AQB Test Ratings (30 March 2008)
The AQB International Cricket (Test) ratings have been updated to 30 March 2008. England moved up two places to third in the latest Test ratings, after coming back from one test...

The inherent problem in the genes and blood of Aussie and England cricket fans
The malady, disease and the inherent mutation problem in the genes and blood of Aussie and England fans is clearly evident from the way jzfredericks wanted Indian cricket fans to go down on ...

Sad gits' stats from recent Tests
WI v SL, Providence This being the first Test played at Providence, everything about the match is a ground record. It was the fifth Test between WI and SL in the Caribbean, so the...

is this a stephen fleming record?
fleming ended up with 7172 runs, with only 9 centuries. is this the record for the most number of runs with the least number of centuries? ie, is there anyone else who has scored more than 7...

150 p'ship for 1st two wickets
Here is a list of Test matches in which one side achieved 150-run partnerships for the first two wickets in the same innings. The batsmen common to both partnerships are listed first.

200 p'ships for consecutive wkts
Here is a list of Test matches in which one side achieved 200-run partnerships for two consecutive wickets in the same innings. Eng v WI Nottingham 1957 2nd 266 PE Richards...

Sehwag is the only one to have scored one triple at home and one away
Not that its something super special as Lara's both triple century innings were special. Since he set world records both times when he scored them. I didn't see Bradman's two innings but I'm...

HHTC IvSA T1 D4 close
Player scores: 49 Jaffer (83) 171 McKenzie (163) Sehwag (328) 189 ...

Looks like Laxman is back in business...
.. protecting the tail wonderfully!

SA Math
SA had 12 on the field - Zondeki then had to go out. Looks like the counting problem has not been solved by the SA team management since the WC D/L debacle? :-)

Am a bit confused by both sides tactics
Firstly well done Sehwag. I don't care how flat that track is that was one magnificent innings. I didn't see any of the other layers coming close to his strike rate. Now to...

India should bat out till the end of day 4 and declare
Irrespective of how many runs they get in the next two sessions the strategy should be to bat out at least 55 overs more. Out of the remaining 65 to be bowled today. If the scoring rate is s...

Is that Makhaya Ntini dancing and having fun with the crowds ?
About ten minutes before lunch I thought I saw Makhaya Ntini dancing and having fun with the chennai crowd near the boundary.

Proposals For PCB
Now that they are getting in a frenzy trying to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry and getting rejected they need to calm down, relax, and think this through. So here are a few things for them...

Congratulations woofers
Sehwag out.

Sidebottom's series
All these are people who bowled in exactly three matches of a series, even if the series itself was four or five matches in length. Most wickets in a series for England: ...

US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun a.. 12:00 21 March 2008 b.. NewS...

forget Tendulkar, forget Lara - Sehwag is a Beast !!
Tendulkar, Lara score a lot of quality runs but not at this pace. You can expect Jayasuriya, Afridi, to score fast but not this many runs. Sehwag is a Beast among the Best ! ...

apart from Anil Kumble, how much does Sehwag owe it to
Ian Chappell ? There is no do doubt in my mind that his last minute selection had a lot do with Chappell's opinion about him. Having said that, its a pity that the selectors didnt choose hi...

'Sehwag's is the best Test match innings I've ever seen' - Mickey India v South Africa, 1st Test, Chennai, 3rd day 'The best Test match innings I've ever seen' - Ar...

Herschelle Gibbs in trouble again
Arrested under suspicion of drunk driving (in Sea Point area) at 1:45am. Made bail in the morning Will appear in court on 27 June

Flat track or not, strong or weak opposotion...these are points
that can be considered if one makes some a good score but nothing when something like this which is extraordinary... All batsmen in the world, including more so the Indian Four, have had

Manjrekar knows diddly squat
He says Sehwag is still not in the same class as a Dravid or Tendulkar. Tendulkar I can probably accept but Dravid I disagree.. Sehwag is definitely in a class of his own! I don't thin...

Finding Morality Under the Microscope
Well PCB and ECB are playing hot potato lobbing the potato of answering to the BCCI on the issue of NOCs to each other. For all the BCCIs might when it comes to first class and List A cricke...

Big innings strike rates
Somebody with access to better data can probably do a better job, but here are the top 20 strike rates for innings of 250 runs or more. In those cases where I could not find data on bal...

The revolt begins ?
Many Indians have been watching with some disgust as foreign boards, one after the other, have taken the side of an entity most capable of rendering them irrelevant and most responsible for ...

Its Official the PCB dont have balls.
The BCCIs antics are sick and the PCB is just a rattle tattle bunch of castrated fools.God help Pak cricketers if they have these women responsible for administering cricket in that country....

Sehwag repeats Multan magic again ...
It was Sehwag all the way. There was absolutely nothing that the visitors could do to stop him as he played shots at will, and the gaps in the field began looking bigger with every shot. Lan...

HHTC IvSA T1 D3 close
Player scores: Jaffer (83) 10 Smith (73) Sehwag (324) 230 McKenzie (94) Amla (159) 74 Dravid (85) ...

Only Bradman, Lara and now Sehwag
The only 3 in the history of test match cricket to have scored two triple centuries. Sehwag being the great player that he is also has quite a few other records in this innings. The fastest ...

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