Harmison runs away from ODIs
http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/cbs/content/current/story/273561.html Harmison retires from one-day cricket Andrew Miller in Melbourne December 21, 2006

McGrath to quit all forms of cricket
http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/australia/content/current/story/273506.html Fast bowler may miss World Cup McGrath to quit all forms of cricket Cricinfo staff <...

Will Warne reach 200 wickets...
vs. England? 14 more to go. Also needs 9 more wickets to reach 200 wickets under Ponting's captaincy. He took 199 under Taylor, the most of any captain he's played under.

One suggestion for marvellous Monty...
We can all agree that Monty's bowling was a very welcome breath of fresh air for a stale and completely out-of-sorts England Test side. He was accurate, he got the ball to drift a fair amoun...

Opposing bowlers with 10 wkts in the same Test
Here is a list of all instances where the bowling from each side took ten wickets in the Test match. GA Lohmann (Eng) 10-142 (8-58 & 2- 84) Sydney 1891-92 G Giffe...

revisionist history
---- In late 1999 he was bowling round the wicket to Sourav Ganguly and he watched a few deliveries pass by harmlessly. "Hey mate," called out Warne, "this crowd didn't pay their money ...

Highest scorer with 10wM
Here is a list of players who top-scored in a Test for their sides and took 10 wickets in the same match. H Trumble Aus v Eng The Oval 1902 (64*; 8-65 & 4-108) L IT Bot...

Alphabetical Teams
Taking up from something buried in the Warne Tribute thread ... Vezper posted his W Team: Worrell, Waite, Weekes, Walcott, Waugh M, Walters D, Waugh S, Wasim, Warne, Waqar and Walsh C...

Batting with the tail
The first three Ashes contests have shown England to be badly astray by batting Pietersen at number 5. As the team's best batsman he needs to be 3 or 4 at the most. His only batting flaw on ...

Team INDIA back to Work.......
After the cheering crowd disperse, and the last bottle of champagne is drained, these men have to return to the battlefield and start all over again. http://gosporty.blogspot.com/...

Kohli - Amazing grit and determination
http://www.hindu.com/2006/12/20/stories/2006122012832000.htm -Aravind

Most balls between dismissals
In consecutive ODI innings Shahriar Nafees scored 123* in 161 balls in the Champions cup, 105* (138 balls ) and 67 (68), all against Zimbabwe. He thus faced 367 balls between consecutive dis...

The Best Skipper Australia never had
Dear fans: Someone had said this about Warne on TV the other day and I forget to recollect exactly whom. But I fully concur. There is no doubt that a cricketing genious is finall...

Andhra 2, Mumbai 0
That's points in the latest round of Ranji matches (and no, they were not playing each other). I suppose I asked for it; I now look forward to Andhra qualifying for the knockout round. ...

Warne retires, Indians BERRRY BERRRY SAD.
Tests -------- Mat O R W BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10 14 654.1 2029 43 6/125 6/113 47.18 3.10 91.2 1 0 ODI ----- Mat O R ...

spam posts
Hi, Any simple way to filter the spam posts through google groups? I want to remove both some posters and messages. Previously my university had usenet access and filtering ...

India: No Home test matches in 2007 and test match attendance figures
It seems to me that the only countries where the crowds get out to watch test cricket are Australia, England and India. But as I understand it, there are no test matches scheduled to be pla...

Sobers - going from ordinary to great
Browsing around today I found this interesting stat: Garry Sobers' first 27 innings over four years produced these scores: 14* 26 47 8* 12 11 43 11 35* 64 27 25 1 1 53 14 17 66 4...

10 wkts in an innings without involvement of a fielder
In the Wellington Test, 9 of the 10 New Zealand wickets in the first innings were taken by the Sri Lanka bowlers without any assistance from the fielders (including the wicketkeeper). It tu...

McGrath = Lillee+Thommo
Just noticed that

Quiz of the year - the best and the worst
The period covered is from last Boxing Day (26th December 2005) to date. Fill in the blanks. Test cricket only, natch. The 10 highest individual innings: Name ...

Do you think Aus will take it easy now the Ashes are won?
Do you think Aus will take it easy now the Ashes are won? Are they realistically going for 5-0 or is it chill out mode now? I reckon the foot will be off the gas, but Englands wi...

'Pair' and 10wM
Here is a list of Test matches in which a bowler took at least 10 wickets and was dismissed for a 'pair'. 15-45 GA Lohmann Eng v SAf Port Elizabeth 1895-96 10-201 CV Gr...

Alternate Discussion Location
Hi, we are cricket fans and we run a tech company called Tangler. We've started a group that discusses the Cricket live during tests. It's works well over the day and over the 5 days. ...

Official Shane Warne Tribute Thread
Post your tribute here.

Cricket's top all-round heroes
Talent all round as the greats of the one-day game are put under the stats microscope http://www.sportingo.com/cricket/crickets-top-all-round-heroes/1001,1235

Worrying comments from Merv
Merv Hughes made some worrying comments tonight and I have doubts about his ability as a selector to make tough decisions. He said that they won't allow them to retire in a block. ...

Warne and Glen McGrath have announced their retirement
http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20957936-2,00.html http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2006/12/20/1166290604407.html

Warne and Glen Mcgrath
Warne and Glen McGrath have announced their retirement

Dear fans: I'm still not convinced that India won fair and square in T1 against RSA as much as I'm happy. Did RSA deliberately tank the test? After their awsome performance...

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