Top 10 run scorers in this world cup
ML Hayden 395 GC Smith 291 JH Kallis 262 RT Ponting 262 SB Styris 258 MJ Clarke 241 AC Gilchrist 211 PD Collingwood 201 BC Lara 195 Imran Nazir 190...

10 Things for Ashraf to do
Now that he has graciously accepted to stay on as the PCB Chair he must show some public atonement to keep the public happy. 10. Face an over from Shoaib Akhtar. 9. Explain the differen...

Hair's Secret Identity
Dr. Ashraf and Umpire Hair

Ashrafisms 1. The interviews from now will be in Urdu. 2. The coach will now be Pakistani. 3. The contracts have been sus...

4th semifinal spot to be decided tomorrow?
I think whoever wins tomorrow's SL-WI clash will be the favorite to get the 4th open position in the semis. Is tomorrow the most important super 8 match? I certainly think so - af...

A simple solution for Tendulkar question
As the calls for Tendulkar's retirement are not subsiding, I decided to take an objective approach to finding a reasonable solution. As it is important that the highest scorer in tests and h...

When Kumble's 'arrogance' fired Mortaza St John's: A huge fan of Anil Kumble for his humility and dignity, Bangladesh pacer Mashrafe Mortaza says a casual statem...

Wrong fans at the ground
There are some Indian fans, with Indian flags in their hands! Probably they bought their tickets and booked their accomodations long ago. They must have chosen to make the trip. The ground...

I doubt it
From Cricinfo's live text: 3.3 McGrath to Shahriar Nafees, OUT, Touche! 132.3mph. That's No.55 for GD McGrath, equalling Wasim Akram's record for the most World Cup dismissals. ...

BengaliPost ! A new webmail
BengaliPost is first ever webmail for Bengali community. It is free web email service. BengaliPost is a first ever mail to support bengali language as well. If you can not find yournam...

Shastri to SRT: score runs or retire
Ravi Shastri, one of the great thinkers of Indian cricket, has indicated that either SRT should start scoring runs or retire immediately. "Former India captain Ravi Shastri has ca...

April 6th Meeting should decide the following for the Indian Cricket.....
I propose: Fire Sharad Pawar and Hire an MBA to run BCCI. BCCI has been mismanaged for too long and finally we saw the result. Fire selection committee and hire paid profes...

can another BONDANATH be a successful coach for Team India
it seems like BCCI wants to appoint a desi Bondanath as the coach and with the bad experience with great Chappeli who is suffering from the 'foot in the mouth' disease. I doubt th...

Free live video stream: Bangladesh vs. Australia (March 31)
Australia-Bangladesh match at Sorry, Internet Explorer only. Enjoy

Now here's an idea.......
The Pakistan Cricket Board has responded to the team's early elimination from the World Cup by suspending the players' central contracts - which will be replaced by performance-based deals f...

SL team for WI
Okay, I am back ... after a long lacuna... A couple of things that bother me about the SL lineup: (*) Should we play Marvan Atapattu instead of Tharanga for the next game? I...

D/L method recalculation?
My understanding is that the combinations and permuations of the D/L method have been based on the history of one day cricket up until the point it was introduced. Does anyone know if the ...

Ireland - long term
Never bright! As good people come through, England will fetch. How could the Irish improve? Vicky:

Tendulkar's plan of attack
In my opinion this is what Tendulkar should do this in the near future: Immediately retire from one day cricket. Eagerly look forward to the tour of England in June. I have seen him...

Woolmer Murder - why did they let the Pakistani team leave the country?
This is the logic of the police: Woolmer was murdered by someone he knew so let's let all the people who knew him leave the country to a state that we don't have an extradition treaty with! ...

The England Cricket Team!
They play a boring lackluster game , it would seem they do it just for the sake of playing cricket , tradition and all that bumkum. Kudos to the fighting Irish.....!

Slowest ball in world cricket?
There is much exitment and interest in the fastest ball in world cricket but in a discussion about whether Panesar was bowling too fast Michael Vaughan's stats were shown for compariso...

Here Are Ten Things for Ashraf to do
In the next one year. 1. Write and Implement a constitution for the PCB. 2. Give up his other job and concentrate on this one. 3. Set in real programs for training managers, media manag...

BCCI missed on an exciting series
With India and Pak out of the WC by MArch 23rd, BCCI and PCB should have fixed up a seven match Indo-Pak friendship series in Toronto. They would have killed two birds with one stone by doin...

BCCI missed on an exciting series
With India and Pak out of the WC by MArch 23rd, BCCI and PCB should have fixed up a seven match Indo-Pak friendship series in Toronto. They would have killed two birds with one stone by doin...

So What's New

Chappelli has gone nuts
He is trying to divert the attention away from the obvious axing of Chappello as coach that is going to happen on 7th Apr. He wants to take the frustrations of a failed brother coa...

Chappell's mission is to prevent Tendulkar from getting the world record
With the latest interview from his brother, the ugly face of Chappell has been un-masked. His sole mission is to prevent Tendulkar from getting the record of highest test runs and prevent hi...

English v Kashmir Willow
Can anyone present an informed opinion on the relative merits. English willow bats cost 5x the Kashmir variety even if from the same manufacturer. Im not a sucker for paying more for somethi...

Bob Woolmer Cricket World Cup
You heard it here first. Maybe the ICC shd name the cup after Woolmer. The man was practically born with a bat in hand and gave his life to the game.

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