The Dravid watch
Dravid needed 79 to go past Weekes and Barrington to the all-time sixth position in test averages. He got 81 and took his average to 58.69. Next on the horizon is little Eddie Paynte...

deja vu
Fail to win when you have a firm grip. And then let your ineptitude against fast bowling finish you off in the last rubber. How many more times? Sigh ...

All indications are there
for Yuvraj to score big in India's second innings especially if India were in a losing position. He has had a miserable test series so far. - Ravi

Sreeshanth new Agrarkar in making?
Two ducks in a row...similar economy too

WI vs India T4, India 200 all out first day
It looks like an excellent effort in the field by the Windies, with Lara finally getting the kind of sustained pressure from his pace attack that he's been looking for all series. ...

Kumble: 2nd man to 2000 runs + 500 wickets double
2000 test runs for Anil Kumble, to go with his 500+ wickets. Only the 2nd man after Shane Warne to achieve this double. Also completed 5000 FC runs earlier in this innings, and is 2 wi...

Dravid shows his class.
49.6 Taylor to Dravid, FOUR, shot - enough is enough says Dravid - short again and he pulls this one squarer for four more, someone's finally taking the attack back to the bowling, two fou...

Dravid's defensive mindset and the Indian middle order
1>First Dravid's defensive mindset as a captain, by the looks of it, has costed India the series. 2>Once Tendulkar comes abck, so does Ganguly and with that India goes back ...

Kaif almost gone. A good bouncer first up, gloves it and it falls short of gully. Last ball of the same over, another bouncer, takes glove again and off the helmet to Ganga in slips and he d...

From the free iPod people... A new deal has hit the web. This is from the same people who gave out the free iPods a while back. They renamed there company to FreePay. Th...

Is this the lowest score...
in the first 30 overs of a test match? 33/2 in 30. How is the wicket playing? Did Dravid err by by batting first? Shariq

Get Sehwag early and the deal
is almost done..... I know there is pressure and I know this is tets match cricket but 28 from 27 overs is just too much to swallow.

What a pace - 28/2 nearing lunch. What is the least number of runs scored in a session? Aslam ? - Ravi

WI vs India T4, Windies strike hard and fast!
Both openers creamed immediately. Sehwag caught, Jaffer bowled. India 6/2 after 6 overs. Laxman and Dravid now must fend off a pace attack that smells blood in the water. -- Cheer...

T4: India elects to bat; no change in the team.
India elects to bat; no change in the team.

Indian Team for Test-4
Sehwag Jaffer Laxman *Dravid Yuvraj/Kaif +Dhoni Pathan Kumble Harbhjan Munaf VRV

Indian Team for Test 3
Sehwag Jaffer Laxman *Dravid Yuvraj +Dhoni Pathan Kumble Harbhjan Munaf VRV

Announcing HHCT for the fourth Test between Ind and WI. based on Holman's rules. make your entries before the first b...

Shane Warne's blog
Seems to be at Anyone know anything more about this? A

Playing good cricket is more important than winning: Chappell,00160127.htm India's Caribbean cruise has reached its last stop and they're back to where they began. After voyaging through the exotic subu...

Prediction for the Sabina Park test
Draw. I don't think either team has good enough bowlers to take 20 wickets.

If panel umpires every decision is carefully scrutinised for correctness and consitency....
then why the hell arnt match referees subject to an even more rigerous examination? If the referees, after all the howlers, bad decisicions and complete blindness to what is happening in the...

Can a reality show land you a place in the Indian team?
Press trust of India quotes Cricket Star CEO Fraser Castellino as saying the programme would serve as a selection trial for the board and the winner would be fast-tracked into the national s...

Team management must help players' confidence: Dev,001601270002.htm Former captain Kapil Dev on Thursday said the Indian team management should desist from frequently chopping and chang...

Good toss to lose in Jamaica ?
a.. The captain winning the toss might want to put the opposition in, for the records show that in 41 matches, teams batting second have enjoyed greater success - 18 wins as opposed to ten...

Security fears stunt online bank growth
Rising interest rates will make more people consider banking only online, especially those with high incomes.You can take advantage of the services and higher rates virtual banks offer, For ...

Ganguly's team improves result
SC Ganguly had lost all games he played for Northants this season. Today he started changing their luck. He broke the losing streak.
low-low prices, will go up. +ve income flow. check em out

cricinfo: Vaughan out of Ashes (having surgery on his knee)
<> Bad news indeed, but sort of expected given the way things were shaping up. -- Cheers,

When does an OZ become's a Pom?
any guesses. Vezper

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