What clubs do you have sitting in the garage?
I know we are all golf fanatics or else we wouldn't hang out here and BS about golf. I'm curious what clubs that you don't play with regulary and are sitting in a bin in your garage collect...

Putting Games or Drills
Does anyone know of any good putting games or drills that will make my practise more enjoyable!? Many thanks in advance, James

Pediction - Phil starts winning majors
Did you see that shot of his wife Monday night??? Geeze, talk about hitting the wall. She looked rough. I bet Phil spends more time on his golf from now on. Sean

US Club Competitions
I'm a Brit and have often wondered what competitions are played at US clubs. At my course we generally have a Medal (Stroke Play) and a Stableford competition every month. Then fill in with ...

Picky about rules?
For those who are picky about rules, try this: 1-3. Agreement to Waive Rules Players shall not agree to exclude the operation of any Rule or to waive any penalty incurred. ...

Two Ball Clone
All, I recently purchased a couple of Accupath 2-ball putters to assemble - received triple-bend shafts with them. Anyone have any tips on how to align the shafts with the putter...

Shoulder pain relief
Hello all, I have been diagnosed with what my doctor calls "Mouse Shoulder" from working the computer mouse all day. It is really putting a damper on my game. I've tried the Ergon...

New Irons
As it is starting to get late into the summer I am thinking about picking up some new irons at the end of the year to use next year. I am about a 11 handicap (84 - 88) most of the time...

Balance Problem
Let's get this out right away: I'm not David Duvall, but I am suddenly quite aware of what he's going through with his balance problems. For a long time, I've had feet problems. Last...

What's a Sharpie?
I see this term in anumber of threads. From it's context I'm presuming that a Sharpie is a particular (and common) brand of permanent marker. Am I right?

Anyone else have this problem on the range?
After warming up and stretching I usually start out by hitting easy shots with my wedge. Then I use my 8 iron, 5 iron, 3 iron, 5 wood, and finally my driver. I usually hit all of...

Which driver advice....
I am just about to buy myself a new driver. I have a swing speed 120+, am 6'3 (if that should make any difference to my choice) and am considering a few clubs at the moment. I have been pl...

Faldo major streak to end
Nick's streak of 65 consecutive majors comes to an end as he declines his special invite to the PGA to be with Valerie and his newborn daughter. Looks like Nick has lost the "eye of the Tig...

Lost Balls
If you start out with twelve balls in your bag, how many do you return with? I find my "inventory" varies. Between the balls I lose, find, shag - it comes out about even. If...

Paladin Irons?
I picked up a set of Paladin CourseSlayer iron heads at a warehouse sale for $4.00. Anyone know the quality of these? Low end? High end? Mediocre? They are nice looking, but resemble a ...

I'm not boycotting Cincinnati........
http://boycottcincinnati.org/ I'll be there for all three days of RSG Cincinnati. Been wanting to tell me off to my face ? Here's your chance. Think you can beat me in a round of ...

Check Go / sweet spot finder
How beneficial do you find the use of this "gadget" in improving your score? Haven't seen it? It's the thingy that "spots" the sweet spot on a golf ball - while spinning. Then whe...

~ Apprehensive
Are there one, or more fairways / holes on the course you play, that you have become disgusted with, and wish they would just go away? What's wrong with them, and how do you han...

Has anyone else been having to reload the headers in this newsgroup rec.sports.golf, every couple of days or so? Why is this?

The truth about Golf
Golf is a popular participant sport mainly because it is a magnificent way for guys to get out of the house. Having golf as a hobby allows millions of men, stuck in miserable marriages, to ...

Sam Snead technique
I watched an old video of Sam Snead and his technique on how he swings. There was one vital piece of info that helped me with both accuracy and control. I learned from the video to tuck my r...

What's in your bag (repost)
a good question, or what isn't in your bag? here the week-end golf goes to the course with 14 clubs, why? because that is the way - it's done. most of us could get by with h...

Playing out of rough?
Played a nice course the other day with great ocean views, Sandpiper in Santa Barbara. The rough was more than I'm used to on the munis here in LA (which is to say there was *actual* rough...

Kids these days
I had a wonderful experience yesterday, marshalling at our course during the Junior Golfers Assoc. of Northern California championship tournament. First of all, these young folks are aw...

Intregra maraging??
In my quest for fairway woods I came across a local shop that made/sold Integra Beta titanium "maraging" 3-9 woods. Choice of stiffness and only $75. Are these any good? What does maraging m...

"Bent shaft" clubs?
Can't remember the name... caught a bit of the "infomercial" on the GC last night, but not enough of it to really find out that much. Has anyone tried these? Is the logic sound? What the h...

Phi's Comment on Grooves at Battle of the Bridge
In the Woods-Els, Michelson-Garcia matchup last night, there was a hole when Sergio asked Phil how he could put so much spin on the ball when he was pitching just off the green. I didn't exa...

My 190 yard tee shot
I should pull out my 4I for 190-195 yard tee shots. But I tend to pull these for some reason. So I try choking down on my 22 wood, but am even worse. I'm starting to dread this partic...

Waiting on the teebox games
A couple of years ago I was playing with a couple of scratch golfers and we were waiting on the tee for a slow group ahead of us when these 2 guys started playing a game. It had something to...

Using the shadow of the flagstick
as an aid for putting, is it allowed/ethical? i noticed at bridges that tiger's ball landed right on the shadow, giving him the line (literally) to the hole, assuming no breaks. he could hav...

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