Most promising yet unlucky Indian FC players
Off the cuff I could think of following few. a. D Vasu b. H Ramkishen c. Robin Morris d. Rajesh Sutar I am sure there are many more. Folks like Benjamin Franklin or Sadiq ...

Barnett and Billcliff put on 177 for the 2nd wicket vs Bangladesh
It's part of the pre-WC tri-series (Bermuda/Bangels/Canada). I believe this is a Canadian 2nd wicket ODI record. [applause] Geoff Barnett (*1) was stumped for 79. Ian Billcliff (*2) is...

Any news ?
Any news on the drug tests? When and if they will be conducted etc! Aqeel

Family affairs in Test cricket
A. Players taking the field with two generations of the same family (fathers are listed first): Father/Son BL Cairns JJ Crowe, MD Crowe, TJ Franklin, CL Cairns ...

Options for watching the WC in the USA
So, what are the options for watching the games in the US. I understand Dishnet is going to offer a package, but given that I cannot install satellite in my apt. complex, I think the only op...

When Thommo put 3 men in hospital
fter a few dozen overs we were getting thrashed all around the park and it wasn't looking good for us. I remember, when I brought Jeff Thomson back on for bowling, I said, that 'so and so' c...

Darrell Hair's Autobiography
Here are the top ten titles that Hair is considering for his autobiography 10. A Bad Hair Decade 9. Hair Case From Hell: Or How I Destroyed the Staircase to Heaven 8. Botched...

Rachael Ends Hair Case

Ian Chappell bags Aussies ahead of WC07
I'm sure that raised eyebrows amongst the Aussie team, I mean Ian Chappell having a go at the Aussie Did anyone else see him on the news having a go? He didn't seem to ...

Nadal and Srikkanth
Srikkanth is "rather impressed" by Nadal's hand-eye coordination :rolls eyes: Bonus points if you can lip-read what Cheeka w...

Patriotic Americans Saddened Cheney Escaped Attack
Cross posted from alt.activism.......Thought it is very funny........ Americans sorry Cheney survived 'You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one' ...

ODI retirees after the WC2007
Which major players will retire or dropped for good from ODIs after the WC2007? my list: Aus: McGrath, Hogg, Hayden, Gilchrist Eng: Vaughan, Strauss ...

World Cup Cricket Tickets available for all India Matches (group stage to Super 8 to Finals)
Folks: I had planned on a big family trip to the World Cup to see all the India matches and thus have tickets for the India games from the group stage to the Final (assuming India...

1. On the Issue of Racism Let us be clear. The PCB or Inzamam have never accused Hair of racism. It is the "individual" Hair, not his whiteness or being Australian, that is the problem....

Steve Waugh is Captain and Greg Chappelli is 12th man of the GREATEST ozzie OD team
Incidentally, two years back I ROOTED for Steve Waugh to become India's Coach over PERPETUAL EXPERIMENTER Chappelli and today Steve Waugh is selected as the Captain of the GREATEST a...

Racist Hair Drops Charge!
Well something must have clicked in his head. He seems to have dropped the racism charge against the PCB. Aqeel

Australia's all time XI
Andrew Symonds? Hmmm.... Vicky:

World Cup FInals Tickets available
I have 2 world cup finals tickets. I am unable to go due to work schedule. These are with awesome viewing. If you are interested, contact me at [email protected] I paid $150 each for these a...

Download World Cup fixtures to Outlook or in Excel
Download the world cup fixtures in a excel spreadsheet and into your outlook calendar, so you don't miss a game!

Ranji OD knockouts start on 12th March
In case it has not been posted here... Tamilnadu plays Assam and Karnataka plays Bengal in the ...

Does anyone know what is Swapnil Asnodkars strike rate
Reading the newspapers one saw that a certain player from Goa scored a run a ball 107. Seeing his stats I saw that in the List A matches (which I believe are the one day matches) he has an a...

State Championship 2006/07 R7
at 1630, D2: 1. Canterbury v Otago at Queen Elizabeth II Park, Christchurch Canterbury 468/9d. (MHW Papps 169, IA Robertson 102*; BE Scott 4-101, MJ Harvie 3-91) Otago...

Now its Barry's turn Believes GC will leave India after WC. -Aravind

online VIDEO: Australia v South Africa World Cup 1999 Semi Final
Not long to go until World Cup 2007, so here's another look back at a great game in World Cup history. In fact, this is regarded as the greatest match in Cricket World Cup history, and maybe...

A horde of Hearnes
Amongst the Kent cricketing greats were the Hearnes, A and GG. They played one Test for England, the only Test of the 1891-92 tour. On the England side was also JT Hearne, completely unrelat...

All-time f-c team XIs
Another tome wot I took on me hols was a 1990 book called "Kent Cricketing Greats", which is rather annoyingly poorly proofread and rather lays it on with a trowel, presumably to gratify the...

World Cup Coverage. No HiDef, no cable
I am sick of these matches being sold only to DISH. What about trying to get cable carriers to carry these matches on their PPV channels? Some of us have no interest in buying DISH since we ...

Angus Fraser Analysis and Comments
Ball by ball

Hello, Having more or less finished the wikipedia article on Bart King (, I thought I'd start on the Philadelphian team in general (

Can You Take Bradman's Word?
On Hair "the worst example of umpiring that [he had] witnessed, and against everything the game stands for." ...

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