2 stroke penalty
Today in a one-club tournament, I played a Strata ball on the fairway to the green, but it wasn't my Strata. I caught the error when I looked closer at the ball I just hit on the green and...

Can't get my ball in the air
Hi everyone, I bought a new Kasco vs tour rs Driver, 10.5 degree with regular flex shaft, I can't get my balls carry with that driver. When I hit it dead straight It goes up and i...

Tiger 9 under!!!
If you put together yesterday's front 9 this today's back 9. Which says to me that his problem is simply concentration. Someone said that golf isn't physically demanding. That migh...

Just getting started...
I want to learn to play golf. Well, it's more a requirement of my profession than a desire, but anyways... what's the best way to start out? Should I take some lessons, watch video's, etc...

Curtis Strange Amazing Prediction of the Day (D-Bank Spoiler)
Immediately after Tiger shot a 30 on the back nine today: "You know, if he gets playing better, driving it better, he's going to shoot a low score." You might think he was joking, but he ...

Mr. Big and short game keep up the roller coaster
Unreal. This is my fifth week in a row without a round in the 90s. Either I've broken 90 or put it in triple figures. Tied my PR with another 87 today (43/44) I shelved the Golfsmith HiCo...

Shaft selection
I am a rather high handicap player who wants to foray into the world of oversize drivers. My current driver is a cheapy 43" with a True Temper shaft and a 220cc head. I have played a cou...

Tiger's almost in first place now!!!
First place in number of bogeys for the tourney, that is. Tied for fourth right now, with 3 bogeys so far today. I think he has a chance, if he keeps up that rate, especially with the back...

Pros and Cons of having a handicap
Hi, I'm thinking of getting an official handicap (apart from my swing). I used to shoot in the mid 90s, this year I'm in the mid-80s. Any pros and cons?

Need advice on putting contest.
Hi all, I am in charge of a small tournament next week (approx. 7 foursomes). I would like to award prizes at dinner later based on some sort of putting contest in the room beside the e...

Real Update on Mickelson's Tryout with the Mudhens ...
... He missed the cut. Randy http://www.mudhens.com/ Phil Mickelson tries out for for Hens...No Contract. The Detroit Tigers have decided not to...

I improved my performance! 4
My insurance didn't cover foot orthotics, I was looking for a way to get high quality foot orthotics inexpensively. I found two sites on-line that sold foot orthotics. http://www.foot...

Lovett Wedge?
Anybody see the infomercial for the Lovett Wedge? Have you tried it?Seems like a new take on the Alien wedge.I'm not interested in it myself, but I always wonder if anyone buys these ifome...

Anyone use Golfspan in the UK? Help needed.
I got an email from Golfspan offering me premium membership over Labour day weekend for a month for $1. So I took them up on their offer because this would give me access to all their stream...

The Lad shoots another 79!
Hell yeah baby! Well... that's twice now in the month of August. I shot a 79 on August 2nd and I just did it again yesterday. In between my scores were 82, 84, 93, 90, 96, 92, a...

ESPN 3-Club School any good?
I am signed up in October. Can anyone who has attended tell me if I can expect to get my $$$$ worth? Thanks

Stars' Responsibilities
Woods, Mickelson needed to sell tournaments abroad by Associated Press, August 31, 2003 NORD-EICHENRIED, Germany (AP) -- With few homegrown stars to sell the game, directors of fo...

got any files of pros swings?
I'd like to combine 4 of them at a time to compare swings on same tape. Someone showed me how but I don't have the files any more, I guess. Where would they be on my computer. I downloa...

Greg Little - give me a call (Colleyville Alan)
I'm listed in the phone book. I improved my computer with a little tweaking. Now it doesn't work at all and I'm using my wife's computer. I need help unimproving it.

Two blondes were playing golf....
Two blondes were playing golf at a foggy par three, and could see the flag, but not the green. Each hit their ball anyway. When they walked to the green, they discovered one about three feet...

Tiger can retire now...
And be considered top 5 all -time

Placement of Ball for 3W
i am working on hitting my 3w of the deck. Where is the best place to position the ball? thanks, Ken

Re: Ping 85029 Putter-Question
I have just inherited a Ping 85029 Putter. The hosel is in fine condition. The problem is the shaft has some rust spots on it. If I send this putter to Ping in Arizona and have them reshaft...

I saw Tiger cry on national TV
Did anyone else see this? Last week, final round, after he hit a bad shot on hole 12, the camera showed Tiger standing there crying! He even lifted a finger to his eye and flicked away a t...

new balls, found balls or both?
Do you play: 1. only new balls 2. only found balls 3. both I never used to buy balls, but I decided to try the Top-Flite XL2000 Extra Longs, when they first came out...

Tiger to miss cut ??
Currently in 99th place with 11 holes to go. I suspect he will rally and make it...but maybe not this time.

Well it happened again..............
A couple of months ago I posted how I was playing a local course and while standing over a putt on the 4th green my playing partner was hit in the back by a ball from the group behind us. T...

Different format
We used a different format for our usual dogfighht this morning. Instead of 2 low, or stableford, which we have usually used, we had lowest and highest score counts. I wasn't too thrilled ab...

Quasi proof of decel at impact
Go to http://www.modelgolf.com/nbc/screen_saver.asp and get the screensaver if you don't have it. Set it up and run in the preview mode, as slow as possible. Pause the swing then step thro...

swing clips of famous people
Hi, is there any place to download little swing-videos of 'great swings'. p.e Jack Nicklaus (for me btw one of the very best swings), or todays stars? I was just w...

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