Rahul Dravid's exclusion, disappointing but need of the hour!
Of course, the decision to drop an experienced batsman like Rahul Dravid must have been tough on the selectors but it was necessary. By dropping Rahul Dravid, the Indian selectors have displ...

Some more twists in Woolmer case
Apparently, the latest according to TOI is that a janitor saw Woolmer counting stacks of US $$$$ b4 the Pak-IRL match...which Pak eventually lost. (Now one can't say about the authent...

IS Laxman turning into Inzi?
Please see this: Laxman turns Very Very Spiritual! Uma Sudhir Monday, October 29, 2007 (Hyderabad) A man who is Very Very Special, just turned Very Very Spiritual! Not o...

Fletcher's pouring venom
Fletcher is trying hard to drum up publicity for his book and secondly he is trying to put the blame on his players for his own crappy achievement as a coach. Shame on Mr Fletcher...

Most number of Tests/ODI for a match referee? (Aslam)
Who holds the Test and ODI records for most number of Tests as a Match Referee? cheers Prabhu

Some more Gavaskar batting gems.
Ps see these two links on Suuny_G's last innings as a Test batsman, against Pak in Banglore 1987. There are descriptions of his legendary concentration and technique. http://www....

Goals for both SL and India in tour Down Under.
Though there may be an element of humor in this post, seriously these are the steps that both the Indian and SL teams need to focus on in their test series Down Under shortly comin...

Shoaib Malik

What no 2T Cricket
I guess they decided to have some mercy on poor Shoaib (and the Pakistanis who will need to fix their 2T whoE psyches). The most emotive of Pakistani captains?

Brazil to host 2014 World Cup
Brazil was chosen host of the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday, returning the showcase event to the soccer-mad country that held the tournament in 1950 and has captured the title a record five time...

Hungry kya?
Well, well, well, aapnu amdavad is finally catching up. We Ahmedabadis now have the pleasure of ordering food online through www.petpooja.com Its a fun place and has lots of other facilities...

Fletcher's Tale

Finally Whole World Accept What Sri Lanka Always Said:"Aussies are the Most Racist Crowd"
We faught alone racism by Aussies against up and coming small nation like Sri Lanka. These Racists with the help now disgraced racist umpires Hair and Emmersion, tried to smother the carrier...

The truth behind Australian racism
I guess since Australia is made up of people from all over the world then I guess the truth of racism is that it's a problem the world over and people who continue to talk about racism are...

Racist Australian Fucks
Malcolm Knox on the home truths revealed by the Lehmann episode Malcolm Knox Monday January 20, 2003 Guardian The Darren Lehmann case has ex...

Flintoff is a drunkard and doesnt have good leadership skills - Duncan Fletcher
http://content-www.cricinfo.com/england/content/current/story/317554.html Duncan Fletcher's revelations in Behind the Shades Flintoff: too drunk to throw, let alone catch <...

Cricket Ball
Pls open the web site http://www.cricinfo.com/ then click ads

The Longest Name
There have been a few discussions about the longest name in cricket here: The cricketer with the longest name, the captain and so on but more importantly what is the longest name on rsc.

South Africa spoil Akhtar's return to win series
An inspired comeback by South Africa overshadowed Shoaib Akhtar's return to the Pakistan side as the tourists clinched the one-day series Monday, winning the final game by 14 runs.

ot: for boston-area rsc'ers
go sox!!! for the rest: sucks to be you :-) -- stay cool, Spaceman Spiff get your own damn grateful dead lyrics. http://arts.ucsc.edu/gdead/agdl/ ...

Cricifo's Horror Show, Hopefully for Halloween Only
What have they done to the home page.

By Tradition or Does it Say Some Where
That players must turn out in whites for tests.

The Wrap
Pakistan continued its dismal historic run against South Africa. It is perplexing that a team like Sri Lanka does quite well against them and Pakistan does well against Sri Lanka. But someho...

South African black quota player Ntini wins MoM and away ODI series vs Pakistan

Willow TV and other internet feeds
It doesn't seem like ATN will be televising India vs. Pakistan for Canadian viewers. And so far, no news that anyone else will be showing the games. What are the best internet fe...

Congrats Sri Lanka
All Stars fumble against champions Sri Lanka http://content-aus.cricinfo.com/other/content/current/story/317470.html Cricinfo staff October 28, 2007 ...

Aussies fear and respect Murali!! - Yeah right!!!
According to the ex SL and current WA coach Moody, Murali is abused because the chanting dumb ferals fear and respect him!!! LOL!! Great bloody way to show respect to a visitor to our count...

Here has the thing which you need, please come to look
Hello shoessuperstar.co.,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHI...

Here has the thing which you need, please come to look
Hello shoessuperstar.co.,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHI...

Important - stalker alert!
RSC posters should be alerted to the fact that if you have any disagreements with Ken Higgs then he just may stalk you in any other newsgroups you happen to frequent. Ken's tactic is to simp...

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