Is a Lob Wedge 56* or 60* ?
I want to by lob wedge but not sure what * to buy. suggestions please. Thanks, Jack [email protected] http://rec-sp...

Mickelson's Short Game
I'm a fan of Phil's and hope he gets his major win one day, but I'm starting to become tired of announcers claiming Phil has this superior short game. He botches more shots than he makes up...

Ben, it's time to upgrade your girlfriend
Ben, listen, you just won one of the most prestigious events in all of sports. I'm sure you love your honey, but you can do better. I mean, look at Mickelson, and he hasn't even won a majo...

Are Amateur Organizations Up To Running Major Championships?
Given some of the problems with the Open Championship it raises the question as to whether amateur organizations such as the R&A and USGA are up to running these championships in today's wor...

Sergio requesting Unplayable ruling at the Open
Is the player *not* the sole person to determine if a ball is unplayable, under R&A rules? Under USGA rules, the player makes the decision, if I'm not mistaken. -Don M

How do you lee hands dry
When I go to a range I hit many balls with my driver. I have lampkin grips..but my non-glove hand gets slippery. Any suggestions? Should I clean my grips with soap and water? ...

(AP) Carrot Top enters PGA
(AP-Hollywood) Following on the heals of Ben "Dude, you're getting a Dell" Curtis's amazing upset victory in the British Open, well-known prop comedian and 1-800-Call-ATT spokesman Carrot To...

Woods got put on the clock?
Hard to believe that he was put on the clock. He said it happened after the 12th hole and that it affected some of his putting alignments. I thought he was playing quite fast...weird. ...

Kenny Perry drops to #2
The new world ranking are out and Kenny Perry just dropped to number two. The new world number one is Tripp Isenhour who fired a 63 yesterday at the Henrico Richmond Open on the Nation...

Dress code...Bill Murray violates
Dress code double standard part XXII.... On the range the other day, I was warned about not having a collared shirt. I was wearing a Tiger-type tee shirt...not looking as buff mind you...

Ben Curtis has restored pride to America
If you do as much traveling as i do, you know that it's really sad how america is now viewed throughtout the world. Thanks to Bombs-away-Bush we are now considered the leading terrorist nati...

Ben Curtis: Open to be a Blessing or a Curse?
We have another unheralded player winning a major championship in the last couple of weeks (Hilary Lunke Women's Open is the other). Will this turn out to be a blessing or a curse for Ben Cu...

question for the rsg gang
Ok - I was playing on saturday and I came to the realization that even when I hit two really darn good shots, I am absolutely unable to reach the par 5, 500 yard in 2 shots. Which made me t...

Tiger Wood record still in tact.
Well, Tiger did it again. While Tiger has never LOST a major that he was leading on the final day Tiger has kept his other record going as well. Tiger has never WON a major that he was...

Wanted: Golf Partner Web Site(s)
I'm wondering if there anybody can point me to any web sites that can be used to find some golf partners? Has anybody had success with this approach? My problem is that I want to play more f...

Stop the "what ifs" and all
Please, everybody who is doing this, stop it. Had Tiger won, nobody would question anything. People speak of Bjorn's collapse, Tiger's missed putts, Tiger/Vijay being put on the clock (bravo...

Curtis on Curtis
Did anyone else catch this? As Ben Curtis was walking up to the 18th green addressing the crowds, Curtis Strange was waxing poetic about Ben's grandfather teaching him golf, etc, etc...and ...

best way to clean grips?
I have Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips which are about a year old, and I think I could get another year out of them if I could get them clean and tacky again.

Dress code on the course
Hi, it's Stu here from the UK. Here's a question for ya.... In the UK, most golf courses have a strict dress code where t-shirts are not allowed and golf tops must have a co...

Ben Curtis wins by 17 shots
The Ohio Amateur in 2000 that is.... A&year=1999

Ben Curtis - how did he do it?
Firstly, congratulations to Curtis - in our house we'd never heard of him, then half-way through his front nine we had to look him up on the net, check his stats out, and there was surprisin...

Instruction Tips for the Traveling Golfer
Instruction Tips for the Traveling Golfer by Dana Rader, Teaching Editor. check it out at:

Is tiger going bald???
He's always looked like he had a receding hairline and today when he took off his cap on 18, it really looked that way. Not that it's any of my business, but how many world class baldies ha...

Tiger's slump
Tiger had only shot over par in two tournaments in all of 2000, 2001, and 2002, but he'd already finished over par twice in 2003 before the Open. So there was something to i...

Is rsg still on the web?
I have been off the air for a year with a crappy connection and now my news server seems to be ill. I used to find all the rsg posts at deja and then at Google but that seems to have gone. ...

(AP) Little Known Bonus Claus...
(AP) Actor Ben Curtis, fresh off his stunning British Open victory, received another surprise revelation Sunday night. Curtis's upset win, heralded by golf analysts worldwide as "A victory f...

not a tiger basher,but
I couldn't care less if TW wins or loses but holy shit!! enough with the drama queen act on every missed putt or bad shot. grow up.....act like youv'e been there before...TW!

Caribbean Golf Vacation Ideas
Hi all, Considering a Caribbean golf vacation soon. We have been to Jamaica and Aruba and are looking for another location. Any suggestions based on first hand experience would ...

DQ Question
The real question I have about the Roe/Parnavick DQ (which probably nobody really cares about now :-) is where is the requirement that you turn your score in on some pre-printed piece of pap...

Player of the Year?
Unless Tiger wins the PGA, looks like we're going to have someone else's name on the Player of the Year plaque for the first time since '98. Any votes? I thnk you gotta go w...

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