CricInfo BBB comms post-Tea
There is a lot of ridicule and criticism of CricInfo BBB comms. But Sajan Nair's comms post-tea today have been superb. Capturing the desperation of the situation from both teams' point of v...

Applause for the century stand by Vaas and Kulasekara
Very well done. -- Cheers, SDM -- a 21st century schizoid man Systems Theory internet music project links: soundclick <> garageband...

Midnight madness at Lord's
When SL finally declare their innings closed (in theory or in practice), most likely they will be looking to bowl 7 overs per hour in the England's second attempt. Any early wickets and...

ODI Tipping: WI v India
Typical entry (my entry for the first game): WI win: 0.35 India win: 0.65 The total must equal 1.00 (since we're talking about probabilities). Your score will be ...

Fastest to 100 catches
According to Inquisition logic, this would make Geraint our best keeper ever. -- Cheers, ymt.

Dear Mr. Aleem Dar
Thanks but no thanks. We do not need your help in winning this match; we are a much better team and therefore, weather permitting, we shall win the Test completely on our own. You probably...

Eng vs SL - Weather
Any updates on what the conditions are like? Updated forecast? - Ravi

A power play too few?
In the final Zim V WI ODI there was (according to Cricinfo's score card at only two power plays in the Zimbabwe innings. I'm sure that many of you were r...

Good Job SriLanka
from 96/6 in first innings chasing 590+ to taking the match to final day. We know the Indian super-hero batting lineup would have lost the match early on fourth day and went for an exte...

lacking even basic facilities?

HHTC EvSL T1 D4 close
Player scores: Trescothick (126) 120 Mubarak (6) Tharanga (62) 4 Strauss (58) Cook (89) 9 Sangakkara (80) Jayawardene (200) 32 Pietersen (16...

White Umpiring Mafia Making it Diffcult for Sub-Continent
How many mistake this racist pig "rudest curse" in umpiring have to do before he out of umpiring. Has he ever make a right decision? Neutral umporing is conspiracy against subcontinet and We...

Eng vs SL: nice to see aggression by Flintoff after coming back from
He really had his tail up, delivering some balls that moved, spat and kicked. Very good, Freddie! And then he got Jayawardene. Well..not really, once you see the slo-mo replay, but that's cr...

Well done Mahela
Well, the rookie captain has come through to win back some respectability for SL. Over the years I have been very hard on him for not living up to the expectations, and let me be the first...

Eng vs SL - T1 - last time around
SL 1st inning - 555-8 decl Eng 1st inning - 275 all out Eng 2nd inning(Following on) - 529-5 decl SL 2nd inning - 42-1 Draw Seems to be happening in reverse till now

Voting: Vote for any one of LARA , TENDULKAR
Vote for any one of LARA , TENDULKAR

Mukul Kesavan : Calypso magic .. fab read!

Home of pakistan cricket
if u r a pakistani cricket fan, and want to get up close and personal with your favorite superstars of pak cricket, then join, asap. here you will get news up...

HHTC EvSL T1 D3 close
Player scores: Trescothick (126) 120 Mubarak (6) Tharanga (62) 4 Strauss (58) Cook (89) 9 Sangakkara (80) Pietersen (158) 42 Jayawardene (1...

Andrew Miller - end of D2 prediction
"Weather permitting, England could and should wrap this match up tomorrow afternoon, and the fact that the star of the show could well be Sajid Mahmood is testament to the extraordinary brea...

Same two overnight batsmen
Day 2: End Of Day: Sri Lanka - 91/6 in 30.0 overs (DPMD Jayawardene 40, MF Maharoof 6) Day 3: End Of Day: Sri Lanka - 183/3 in 64.0 overs (DPMD Jayawardene 35, MF Maharo...

Nice SLA work by Panesar
Very smooth almost effortless classic left-hander spinner. A real pleasure to watch. He's looked very good against the left-handed bats, especially the opener he winkled out (Tharanga) who n...

Veggie Combos in Cricket teams
Durham now has Mustard and Onions. Quite a potent mix, Is the Hamburger their official meal choice too? Any more of such combos?

Five Indian Fast Bowlers for Test Matches
There appears to be a strange consensus in RSC that though 5 fast bowlers might be needed in ODI's India should make do with 4, in test matches. For India's pace attack to come good ...

HHTC EvSL T1 picks
Trescothick, Sangakkara, Pietersen, Jayawardene, Mahmood Cheers, -- Chris Weston

Sri Lankan captain was unable to translate the English message and illiterate!!
Stutter in 'native tongue' at Lord's [TamilNet, May 12, 2006 13:47 GMT] As Sri Lanka's cricketers took to the pitch at...

The New England
They declare at 6 for 551 and the commentator goes on about how " this is the new England ...we are here to win test matches" So Nasser when you played I assume you played to lose ? ...

What if Zimbabwe don't win the ICC tri series cup
Should they even lose their status of playing one day internationals with other countries (in between the world cups). They can continue to play in the world cups but shouldn't they lose the...

BCCI spares Dalmiya, for now
Was the money Rs 15,66,000 transferred to kolkata based fictitious company SG Traders == Sourav Ganguly Traders ??? ******************

Stats Query on LBW bunny
I just realized Tendulkar has higher number of LBWs and higher %age of Lbws than Javed Miandad. So, who are the top LBW bunnies for various countries in terms of %ages and numbers...

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