30 Mar 2007 17:07:28
Demetri (Durram)
USG 2007: Hawkstone Park [UPDATE]

Hello Campers,

Moving on from all the excitement in Rules Corner at uk.sport.golf, we
currently have 23 playing at the USG 2007 Annual Golf Bashing.

Consequently, we still have space for one more spot for our event at
Hawkstone Park, 29/30th April, to make the numbers a round and
manageable 24. If anybody is interested in joining in the frivolities
please drop me an e-mail to foa*AT*forwardflare*DOT*co*DOT*uk and I will
supply further details but basically sharing a twin room costs 106.50
including prizes, 2 rounds of golf, dinner, bed and breakfast.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to it again all of a sudden: it's
a good course in top condition, with enough difficulty to keep anyone
interested without being too stressful and though the hotel could do
with a few more leisure facilities (those who know me will appreciate I
like to spend hours in the gym) I will have to make do with the company
of other newsgroup golfers, their partners, the friendly folk at the bar
and the opportunity of seeing a young badger one year older near the
18th green.