Looks like India could draw the second test at Sydney
India might be able to draw the second test match. Rain is expected to play spoilsport.

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Happy New Year
Happy New Year to everyone on here. May this planet see more love, no more hatred, and peace. Surely we can do better than hate. Long live (the departed) Madan Mohan and every single I...

India XI for the 2nd Test
My India XI for T2 would be (in batting order): Sehwag Karthik Dhoni Sachin Saurav Yuvraj Laxman Pathan Kumble Zaheer RPSingh <...

Dravid - Dead Man Playing
After losing captaincy he is playing like a dead man!!! What has gotten into him? R

For all DirectTV subscribers -- please read & call DirectTV (US only)
If you are a cricket fan and have DirectTV please read this and call 1- 888-244-0530 to indicate your interest in CricketTicket 2008 from DirectTV. They apparently need 5 people to indicat...

What's with Sarwan?
Boy, am I glad to see the Windies win, and win in style! What thrilled me most was Bravo's contribution to the win. He got a chance to lead the side in Zim, and did so with s...

Tips to the Windies
Allow them extra freedoms such as Freedom to bowl more than 2 bouncers per over. Absolutely NO warnings, fines or penalties of ANY sort.As it is their match fees get shrunk byt t...

2007 Personal bests
Here is a list of career highest scores and career-best innings bowling returns achieved during 2007, excluding performances on debut. Obviously some people improved their bests more t...

Winning an ODI with most balls to spare
Here is a list of Limited-overs Internationals in which the side batting second won the match with 200 or more balls to spare (balls remaining in the innings are given in the first column). ...

Pairs by openers
Here is a long list of batsmen who have bagged 'pairs' as openers in Test matches. If the same bowler dismissed the batsman in both the innings, he is listed at the end of the line.

H*ppy F*cking New Year
Good evening all I'd like to wish one and all a happy new year. Even our good friend CricketLeague, for whom life would have been so much different if only his father had let h...

SA v WI T2 - McKenzie called up
Neil McKenzie has been added to the SA squad for T2. Interestingly CI reports that Mickey Arthur has said that McKenzie has the technique to open and is most likely, if he plays, to re...

The Wit of Harbhajan
I'm serious: This reply was great. After dismissing Ponting cheaply to claim his 250th wicket last Friday, Harbhajan was asked what his advantage was over Ponting....

WTF! They dropped Styris and How for the test series?!
This is simply retarded. Someone shoot Crapwell (TM).

Hindu Holocaust
A brute can suppress a sage with his brawn and control the sage's actions, but even a brute cannot control the wisdom that keeps growing in the sage's mind all through the darkness of brut...

Bungledesh get creamed in 6 bloody overs. What a farce. LOL
Oops Bangladesh 93 (37.5 ov) New Zealand 95/0 (6.0 ov) No a bad knock to McCullum there. 80 off 28 balls. Not a bad bowling day for Vetorri either DL...

Black Craps (TM) do a Sri Lanka
Black Craps (TM) have just done a Sri Lanka by giving the hapless Bangladeshis a severe hiding. CrapCullum (TM) just hit a 50 off 19 deliveries reminiscent of Shewannapiereceherea...

Bangladesh a waste of time?
Can they beat the new Zimbabwe?? The New Zealanders have killed them in the ODI's they are currently 85/7 why bother playing them? Just a team to set records against..... I believ...

Funniest commentator
Watching part of the SA v Windie Test and some commentator made the comment ( not sure what team he was referring to ) that when theu play the stronger teams like England and Australia.......

Team upset with Yuvraj's "tude"
Apparantly Yuvraj is under fire for his "attitude" and general malaise and indifference in T1 as per http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2007/dec/30yuvraj.htm. I wasn't thrilled with his per...

Ranatunga to take over as Sri Lanka Cricket chief
Ranatunga to take over as Sri Lanka Cricket chief COLOMBO (AFP) -- Sri Lanka's World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga is to be formally appointed as head of the cricket administrat...

Another Tendulkar milestone
Here is a list of the leading run-scorers in Tests betwen Australia and India. As will be seen, Tendulkar only needs another 64 runs to become the first player to reach 2000 runs in AvI Test...

Ind Team for T2
With the bowling acquitting itself creditably (magnificently in relative terms, better than expected in absolute terms) and the vaunted batting lineup laying not one, but two goose eggs, the...

The Winning Windies
I was at the last two days of the Windies / SA A game at Buffalo Park, East London, and besides seeing a good century by Justin Ontong, calling a catch for Goolam Bodi on the boundary, makin...

Indians come in two flavors
Indian Cricketers are cast from one of two molds. They come in two flavors: (1) Ding Dong Rajappa and (2) Bing Bong M'duze The Ding Dong Rajappas win matches, overcome hurdles a...

Ranji: Week 7
Let's start with the Plate semis. Gujarat taking on MP at Railways' home ground in Delhi. MP put Gujarat in and were in a mood to celebrate as Gujarat slipped to 92/8 in 51 o...

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Is SCG's spin-friendliness overrated?
2003/4 Ind [705/7 dec in 187.3 ov] SCG MacGill 38 5 146 0 3.84 SM Katich 17 1 84 0 4.94 Aus [474 allout in 117.5 ov] A Kumble 46.5 7 141 8 3.01 M Kartik 1...

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