Dravid is playing for a wrong team?
ODIs: Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Dravid 302 281 35 9762 153 39.68 70.43 12 73 Another 261 255 29 9411 164 41.64 79.25 20 55 ...

10,000th ODI runs
Murali and Vaas to concede in New Zealand this week, I guess. Jayasuriya has already done that. Two other sub-continental players, Wasim Akram and Anil Kumble, are the only others to ...

Greetings to y'all
Here's wishing you and your families a happy and fulfilling 2007. Live it up! Cheers, Ramapriya

Langer retires.
No surprise, really - he's been edging towards it for a while, now.

Kapil's knee(?) surgery and Indian pitches
Anyone know when Kapil had surgery performed on his knee(?) Looking at his career stats at the end of the '83-84 WI series, I think he was quite impressive. His economy rate and avg. were a...

Cruel Ad
Little dated but right on spot ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNIr7TnH0Pk Sreekanth

Irfan fails to turn up for practice
Irfan fails to turn up for practice TIMES NEWS NETWORK VADODARA, Dec 31: Will Irfan Pathan play the forthcoming Ranji match for Baroda? While his name has already bee...

England team for final Test
Dalrymple for Mahmood? -- Chris Weston Top Posting makes you look stupid. Do you want to look stupid?

ODI wins off the last ball
Here is a list of Limited-overs International matches which were won by virtue of run/s scored off the last possible ball of the match: Pak (208-6) v Eng (212-7) Sahiwal Dec 2...

indiancricketfans.com --> the biggest Indian cricket fan site on the net !!
http://www.indiancricketfans.com --> the biggest unofficial Indian cricket website. Founded in October, the portal already has close to 500 registered users. In additiona to a moderated f...

New pad design
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/image/274567.html As if we didn't have trouble with umpires already. This pad design eliminates the knee-roll, a key factor in deciding the h...

My Team for next test
Gambhir Jaffer Laxman Tendlya Dravid Sehwag Dhoni Sreesanth Kumble Zaheer Munaf I think we can atleast draw this test. Sehwag should n...

Jayawardene's Feld Placing Never right
He should have made tight field placing at the very start, at least when the New Zealand were fighting to save the game. He never thoight of saving singles at any stage of the game. when he ...

Peace on earth, Send the seasonal greetings
Select wide variety of New Year greetings at http://www.cityanytime.com and send them to your friends and family for free of cost. It's a great way of keeping in touch with your loved ones. ...

Hey NZ Cricket..
Sack that &^%*&% Bracewell, The fans that are left are not going to put up with this crap for much longer certainly not for the next 15 or so ODI before the World Cup. Stil...

Brett Lee sings with Asha Bhosle
Apologies if links were already posted. I saw this on one of the channels yesterday. http://youtube.com/results?search_query=brett+lee+asha&search=Search

Now the SA vs India series is setup for the decider
I am happy for 2 reasons a) Reason 1 - I am a SA supporter b) Reason 2 - I have great tickets for all 5 days of the Newlands Test. What a thriller the 2nd Test turned out to be. I...

Indian batsmen shot selection - 2nd innings
Sehwag - Ok, it wasn't a waft and Ntini just picked up on a technical weakness in his batting. Ntini got that one. Jabbed at a one in corridor outside off. Jaffer - Totally atrocious. S...

2006 Test Match Statistics
Suggest reading with fixed-width font. Team P W L D Australia 10 10 0 0 Sri Lanka 11 6 3 2 Pakistan 12 4 3 5

Ind-SA Test Commentary on DirecTV
Watching the tests on DirecTV in the US, I have the misfortune of getting what appears to be a Proteas-Army commentary feed. Robin Jackman is unabashedly biased and proud of it. Barry Rich...

Jayasuriya - fair play?
In the first over, Jayasuriya seems to have gloved a ball to McCullum. Then, he quickly touched / rubbed his hip. The ball travelled closer to the hip, but I did not see any contact. ...

Cricket in the 50's
On ABC it showed the last of the Bradman players era to the Benaud era. And if you think we had debate about chucking now you should watch and listen to some of this show. Without a doubt...

Selfishness in Cricket
There were some subtle examples of "me first" behaviour by Indian batsmen in the Durban match: 1. Laxman - He played very well in both innings. But I couldn't help but notice th...

Twenty20 - Is it needed
It seems that the new Twenty20 format of the game is taking off. It is fun to watch but is it needed? I suspect it would be good at schoolkid level for getting more kids into the

Indian Team for T3 - speculations
I have not been following the games too closely so I can't really comment on the "real" forms of the players - so speculating based on their scores and some highlights that I watched, this ...

Not one statement about umpiring by Dravid
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/rsavind/content/current/story/274488.html Amazing, I'd have to say class act, but most human beings would've mentioned at least something, parrticularly...

Ind-SA 2nd test - Ind performance
Sehwag- F: The team management gets F for picking out of form Sehwag. He also gets an F. Jaffer - C: Looked good in both innings ; needed to have carried on; He is only pla...

Panicker: "Laxman did a Tendulkar"
What the hell is "doing a Tendulkar"? Has Panicker been following Krish Nayak's posts at r.s.c.? http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2006/dec/30indsalead01.htm?q=tp&file=.htm Panicker's...

HHTC SA v Ind T2 result
Player scores: Smith (74) 20 Jaffer (54) de Villiers (86) 23 Sehwag (63) Amla (21) 5 Dravid (16) ...

Congratulations RSA
For a good win after the setback in the 1st test. When the chips were down RSA did play brave cricket. Pollock, Ntini and Prince did plenty to be proud of. Smith also redeemed himself well i...

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