Follow on
My view would be for India to enforce the followon. Had England rolled over a bit earlier, say with 15 overs left, I'd have suggested batting again until lunch on D4, adding a quick 15...

England getting its ass kicked
Mazaa Aa Gaya.

Collingwood's Karma and Howel's Howlers
Collingwood's Karma comes back to haunt him...:D BOD goes to the bowler. [ Howel the Hawkeye saw that it was hitting the leg. ]

Collingwood given out
It looked like it was going down legside. I think umpire Howell has serious problems to sort out. Was good consolidation by Collingwood and Bell till then and a good strike rate too. <...

Pietersen gone
Alas, my shiny-white-prince-on-the-silver-steed is out whiffing on a lollipop. Gotta be aftershocks of the diabolical bean-ball from that evil ogre. - Lute Ickrus

that tendulkar beamer
to collingwood: totally out of line, ban this man now. put away for 4 though.

Twenty 20 cricket world cup
Take a look at this really useful twenty 20 world cup schedule

Highest scorer in an innings (Q for Aslam)
Kumble at #8 was the highest scorer in the Oval innings for India. Jason Gillespie with his double century would also have been the highest scorer in that innings. Q: In how many ...

Who dropped Cook twice?
The TMS doods say that Cook was twice dropped. Who were our heroes? He's gone to Kumble. English fielding is actually better than India's - generally in this series. The differenc...

Cooeee Aslam #7635
After the first two days of Eng v Ind T3 were shown live in sun-drenched Briz Fox aren't doing *any* tonight. Fucking golf. So one has to check CI to get a score. While doing this I notice t...

howler-watch, saturday
one correct decision: anderson one howler: cook not out off rp. what is with this guy? nasser now suggests he shd not be umpiring at this level.

Q for Aslam
Aslam, In the Indian inning, the highest score of 110 and highest partnership of 127, is 16.57% and 19.12% of the total 664. For totals of 500+, what is the lowest percentage reco...

Snow and Sunny's argy bargy -- Cheers, Rodney Ulyate "This thing can be done," said Spofforth. It was. -- Po...

Slashdot and Cricket?
I have recently become a very active slashdotter and although I hate web interfaces, I find that I have a lot of fun posting there due to their community moderation system. Anything simil...

England saved by rain
at Lord's. After all, if Kumble and Sreesanth could add 73 runs for the last wicket at the Oval, Dhoni and Sreesanth could easily have matched that and 25 more at Lord's... <...

Moaning Miller, Aggers etc
The reaction from the English media has been typical but that does not make it disappointing. It seems like they are unable to come to grips with the fact that they have been outplayed...

Symphony to Indian cricket fans England v India, 3rd Test, The Oval, 2nd day It takes two to Tango Siddhartha Vaidyanathan at...

Slow News Day
Despite the best efforts of the umpires, England have only lost one wicket at the end of D2 in response to India's 664. Also: 1. All the Indian batsmen got into double figures in I1 of...

On What Grounds Can They Play

How Does This Happen So will the management and ECB get some punishment for accusing and punishing a player wrongfully.

What Would India Do
1. If England are able to stick around for a day and a half and India has the option of enforcing follow on? The bowlers in that case would be tired but there would be only a day and a half ...

Crickinfo's Andrew Miller : the lackadaisical lemon puss
Andrew Moaner moans on "There is plenty time yet for them to be drowned under ...

Kumble's century make India feel comfortable in Oval ...
Anil Kumble scored a maiden Test century on Friday to spur India to 664 all out on the second day of the third and final Test and put his side within sight of their first series victory in E...

Cool Umpire Aliases
Ashocker Howler *ucknor (could be S or F) Tawful Did I miss any? - Chan

Harsha Bhogle: Now let's spare a thought for lost generation (of Indian Cricket)
I read this article by Harsha Bogle, I am not a big Bhogle fan, I think he is to Cricket what Britney Spears is to music, (wh...

Half the Money Thinks Eng Can Draw
At Ladbrokes England 50/1 India 5/6 Draw 5/6 P(Indian win) = 0.49 P(draw) = 0.49 P(Eng win) = 0.02 I guess a lot of people beleive the wicket will pla...

PCB Up to Its Old Habits

HHTC EvI T3 D2 close
On the assumption that Sidebottom won't bat unless necessary, he having left the ground for a scan on his side. Player scores: Karthik (91) 75 ...

Large Test totals with only one 100 p'ship
Here is a short list of Test innings of 650 or more runs which included only one century partnership (P). Total P Wkt 701 451 2nd Aus v Eng The Oval 1934 68...

Howell wobbles - Again!!!
Anderson hits a good-length:on-the-middle delivery for a boundry to long off - WITH HIS PADS. It is late afternoon and it is siesta time for Howell.

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