Smith Still Trying to Win the Twenty20
Looks like nothing much in the wicket to start off.

New Captain, Old Strategy
Pakistan relying on spin to win which has been a dubious strategy in the recent past. The top order looks thin without Yousuf.

Kidnapping of umpire by players
Anyone know more about this incident? Were any of the English players disciplined/fined/dropped for their "prank"? "1955-56 - MCC tour Pakistan. Led by Donald Carr, the MCC arrive ...

Hair's Case
Looks like Hair will argue: 1. Umpire is always right. 2. Doctrove and I were treated differently for the same decision. As far as his racial discrimination accusation is concerne...

Something Hairy This Way Comes

Beebs has no faith in Indian batsmen...
Hence the headline " Rain saves India after Clarke ton " . ( The BBC reporter pretty much assumes that India would not be able to

Youhanna /Yusuf is a smart man
Indeed, with the ICL all set to implode this guy has shrewdly donned the patriot's uniform albeit without recourse as the PCB is taking care of any future litigation with the Sahara group. <...

New paradigm for test cricket
I'm not sure what the next few years will bring for Test Cricket, but I sense it might be in trouble, and I think it could benefit from a fresh outlook. For the modern consumer the 3 hour ...

Sachin Tendulkar: For those baying for his blood
When many people say how many of Sachin's hundreds have come for a winning cause,Here is analysis of each of those centuries he scored when INDIA lost and reason why it went in vain. Ou...

Will ZEE Sports (ZEESA) on dish show Ind-Aus, Ind-Pak & Ind-SA?
WIllow TV says that they will provide live streaming of Ind-Aus, Ind- Pak and Ind-SA ODIs and Tests plus more cricket matches from ZEE Sports (ZEESA). There is no info on Dish website...

Ganguly injured; will miss ODIs
Ganguly will miss Tuesday's second one-dayer against Australia due to a hamstring strain, the Indian cricket board said. What is the f'in hurry to announce the news with mother o...

Re: Spread Betting Platforms
You can find platforms on I use AmtoPm

Managed to watch Badrinath's inning in Ind A v/s RSA A. I don't understand why Karthik is in the squad and Badrinath is not - he looked very good when he was in full flow.

And I thought I was being unconventional!
I see that Roebuck's (not that he's an authority, and neither am I) views echo mine on the India Test captaincy... Ram...

There's no joy in Mudville... the mighty ATN network has struck out... India vs. Oz not on ATN for Canadian viewers.... The first cricket match I ever saw on television was the '83 World Cup when I ...

BJ Haddin Good Enough?
To get a place in the Australian team as a batsman.

Is Kesavan Getting Ready to Write Against Miandad?

Our ODI team combination - a ramble
Given the recent tendency of our batters to play with a degree of beneficial freedom when the lineup shows 6 specialist batters and the batting frailty of our bowlers, I think we should reve...

A Tale of Two Ul-Haqs and Other Stories
This South Africa-Pakistan series will be an interesting one. Apart from the cricket itself there are multiple player stories to watch for. First and foremost of interest would be the Inzama...

A Tale of Two Ul-Haqs and Other Stories
This South Africa-Pakistan series will be an interesting one. Apart from the cricket itself there are multiple player stories to watch for. First and foremost of interest would be the Inzama...

Dropping SreeSanth from England ODI series last month was a mistake The pitch may have been placid, but Sreesanth certainly wasn't early on. Sensibly though, he let the ball do the talk...

Cricket South Africa
South African cricket authorities seem to be following their host's lead in irresponsible management of its players. It is a little strange to take Pollock on tour without letting him know h...

New rules for Aus vs India
1) An additional fielder will be allowed outside the fielding circle during the second or third Powerplays. 2) If an ODI innings is reduced, the numbers of overs making up each of...

Chappello says Indian men are enigmas
Says he cannot understand Indian men while talking about his and Ponting's experience in India. Reuters quotes him as saying "Sometimes they slap you and then they kiss you". Dravid spe...

Symonds sparked by Indian celebrations Andrew Symonds says India were carried away with their ICC World Twenty20 celebrations and that has spurred Australia on fo...

Kangaroos Nervous
There is outrage today in Australia over Dhoni's apology. Australian humans were up in arms that he had apologized to their kangaroos but not them. Kangaroos are very nervous of the backlash...

Dhoni will go to Yuvraj for advise.............?
This is what Dhoni said........... "It definitely helps a lot. If you think about the experience that they have, it's amazing. They have played more than 300 ODIs each. That reall...

Dhoni Appologizes
"I apply jizz to can gurus."

Cricket will rue dawn of Twenty20
Cricket will rue dawn of Twenty20 Cricket lovers underestimate this philosophical shift at their peril. Cricket has traditionally been a game for players, with everyone enjoying t...

It's the World Champions against the Twenty20 World Champions...
Leading the team for the first time in a seven-match ODI series at home, a confident Dhoni said the team would get additional strength from the big three - Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and...

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