Gambhir takes Daredevils to second place in IPL ..
Left-handed duo Gautam Gambhir (86) and Shikhar Dhawan (50) guided the hosts to an imposing 5-191 before some tight bowling from Antipodean rivals Glenn McGrath (4-29) and Daniel Vettori (1-...

IPL 20x20 should be banned with immediate effect ..
Lot of Cricket's greatest players and umpires agree unanimously that 20-20 cricket is bad cricket. When ever some one hits ball over the ground, It is just bad cricke...

Cardus in Converation
I have read much which suggests that Sir Nev was as facile with the tongue as with the quill. This charming, unadulterated transcript confirms it:

ICL trio win appeal against ECB ban
says a CI headline. Apparently the ECB tried to ban some South African ICL players from English dom...

Stephen Fleming on Dhoni's captaincy
The victory against Challengers was particularly noteworthy because we had to overcome unfavourable situations both while batting and bowling. It says much for the strength of this team that...

More Malingas needed Here is a picture of a baseball pitcher releasing a ball side arm, a la Malinga. The arm is straight and despite it...

IPL - Not a bowler's game
Today's match sign off from Cricinfo "Dravid: "The bowlers did a great job to come back on a flat track. We pulled it back. We [Kallis and I] had a partnership but we needed that ...

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Dravid standing tall
Can he step it up or will he rely on the support cast to do that?

No home advantage
Of the 16 matches played so far, 9 have been won by visitors. Bangalore alone has contributed to 4 of those results. Let's hope tonight they make it 5th involving Bangalore and 10th overall....

Don't you just hate Giles Clarke?
I dunno whether it's me (it probably is) but this guy just seems like a public schoolboy. I find his whole manner, tone and most importantly his views completely old school like a tory ...

Lele strikes back
One of the most accurate predictors of test series' result, Lele, has spoken against Harbhajan. [email protected]=91=91As p...

Betting sites for IPL please.
Any websites for legal betting on IPL ? I absolutely love IPL. I think it's the best thing that happened to cricket since the introduction of the ODIs. Top quality players p...

Did the Mumbai Indians apologize?
The captain of their team slapped an opponent - did the team management / owner apologize to Sreesanth? I did not see any press statement from the Mumbai Indians on this.

Quote of the Day 29 April
On being told that 500 metres of electricity cable had been stolen from Eden Gardens last Sunday, Cricket Association of Bengal President Prasun Mukherjee is reported to have said: "I am s...

Are the cheerleaders still on?
Read a couple of days ago that IPL cheerleaders got a "cover up", and that translated into cover-alls for the cheerleaders and some dudes getting added as cheerboys. So have all t...

Chennai skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni had earlier plundered a majestic 65 just when his side looked to be struggling.

Can someone please tell me what exactly happened between Sreesanth
I know one of them said something and the other slapped him. But why?

Does this mean that Sreesanth can continue with his monkey stunts?
Does this mean that Sreesanth can continue with his his monkey stunts?

Kiwi opening
I see from an interview on CI that Ross Taylor is set to open for NZ in a couple of weeks time. 'For his part, Taylor is looking forward to playing on the history-laden grounds ar...

11 weeks ban for a slap is overkill
well this isn't really surprising behavior when it comes to Bharji, but 11 weeks ban just for a slap??? that's overkill. Maybe ~3-5 weeks, but 11 weeks just for a slap is a bit of a joke

Chennai Dropping Jaffer's catches. Deliberate?
Considering Dhoni is the captain, I wouldn't be surprised. Although, if you get rid of Jaffer, you'll only get Kallis and then Dravid

Dhoni is worth his weight in gold
Prize catch Chennai, Symonds OTOH is all fart no shit.

IPL Cards
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Manjrekar's comments I think Manjrekar has pinpointed something important - controversy sells, and cricketers are c...

Bangalore Vs Chennai - Live
@ , providing ball by ball simulation powered with text, audio and animations. Thanks.

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Stupid Bhajji
Stupid Harbhajan beats Sreesanth in the ground and then advises Sree for an hour to not to tell anyone about the beating.

Harbhajan banned for 11 IPL matches
Now the latest news is that Harbhajan has been banned for 11 IPL matches. Since only 10 matches are left in the league stages for Mumbai, being banned for 11 matches would mean that unless M...

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