Reverse swing or super swing?
In this current environment of hostility towards reverse swing and ball-tampering allegations flying around thick and fast, I came across a rather interesting article on Cricinfo by Saad

India furrows a lone path
I am happy with the Indian board's statements so far. Nevermind the dramatized title to that article, the Ind...

Eliminate Pubic Hair

Ideas in India for Worldcup What are your ideas?

Jobs Opportunities in Karachi
Jobs Opportunities in Karachi Attractive jobs available for marketing, accounts, IT, office staff. Fresh/experienced graduates (male/female) should contact for walk in interview: SHM Co...

Ghost in Aussie team?
I was checking on Cricinfo for squads for the Malaysia ODI event in September and found one DR Cullen in the team.

What a thrilling Ladies Match
England must be very pleased to have totalled 99 in their 1st innings and thus just overtake Chopra's 98. Wonder if India will enforce the follow-on. Prakash ----...

Australia's umpires panel seem interested in Hair Mel Johnson, the chairman of Australia's umpire selection panel, said that Darrell Hair could still umpire o...

Gibbs set to travel to India with lawyers South Africa's Herschelle Gibbs is likely to travel to India for the Champions Trophy in October, as signifi...

umpires calling off matches should be forfeited: BCCI
BCCI backs Lankan board's call for ICC to scrap umpires' powers to call off matches: 'Let match referee decide' KOLKATA, AUGUST 30:To ensure that "spectators don't suffer'', the B...

Bomb Threat to County Cricket
In mid-afternoon yesterday, the Lancashire v Warwickshire county championship match at Blackpool was disrupted by a bomb going off on the pitch. It exploded on a length at the southern end,...

Quote of the Day 31 August 2006
Darren Gough, on England's one-day team: "We are very good at one-day cricket, Twenty20 and 50 overs." Andrew

God is a racist
Bringing the rain to deprive Pakistan of a well deserved victory. Without doubt God in cahoots with Hair.

ACB Cancels Ebay Tickets for Ashes
If you brought tickets on Ebay for the next Ashes tour there is a very good change they are like Inzis Captaincy The ACB have released a statement saying that these tickets have...

Eng vs India womens, Where was
Rosalie Birch? She's one of the best looking players in the game, and a pretty good cricketer too?

Eng vs India womens, Where was
Rosalie Birch? She's one of the best looking players in the game, and a pretty good cricketer too?

Eng vs India womens, Where was
Rosalie Birch? She's one of the best looking players in the game, and a pretty good cricketer too?

video:Pakistan v England 1st ODI
For PCZ VIP members only..... of Pak Cricket Supporters Forum!

What Strauss should have done
If Andrew Strauss was not happy with the umpires call to start play after two hours of rain, surely he's supposed to sit and sulk in the dressing room until the umpires give in to his point ...

US GOVT to OUST DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez
The Guardian (London) August 30, 2006 US ACCUSED OF BID TO OUST CHÁVEZ WITH SECRET FUNDS Duncan Campbell The US government has been accused of trying ...

Looking at 'Reverse' swing - Is this the same as....
When you kick a football (International/World football, not yank football) with the inside of your right foot, it will swerve to the left. This is well known to anyone who plays football, an...

Steve the Bajan's thesis?
Can anyone provide a link to Steve the Bajan's thesis on Gibbs?

Attn: Salil
Don't look now (century before lunch at New Road). Andrew

Some rumors about how Asif is able to swing the ball prodigiously

Hair in big trouble: Inzamam Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq on Wednesday, claimed umpire Darrell Hair was in "big trouble" due to his role during the forfeited Ova...

Hair apologises for email Darrell Hair, the Australian umpire at the centre of the ball-tampering controversy, has maintained a defence of hi...

McGrath does half of the team's work
A number of people here thought Murali had a large proportion of work in the Sri Lankan team. But, McGrath seems to do 50% of the team's job. That's better than Murali's percenta...

Hair and Speed do a commercial!
Here it goes.... The faces of a grumpy looking Darrell Hair and a cheerful Malcolm Speed flash across the television screen as a voice announces "Embarrassed about prickly and sme...

Changing the Laws
"Replacing the ball The umpires can at any time replace the ball if he thinks it has been damaged in any way. The umpires doesn't have do not have to provide any reason for doin...

The Pure Joy of Receiving PayPal Money!
It Will Work. If you do as I have done! Just Do It! follow the 4 steps. $6.00 to $15,000.00 in 30 days! Steps: Follow the Logic, Just Do it and It will work. $$$ in 4 easy steps. ...

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