyone know the difference between the Titleist 690CB's and the 2003 Titleist 690.CB's? I can't seem to find any info on what has changed. You can also get the older version...

Player Corbin Bernsen Needs My "Fountain of Youth" Program DESPERATELY!
Just the other day, I viewed film clips of Corbin Bernsen playing baseball. These were from 14 years ago, and even back then, Corbin Bernsen was showing significant signs of "over-the-hill" ...

What do you think about this?
Hi all, I've see this site : What do you think? Regards, Riccardo

golfsmith frequency analyzer
Any one using this machine? How do you like it? Any problems I should know about? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this machine compared to others such as the club scout III. Thanks...

Pitts = Gaylord
"KenPitts" <[email protected]> escribió en el mensaje news:[email protected] > Dave - > > It was a pleasure to meet you. I knew from read...

Contribute to the best damn book on golf ever written..see your name in print
For Golfers Only! "New Audio Ebook Offers Help And The Ability To Improve Your Game To Any Golfer Around The World...But We Need Your Input To Make It As Good As Possible!" Would you like t...

Couldn't resist
I couldn't resist the lil golfworks chop saw for 25 bucks. I tried to stay loyal to the dremel tool, but a cheap good lookin' ho is hard to resist! -- ____________________________...

Really getting sick of Google
I've been using Google to read and post to newsgroups for a while, because it is convenient to have the whole history of a thread (and related threads) all laid out there before you. An...

winter golf in Maryland area..
Any golf course open in winter ( Feb., March )around Maryland, Virginia, DC, area? Thanks Kenny @ New Hampshire

Valero Texas Open
I was sooo surprised not to see a post regarding this tournament & the super rounds of Tommy Armour III. After all, he set a new PGA record which was quite a feat in itself. Was a...

Methinks I got shafted by Cleveland
Cleveland Golf's web site says their "588" 60º lob wedge in left handed comes in only 3º bounce. That's what I use. So, this weekend, in Austin, I had their tech van build me a new 60 and ...

Golf Vendor -BHM?
Anyone dealt with BHM Golf? Is this Brian Meyer a fair dealer. He says he will trade clubs - Anyone have experience with deals with Brian? I will not leave url or the like, this is not sp...

Offset Irons and Poor Contact
Question - Can offset irons lead to poor contact? (both fat and thin shots.) I am a 10 handicap and I am having problems making consistent solid ball-first contact. Normally if I stand too ...

Putting - Never give advice...
...else incur the wrath of the golf gods. Posted a response earlier today about putting. Went out to practice and after 20 minutes of the yips, walked straight into the pro shop a...

Anybody using any Founders Club products?
From what I've been told, a couple of Senior Tour players were playing their clubs a few years ago. I have a prototype driver right now that is pretty cool. It has a woven typ...

Honest Vendor
I went to to purchase a new driver for my birthday next week. I called them and gave the fellow my specifications. I had requested the higher priced graphi...

Left shoulder low
Someone posted an answer to my question on why a right handed person might want to have his left shoulder low. Unfortunately hitting the link crashed my computer, and I am unable to find it...

Golf logo balls ?
I have just been assigned the task of buying golf balls with our company logo. Anybody out there with any recommendations of who to get them from?

I lost my head
We had our men's club tournament this weekend. I did pretty well Saturday, with my best score for this course. I had practiced extensively with my 3-W, alternating one shot with my 3W, ...

FW: Finally!
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 1:57 PM Subject: Finally! I had never really played golf on a serious or regular basis before until just about a year ago when my good f...

Playing Pebble with Pitts it wasn't THAT was the Pebble Beach of the Texas coast. Ken was in town and he invited me to play in a foursome with an old friend of his who is in business here. We pl...

putter question
I have a question that I know you guys can help me with. I am thinking about getting a new putter. I know this is the best way for me to lower my scores. What are some of you guys using? Sho...

Dalecki Head Cover Drill--Holy Cow!!!!
Been playing quite poorly the last few weeks. Can't really put my finger on it except I feel my lower body is too fast and my hands and arms get left behind leading to all types of chaos. ...

Clones and brands
As I can't come up with an exact opinion, it would be nice to hear from someone who have tried clones. Are they any good, or fairly comparable with brand names, or are they just not so ...

John Daly plays "Poker-golf"
John Daly plays a round or two (very rarely 3) and then "tosses in his hand" if it looks too bad?

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