Partying after the game
I remember the wild celebrations in the Indian camp after they won the first test against SA in SA last year: Tendulkar pouring beer on Ganguly, people chasing Chappell and Vengsarkar ...

Eng/NZ/Aus wankers that belong in rsc's HALL OF SHAME
All these Eng/NZ/Aus fans aka wankers belong in rsc's hall of shame for their mastery and art of SPIN, HYPOCRISY, DECEPTION and FICTION.... Wog George Paul Robs...

HHTC EvI T2 result
Player scores: Karthik (119) 60 Strauss (59) Cook (86) 2 Jaffer (84) Vaughan (133) 75 Dravid (58) ...

Boycott believes ICC should set guidelines on sledging ...
Former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott has blamed the International Cricket Council for the ugly confrontations which have marred the second npower Test at Trent Bridge. http://s...

LNP Reddy...
...will continue to have a longer shelf life now that the Big 4 came good at Notts. Wondering if it was 121*121 laddoos to Tirupati this time :)

Hasnt any Eng/Aus/NZ bowlers bowled BEAMERS in the past ?
Why are there so many threads about SreeSanths beamer ? Hasnt any Eng/NZ/Aus bowlers bowled beamers in the past ? Whats the big freakin deal about SreeSanths beamer at Trentbridg...

Sreesanth's Problems Explained
People have tried to diagnose what is wrong with Sreesanth. They worry about his form after his great performance in South Africa. Some attribute it to attitude while others attribute this t...

Kapil and his big mouth
Just cant keep his enormous mouth shut.

Great Wall
A series win in WI A test match win in SA A series win in Bangladesh (scratch it) A test match win in England Quite impressive - wasn't he supposed to be a poor captain? ...

SO what will happen in Ind-Eng third test
If history is any indication, India will lose it ........................... :-( R

Shoaib Back In Form "At one stage, Shoaib was so upset with the manner in which the batsmen hit fours and sixes off him that he bowled a beamer at Latif who hooked him nonch...

very lucky indian rag-tag army
winning that match actually. you can see providence coming in the way or else the first test surely would have won by england. In the 2nd test, the toss might have been a clincher. but ...

Was England the stronger team in T2 ?
England lost the toss England had to bat first in swing friendly conditions on the other hand India had nice batting friendly weather In the 2nd innings England did bat very well until ...

Congratulations To India in T2
That was a great toss to win. India now cannot be beaten in the series, particularly after they win the Oval Test too and actually claim a huge victory in the series. Go India!...

Ran away
First. -Samarth.

History made at Trent Bridge
This current Test between England & India is the first Test in history to feature poor behaviour from both teams where one team wasn't called Australia. al...

fielders talking while bowlers about to bowl
just wondering whether there are actually any laws about fielders not supposed to be talking or attempting to distract the batsmen while the bowler is running in to bowl. was just...

Michael Vaughan should be banned from test cricket
The jellybean incident is described here: If this is how it really happened, then I am shocked to see how it can be ca...

Jellybean incident fires Zaheer up
Good for India. England targeted the wrong person in their "mental disintegration" experiments against Indian cricketers. A fired-up Zaheer Khan got his first 5-fer on his 2nd tour of E...

It has become a cricket truism Taufel (Too-awful) is the worlds best umpire - Patrick Kidd Too-awful for words There were howls of anguish in Bombay and Calcutta yesterday after two shocking pieces of umpiring by Si...

lol! England's mental disintegration tactics
Cricinfo says that the English players tried to get under Sreesanth's skin by calling him "Harry Potter" because of the glasses he wears, and that contributed to Sreesanth losing it on the f...

pantomime villain This article is about Sreesanth. Atleast thats what the headlines makes you think. But Hobson also has about 3 paragra...

Zaheer Khan supports SreeSanth "He's always been hyper-active, that's the good thing about him," said Zaheer. "If you see the spell at the Wandere...

The first quote I saw from a test player re: Sreesanth's appalling conduct
>From CricInfo: - "The problem is when you behave like he behaves, then people will start to ask questions." Michael Holding's views on Sreesanth after a head-high beamer ...

Jelly bean on the pitch?
Apparently the english fielders were placing foreign objects (jelly beans) on the pitch during the Zaheer Pietersen brouhaha

Kumble , Zaheer rips apart English tailenders ...
A fine century from Michael Vaughan is not likely to save England at Trent Bridge as Zaheer Khan's five-wicket haul has left India on the brink of victory. Zaheer Khan bowled Indi...

Congrats India
Barring an exceptionally unlikely collapse tomorrow morning, India will be going 1-0 up in the series after not much more play. Whilst that might not be quite fair as regards the series give...

RP Swing...
....says it all. Zaheer bowled extremely well - but RP's wickets of KP and Prior were positively Waqaresque. DB

Dravid is an idiot to replace SreeSanth with Ganguly
Dravid should have continued bowling SreeSanth after he intimidated Paul Collingwood with a couple of bouncers and no balls. He shouldnt have replaced SreeSanth with Ganguly and let t...

One May as Well give up. It is Howell's turn this time
Is it the Angles this time or the Saxons? It is one of them for sure. And add insult to injury Lloyd from his ex umpire pedastal whinging how difficult it is to give it out. It was clear as ...

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