Why is Mubarek in the SL team?
I try not to get too hung up on stats but surely someone else is of test class to bat at 5 or 6. SL now 43/5 as Hoggard is the sharp-fanged cat amongst the pigeons. Looks like it'...

Zimbabwe beat West Indies
I caught the last quarter of this match yesterday. It shows, to me, how ODIs and Tests are so different. The better side won. Zimbabwe put up a reasonable total, and the did ...

Pak not controlling the run rate - Strange
In the last 10 overs India has scored 55 and is making rapid progress. I can understand that Pak is a bowler short and the wicket is a batting wicket. So they are not able to breakthrough. ...

England's recent wicket-keepers
England's wk selection over the past couple of years has been consistently inexplicable and will I suspect result in a lost Test before long. The persistence with Jones earlier, the short sh...

incredibly chucked bouncer by shoaib
Ganguly almost gives him a c&b, That one must have been a 30 degree kink.

Magnificent innings by Jaffer
Jaffer played a terrific innings. Pity he didn't get to score a double hundred in one day. He came close to doing so and would have been only the second indian (after Sehwag) had he achieved...

Critical pace for reverse-swing
From <http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/slveng/content/current/story/ 323032.html> "Now I take wickets bowling swing and reverse-swing," he said. "You also need to be accurate...

Searching for Happiness ?
Dr. Saleh Abdul Azeez As Sindee Happiness is a common goal that everyone strives to attain. Philosophers, intellectuals, doctors and artists alike have all strived in searc...

Jaffer's Strokeplay
You can be sure that Sohail Tanvir does not like anyone even mentioning Wasim Jaffer anymore. There was one over where he hit 4 boundaries off Tanvir that made me stand up and cla...

Murali's victims speak
http://sport.guardian.co.uk/englandinsrilanka200708/story/0,,2218687,00.html Today's Guardian has a nice piece featuring interviews with the three people who have been dismissed by Mur...

Taufeeq Umar
Watching him in the ICL match now. Clearly the best Pakistani fielder I have seen in recent times. Has already effected a run-out of his ex- batting partner, Imran Farhat.

Indian Cricket League Promo Videos

Delhi Jets choose to field
ICL takes off today. Some girl is talking to Tony Greig, More (Ganguly fame) and Jeff Thomson in the studio and asking their opinions about everything. The girl mentions tha...

Hey, this is 1983
India wins a world cup, and there are boring draws between India and Pakistan. Looks like the Eden Gardens pitch is a featherbed with no assistance to the bowlers. Expect India to...

SL seniors retiring?
Sanath retirement soon is sort of anticipated.. but why Vaas? He is only 33. Is there any politics going behind the scene ... If they chose to play Mubarak instead of Tharanga, it woul...

Declining popularity of cricket in India
Some TRP numbers: Source: http://indiantelevision.com/tvr/telemeter/teltamarchyear.php4 TRP: Television Rating Point - measured through some device installed in a sample of...

Hey Dungford (TM), did you watch Matthew Bell bat?
Scored himself a big hundy. Reckon he should open the batting for the Black Craps (TM)?

Averaging 50 in Test cricket
An average of 50 is often taken as the yardstick of greatness. Lara, Kallis, Dravid, SRT etc. There is however another player making a strong push to join the 50 club. If he ca...

Free Lunch served
Bet $100 on a Pak Win: Odds at Bet365 7.50 Bet $100 on a Draw for a little Hedging Make $650 in pure profits In the History of the Universe, India has never won two consecut...

Karthik's single digits
He hasn't reached double digits in his last few innings in each version of the game (5 in ODIs, 1 TT and 3 Test innings). His last 11 international innings (or outings :) ) were poor. Unle...

NZ domestic cricket early season form
A few players standing out: Andre Adams - got himself a few wickets Matthew Bell - scored himself a few runs - dare I say it with the weakness in our top order batting perhaps we ...

Cricinfo fantasy league Eng vs SL tests
If interested, sign up here (it's free), then let Vig know that you'd like to join the "RSCrs" mini-league. <http://fantasy.cricinfo.com/fantasy/fantasyleague/user/home.html>

A potential saviour for NZ cricket - Johann Myburgh
A South African who migrated to NZ hoping to play for the Black Craps (TM). He will be eligible in 3 years time. However I notice he has not got off to the best of start being bowled 1st bal...

A Friend Remembered
Today marks the first death anniversary of Hanumant Singh. It has been a "time-honoured" cliche to refer to him as a Prince amongst cricketers. Though most peopl...

It helps to have friends among the chattering classes
Consider the wierd case of Dinesh Karthik. Mat I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0 All Tests 17 26 1 826 129 93 91 33.04 ...

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Gary Kirsten will be a disaster like....
..........Guru Greg !!! Board of Cricket Circus in India continues act like a "Bunch of Jokers". I think after so many years they should be upgraded to "Bunch of Morons" be...

Free English Language Workshop
Free English Language Workshop On 2nd December 07(12:00PM to 5:00PM) IELTS + SPOKEN ENGLISH+ GRAMMAR For STUDENTS & Professionals =...

More Bad News for Pakistan (Umpires)
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/indvpak/content/current/story/322801.html Koertzen joins the festivities. Akthar and co will be hard pressed to get any LBWs in their favor now. Pak shou...

State Championship 2007/08 R3
A split round, one game starting earlier than the rest: at stumps, D2: 1. Wellington v Canterbury at Basin Reserve, Wellington Wellington 254 (CJ Neverin 63, NR Parlan...

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