The Dawn Editorial the Truth and the obfuscation
Part of Dawn's Editorial "Meanwhile, umpire Darrel Hair stands exposed as an arrogant and officious man who, despite all that he has done to disfigure the game, still appears convinced ...

Forfeit test match or respect ?
Almost everyone has started questioning the authority of umpires. They are likely to lose a lot of power to match referees. They feel weak and find the need to unionize. Not only ...

Inzi forgives Hair
Such a kind fellow !!

More trouble if 'bullish' Hair continues as umpire: Boycott Former England batsman and key witness in Inzamam disciplinary hearing Geoffrey Boycott has said that continuation of Darrell Hair as ...

Hi Andrew, could you help out Dr.Z?

Wondering whatever happened to Brad William....
The Victorian, who went to Western Australia and to play for the national team..... Vicky: {whatever happened to Craig McDermott... and the alleged videos??]

World Cup - Sri Lanka tickets available !!!
Hey cricket fans I have World Cup tickets available for 3 Sri Lanka matches. I am an Indian cricket fan and since the second round matches depend on the outcome of 1st round mat...

Changes to the Laws
1/ The umpire can change the ball whenever he think it has been damaged by any means but he cant award 5 run penalty. 2/ If the umpire suspects tampering then he will change the ball ...

On Ranjan Madugalle Vicky: [Internet?]

Relegated Middlesex recruit Vaas Middlesex have bolstered their squad by signing experienced Sri Lanka seamer Chaminda Vaas for the 2007 season. <...

Did Geoffrey Boycott swing the verdict? The testimony of Geoffrey Boycott, one of the expert witnesses for the defence, proved crucial in clearing Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul...

Madugalle wants more diplomacy Ranjan Madugalle, the chief adjudicator in Inzamam-ul-Haq's ICC hearing, has called for more diplomacy if a ...

$500,000 Book Deal
That is the amount been talked about that DH will receive when he writes a book on this and all the other stuff that goes on cricket. I just wonder if he will describe Inzi's actions as " ...

Latest ICC Rankings
New entry in their Worst Decisions category. 1. Allowing, nay, positively encouraging the Merrilythrowin virus. 2. Granting full member status to a country which was not only clearly n...

Hair will be not be in danger...
in India. As per BCCI, the crowd could be in danger, if Hair is allowed to officiate.

How are Aussies gonna win Champions Trophy with out Hair???
Without a crooked umpire like Hair how are Australians gonna bring down opponent morale. Did you see that, Every australian moron starting with Mark Taylor, Malcolm Speed, Shane W...

Umpires Union
The umpires seem to be joining the players union. This is a bad move. I think the umpires should have a separate union and the players a separate one. Either the ICC should not be patroniz...

Cricket left tampered by affair The actions of Inzamam-ul-Haq and his Pakistan team were under the spotlight when he turned up for his disciplinary hearing at The O...

Hair cut down by failure to see wider picture
Hair cut down by failure to see wider picture By Simon Barnes Our correspondent says that the umpire stood on the authority of his office, but a changing world had moved on without him ...

Hair: I'm a bloody good umpire,,3-2006450271,00.html S the rest of the cricketing world deserted him, defiant Darrell Hair insisted: "I want to carry on umpiring - because I'm blood...

Analyst says Hair was 'guessing' Umpire Darrell Hair was only "guessing" when he decided to penalise Pakistan for ball-tampering, accord...

ICC should show its teeth
Nothing to do with the Inzy affair but I think BCCI should be shown the door for choosing to call the shots over matters such as which ump can stand and who can't. BCCI's "commercial prowess...

Ponting and Inzi
Many here including me thought Ponting should have been punished a lot more for his childish behaviour in Malaysia. It was simply not good enough for a Captain to carry on like that. Wel...

Tip for the captains
Hot and humid conditions, your bowlers are tired and you want to give them some rest. What do you do? Simple. Take your team to the pavillion for a short break. Let the fast bowlers enjoy a ...

Eat your heart out Hair supporters ;-)
Ahhhh, this is so sweet :) :)

Walter Hadlee RIP
Walter Hadlee died this morning in Christchurch, aged 91. Although not a Test-match great based on his playing record alone, Walter Hadlee exerted a huge influence on cricket in New Ze...

Doctrove agreed the ball was tampered with but wanted to find out who it was
According to the ICC report

The last word on ball tampering
The ICC will allow ball tampering to continue as long as it does not pass 15 degrees.

Inzi and Hansie
In comparison to Inzi, Hansie is a saint.

Establishing proof for ball tampering
This is not anybody bashing but seeing how this sets a precedent. On the balance of probabilities, Inzi was not guilty of ball tampering. It was found that the ball was not tampered wi...

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