Tina Mickelson
Anyone else catch her hour-long Golf Channel Academy stint? Wow. She is ultra-hot. --Blair "And we have the Atari thing in common."

My over under line re Tiger's wins for the rest of the year
continues to be 3 ... he already won one...so he still needs 2 to tie and 3 to go over ...

any kansans out there?
just moved into wichita, kansas and am wondering if any of you out there are nearby. it sure is hot here...and muggy...and there's the thunderstorms...and the tornados...not sure i dig ...

Is golfing directional
do all teaching pros - teach - using the same text book. we know they don't - where does the similarity begin, and end? are you mesmerized by your teaching pro's method. or do yo...

Golf shirt
My favorite knit golf shirt is getting old, and I want to replace it. I can't remember where I bought it. The brand is North River, but I can't find them on the Web. Does a...

Well seeing rob and tirzah 2 weeks ago was good. I don't get to see them enough. Rob as home again this weekend, 2 weekens in a row, wozers and for another wedding. This one in the middl...

Mirage Golf?
Looking to buy an Alpha Platinum shaft from Mirage Golf. There used to be some bad talk about them last year. Has anyone dealt with them lately?

Hogan Apex Edge Pro Irons
I currently have a set of Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro Irons up for auction at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3620328848&category=36216

Match play rules query
Player A and Player B are all square in a match after 9 holes. On the 10th hole, Player A has a putt for a win, which he makes. They go to the next tee and Player A then tees off.

Rain delay coverage
Given the number of tournaments that have been affected by weather delays this year, I thought I'd bring up a bitch I have with TV coverage during those delays. Almost always they show the p...

Lousy TV camera angles (Not just Open ones!)
Anybody else hate the camera angles they use in golf? I'm talking U.S. ones (albeit their coverage is better): Ok, so I'm *sure* I don't understand all the intracacies behind film...

A fun chipping game I've been playing!
Sometimes the short game can get monotonous to practice. I know because I've been working on mine during my lunch hours to try to lower my handicap. Here's a fun game I've been playing... ...

What's w/TaylorMade R5 series shafts being so thick at the top?
Hi all, I just bought some Lampkin G3 Quarter Cords and replaced the grips on my TaylorMade R580 driver and 3 wood. First off, I had a bitch of a time getting the the grips started onto...

Palm Springs Golf Home for Rent
Beautiful La Quinta home for rent. http://homepage.mac.com/msmaron/iMovieTheater2.html

Rust spots on steel shafts
I was warming up at the range before a round yesterday and the sun was at exactly the right angle that I could see some tiny rust spots all over the shafts of my irons. My set is about 10 ye...

Course Maintenance and Score
If you play only in the early or mid-morning (to avoid the heat of the day and/or more crowded conditions) you often play alongside a bunch of interference, both mental and physical. I'm ta...

Adams GT fairway woods?
I'm thinking of replacing my Callaway Warbird 4 wood, because I've just never been comfortable with it. I've read some favorable reviews on the Adams GT woods and liked the way they hit, fe...

Night Golf Q...
Anyone know of any courses in s.e. michigan that host occasional "night golf" scrambles using the glow balls? Played in one a few years ago that was the most fun I'd had playing golf. ...

Graphite Shafts - for woods
Their prices are all over the board. What makes the difference in them. They sure play differently. Which one / kind has the most going for them / the user? Since there is n...

Anyone use Medicus trainer ?
Had seen some ads on the Medicus 2000 swing trainer on the Golf Channel The idea looks good -- anyone buy one and use it ? Is it any good ? thank you,...

Tiger Fart?
who heard him fart and uncontrollably laugh while Sergio set up his tee shot last night on TV? Funny stuff. May not have been tiger but he couldn't stop laughing.

Dear friends, here my site where you will find our appréciaitions on more than 125 golfs that we played in France, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, the USA and Dominican Republic (Sorry, this site ...

How many women caddies in the LPGA?
Anyone know, compared to how many men caddies in the LPGA? Thanks

Call for interest: RSG-VA
I mentioned the possibility in a previous post, but am curious how much interest there would be in an RSG-VA event. I am situated in Winchester, and would be interested in hosting something...

Colin W & David S.A
Holden Scramble at Hidden Valley is Sun 31 Aug, 12:30 shotgun start. Not yet sure on cost. I'll get an application form on the weekend. Will you be interested in playing?

My first club building experience
9.5* HiCor Plus + Aldila One Mid-Launch (S) Sanded the Tip Installed the ferrule on the shaft Mixed the epoxy Scooped as much epoxy into the hosel as I thought reasonable, pl...

Anyone here near Salt Lake City?
I'll be there in October and will be looking for some golf. Anyone reading this live anywhere near enough so we could get together? Peter

back after a long absence
hey all... it's good to finally be back online and in this newsgroup...seems like i've been gone forever. i've moved from washington state (where i kicked butt in the rsg-nw atomic ...

Get into the Swing of things
I have trouble "throttling" back my swing speed, do you? It isn't all that fast, neither is it all that good, either. If I would swing slower, do you think my game would improve ...

Anyone played Cape Breton Highlands course?
If so, how was it? One of Canada's golf magazines, Score, named it the best course in Canada. Better than Banff and Jasper and many of the newer ones out west (Grey Wolf, Nicklaus North, K...

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