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Cricinfo BBB commentary..
I remember a thread sometime in the past about this... have they scrapped the BBB details after the takeover by ESPN? I don't see many BBB details except "no run" or "FOUR".... eg...

The return of Kaif
After the WI tour, Kaif finally appeared to be coming good -- all the persevering with him in the Test side seemed to be paying off, with his maiden Test ton, and a 50+ average in the series...

Series won when behind
I am having an interesting discussion on another ng about England's win over NZ. I suggested that it is a rare occurance for a country to win a series after being behind, as England were. Of...

Watch out for the gorgeous Sonal Chauhan

kaif is back
but will he/ should he play over yuvraj (or another)? i didn't follow his domestic season closely, does he look better than when he was sacked?

Century p'ship for 1st wkt in both 1st inns
Here is a list of Test matches in which both sides had a century partnership for the first wicket in their first innings. The sides batting first and their openers are listed first.

Highest Test innings with 'n' ducks
Highest Test innings totals containing NO individual 'ducks': 952-6d SL v Ind Colombo 1997-98 849 Eng v WI Kingston 1929-30 790-3d WI v Pak Kingston 1957-...

Lalit Modi pulls a fast one. Throws a bouncer
Lalit Modi very shrewdly has announced that if any of the owners feel they have overpaid he will buy their team and return their money. Now in reality this is not going to happen. Almost all...

US GOVERNMENT WANTS TO MICRO-CHIP ALL AMERICANS - Aaron Russo (Ran for Governor of Nevada)
Aaron Russo's film suggests neo-cons seek to micro-chip all Americans Compiled by David Stein Aaron Russo the maker of the film ran for Governor of Nevada in Republican

Kapil 9/83 at Ahmedabad..
Question for those who are old enough to remember: did Kapil bowl 30.3 overs on the trot? West Indies 2nd innings R M B 4s 6s SR CG Greenidge b Kapil Dev 3 0 0 ...

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English cricket chiefs fear an Indian invasion
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/sport/cricket.html?in_article_id=549435&in_page_id=1849 -- Fears of an Indian Premier League being set up in this country as a pote...

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Ian Bell
Superb, fluent innings in the last Test against NZ. Great to watch. Does his batting style remind anyone else of Darryl Cullinan?

India's last 3 test matches....and contributions
Just keep on reading comments somewhere below that Sehwag has 300 or nothing...lets look at the last 3 matches since has made a comeback.. Perth - the crucial 29 and 43 giving India th...

Wear and Tear -- Tendulkar out
After the grinding Australia series, several players were identified in need of rest -- including Yuvraj, Harbhajan, and Tendulkar. Tendulkar was declared fit and promptly had the most forge...

The 'Wall' climbs taller with a tag of '10000 plus club'
The 'Wall', Rahul Dravid makes it to the '10000 plus club' : Rahul Dravid became the sixth player in the world and third Indian after Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar to reach the mark wh...

A glorious day for Indian Cricket
A glorious day for Indian Cricket : The Indian team today, displayed a brilliant game of Cricket and scored 386 runs losing just one wicket in a single day. This incidentally, is the highest...

BCCI trying to kill test cricket?
By preparing concrete pitches and making sure that the test games will end up as absolute boring draws.

Most runs in 1st inns combined for 20 wkts
Here is a list of Test matches in which both sides combined to lose 20 wickets and total 1000 runs in their first innings. The sides batting first are listed first. Qualificat...

100 and 50 overs in an innings in a Test match
Vinoo Mankad in the Lords 1952 test scored a 100 and bowled 73 overs in an innings. What are the other instances of this feat? Incidentally Mankad bowled 97 overs in the test. What is ...

HHTC IvSA T2 selections
Here. Cheers, Mike --

IvSA T1 result
Player scores: 135 Jaffer (93) 85 McKenzie (259) Sehwag (333) 194 ...

Ahmedabad will be hotter than Chennai but not as humid
SA players should get ready for an even hotter reception in Ahmedabad. (And by that I mean the weather and hopefully not the crowd behavior). The weather is about 96 to 100 degrees farenheit...

HHTC WIvSL T2 selections
Murali, Taylor, Warnapura, Bravo, Prasanna Cheers, Mike --

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population
http://prisonplanet.com/articles/january2007/290107rockefellergoal.htm Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population Hollywood director Russo goes in-depth for first...

SA need to be careful here
The match is heading for a draw but another quick couple of wickets and India can have an outside chance if SA get bowled out before tea or just after and Sehwag and company go blazing. ...

What I like about Sehwag
I like the fact that Sehwag did not change his natural game, aggressiveness, and risk taking attitude to please his critics. He had the guts to believe that he was right all along. He has pa...

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