Hayden admits being insensitive
http://www.hindu.com/2008/03/01/stories/2008030150901900.htm "I can see that my comments were insensitive but they were not intended to be denigrating and especially not contrary to th...

Hayden got lucky, feels Taylor
http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2008/feb/29matt.htm Quoting: 1. "I really hope he (Hayden) can put this behind him, because I think the other night, to be totally honest, he g...

Best reliable websites to bet on cricket ?
Which websites are best to bet on cricket ? I want to bet on India in CB series finals. Paging tendulkar.com

CRICKET AUS -BCCI & PLAYERS taking fans for a ride??
This has been on my mind for long after watching all these silly on- field verbal fights between players and the silly school boy like "O teacher, he said this, he said that,...ps puni...

Here is another interesting website. Travel info, things to see and do. Have a look if interested. http://www.seeportugal.org

time to introduce red/yellow cards in cricket
With all the recent goings on in matches, I think it is time that the ICC introduced football like red/yellow cards into cricket. While the traditionalists might object, one should remember ...

DID Aussies lose deliberately........Shakuni style?
From 107 for no loss to all out 208!!! Was bolwing that great? I think NOT. Or Aussies just want to give a false sense of hope to India!!! Since Aussies believe in 's...

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Which D/L Tables Apply to YODIs
Surely they are not using the D/L tables for ODIs and there could not have been enough Youth ODIs (YODIs?) to get reasonable tables for them. The scoring is quite different in YODIs when com...

Low all-out ODI totals after century 1st wkt p'ship
Here is a list of low all-out (all 10 wickets lost) innings totals (Tot) after a century opening partnership (1st) in Limited-overs International cricket. Tot 1st 183 103 ...

405/0 at stumps
That's SA on the first day of the test against Bangla Desh. Smith 220 odd not out. Smith and McKenzie are 9 runs short of the record 1st wicket stand in Tests.

Wicket with the only ball in an ODI inns
Here is a list of players who took a wicket with the only ball they bowled in a Limited-overs International innings. The bowler's side is listed first and the victim and the mode of dismissa...

Jayawardene reported for illegality
After Jayawardene caught Mitchell Johnson off the bowling of Amerasinghe, there were strong protests that Jayawardene was using illegal hands. Jayawardene was immediatly ushered away by...

Well Done SL!!
At 1-107, explaining why Gilly was still going the tonk, I told my son "Australia would have to play poorly to lose from here". Normally, I'd have been right. I was wrong. There were n...

This is spectacular
Looks like NZ out there.

ZOMG!!!! Malinga's catch touched the ground! ZOMFG!!!!!!!!!!
Fuck you Indians are funny.

hey mr. hill
if you want to watch gilchrist's sixers, you may watch them on tv. why should you give him not out?

After Gilly its Dizzy who calls it a day ...
Jason Gillespie has confirmed he is retiring from Australian first- class cricket at the end of South Australia's current Pura Cup match against Queensland at Adelaide Oval. http:...

Ball hitting helmet
In the MCG game, the last ball of the 48th over, Kulasekara drives it to long on and takes a single. When Johnson returned the throw, Gilly caught it and dropped it and the ball rolled a lit...

Any ideas on how much Crapcent (TM) will be getting at the ICL?

What would happen if this happened with Ponting/Symonds
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StDZ-xIXNKg Maybe we should show this video to the Australian team to show them how to keep things on the field and not be the sissies they are.

Let it be true!
Rumour of the day: John Bracewell returning to Gloucestershire in 2009. Andrew

Conducting an Opinion Poll
With all this uproar about what gestures and words should be sanctionable ICC has created a questionaire for polling opinion on what is offensive and what is not so they can institute the st...

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How is MONKEY less degrading that OBNOXIOUS WEED
If Australia is pissed at ApeMonds being called a monkey why are they OK with Hayden calling Bhajji an OBNOXIOUS WEED? Moreover, ApeMonds was 'alledgedly'..note the emphasis on 'alledg...

Australian Cricket Team is the root cause of the problem
Let me make it very simple to you Aussie blokes on this newsgroup in a language you can understand. 1. Aussies have had a problem with England. 2. Aussies have had a problem with ...

cricketlogic, now on google groups
Will any wicketkeeper be able to challenge Mark Boucher's record of most dismissals in Test cricket? More on cricketlogic.blogspot.com Cricket fans can now join cricketlogic group on google ...

playing hard but fair
http://www.theage.com.au/news/cricket/gilchrist-gloves-glovemaking-controversy/2008/02/28/1203788542292.html A credit to the game. Just goes to show you don't have to be an asshole to ...

Highest scores chased without losing a wicket
Did Delhi set the List A record vs Punjab today?

Another one bites the dust
Now Lou Vincent has been banned by the NZ cricket board for accepting to play with ICL. The news report further went to state that the cricket boards view ICL as a threat to world cricket. W...

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