Has anyone read McLean's X-Factor Swing?
I picked up my copy on Friday and am about one third of the way through it. What do you think of it? My major fault is coming over the top, I have to really fight to hold my ...

98 PGA Championship: Best Major Ever ?
I don't think there's ever been as much drama, particularly with an underdog going against the best player in the world.

Quick Note on HiCor Driver
It's a great club. I hit drives on consecutive holes over 240 (measured by range finder). That's long for me. Now all I need is a swing to go with it because my other 11 drives with it ba...

Strategy for Wet Grass & High Humidity
Anyone have a strategy for playing a course that has a lot of dew on the grass and the humidity is about 150% ? My handicap is going to hell in a hand basket and I need something to blame i...

trading in
I'm looking to upgrade my current irons in the UK. Do places take in old (but complete) sets as trade in, or is a question of buying new and trying to sell privately Thanks ...

When NOT to play golf !

what is the best US$20 golf ball we can buy?
what is the best US$20 golf ball (a box of 12) we can buy? what brand and model?

Mizuno TPZ
Hi, What do you think about the "Mizuno TPZ" irons. Thanks for you answer. Jean-Christophe, Strasbourg, France

c4 shaft size?
Does anyone know the shaft size of the C4, does it need a special oversize shaft? My friend want's to reshaft his callaway C4 and i was going to give him an old shaft i had laying ...

Colorado Golf
Looking for a decent course in Colorado Springs, Buena Vista and/or all points in between. Would like nice scenery but reasonable prices as my young son will be playing also. Suggestions??...

Hitting from behind the ball
If you look at a lot of the pro swings (in slow motion), it appears they are hitting hard with hands and arms LONG before their lower body has turned back towards the target. When their low...

Cleaning clubs
Is it a good idea to clean the heads of your golf clubs after playing a round? I'm wondering whether leaving the dirt on the clubs is either bad for them, or if it can interfere with your ga...

Pittsism Of The Day, 07/12/2003, Part-II
07/12/2003, TheGolfChannel.com Forum " 1998 PGA Championship. He tore an absolute gouge in the tee box. I saw it live. I'm sure he left it for Fluff to fix. Mercedes Champion...

When did Jane Blalock get suspended for cheating???
???, just need some years, I can't figure it out.

Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus has donated a autographed pair of his golf shoes and photo to our charity auction..the auction has started: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/wolfspirit729/ Thanks,Ruthie

Great Players Don't Bogey the Last Hole of a Major
This is old news but Annika seems to have largely been given a pass by the group for that last hole slice into the stands and a bogey to put herself out of a playoff. Great players just don'...

Difference between Ping ISI-S and ISI-K
Hello, I'm finally coming around to buying my own set of clubs after borrowing for the past two seasons. I'm interested in the older Ping ISI clubs, but I'm not sure what the dif...

Titleist 980F - Which one is the five wood??
I'm going to take the three iron out of my bag and replace it with a five wood. I've tried the Titleist 980F 15* (which seems to be the "three wood") and like it a lot. What I can't figure o...

Tommy Armour
What is the differencew between 845 oversized, 845 stripe and 845 silver scott. I would appreciate if anybody can explain? Regards, Ken

Can you make money doing club building and club repair?
I was wondering if anyone here makes some side money doing club repair and club building. Would be cool to do something like that to make a little side cash. Thanks for the feedback. <...

Steel vs. Graphite?
While searching for irons this week I was told by a local pro shop the graphite shafts go further and steel is more accurate. Is this fact or fiction? Thanks, FreddyV <...

Golfsmith HiCor Driver Range Debut
I managed to get out to the range today for a quick bucket. It took awhile to find the right tee position and height, but once I did--WOW!! It's hard to tell how far the ball goes on our ...

Cobra SS 310 Tour Driver
Hi all, I am trying to locate this golf club with a stiff UST Shaft (either 8 or 9 degree). If you have one that you may want to sell, please let me know. You can e-mail me at jbsparlin...

Annika in KFC Commercials
It appears as though Annika continues to reap the benefits from her participation at the Colonial. Her participation of course was nothing more than a business opportunity for Annika, des...

gawd damned SHANKS
What causes them. How do I get rid of them %#[email protected]#@$%%$#! Pops -- www.deucebruce.com

Want to improve?
I realize that most here are not really interested in improving, but for those few who are-- here is the best condensed golf instuction you will ever find-- Once again, assumin...

Shaft Recommandation Please
I have demo'd the R580 and R540. I think I actually preferred the R540, but I have signed up for the ESPN 3-club school, and they give you a R580, so that's that. I have read a l...

golf obituaries?
Is there any site around that has a listing of golf obituaries? I tried to Google it, but no luck. I just feel kinda short sided after just finding out about the deaths of George Knudson, To...

Klinton at the K club
The Irish Post this week carried a photo of Bill Clinton at the top of his backswing alongside the story that he has just forked out over 2 million euros for a holiday home apartment at the ...

Tiger's toughest shots
I was sitting in the garage with the Sears repairman working on my water conditioner and I picked up Tiger's book "How I Play Golf" The book opened to a page describing the most pr...

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