Spectacular Run outs
>From a recent "Ask Steven" on CI, there is a description of Eldine Baptiste running out Miller at Lords in 84 - a direct hit from long leg to the non-striker's end. Anyone rec...

Bahutule moving back to Mumbai
You heard it here first. Sairaj Bahutule will play for Mumbai next season; his stint with Maharashtra lasting barely a season. Sorry to see him go, he has always been the consumm...

WC 2007 packages from Florida for SA in Group matches
Hi, Anyone know of a company offering: 1. Round-trip flight from FLL or MIA (Florida, USA), and 2. Tickets to SA's group matches, and 3. Accomodation Or can any...

Blame it on inexperience!
Article with good analysis of our problems Prakash -------------------------- http://htcricket.com/htcricket/8015_1709368,001601270000.htm When the going is...

Bowling stats from recent Digicel ODI series
Here are Munaf Patel and Shreesanth's bolwing statistics from the recent ODI series against West Indies. Player Matches Overs Matches Runs W Avg S/R E/R Munaf Patel...

Ambrose hates talking cricket
http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2006/may/30amb.htm +++++++++++++++++++ Ambrose, who was known for his stifling accuracy, in particular, chose one of the many nuggets which pee...

My visit report for W vs I ODI matches in Trinidad
Watching cricket live is more fun compared to on TV. However, I want to caution people who want to go for World Cup next year. Stadiums in WI are too small to hold large crowd. If you thi...

Melbourne 1958-59
Quick question about the Melbourne test A vs E 1958-59. England collapsed in the second innings for just 87. Score below. England had a decent batting line-up. In the first two innin...

Who was the moron....
...that claimed and wanted to bet $$ on India for NOT losing last two ODIs??? What is his/her explaination now? Are we gona hear more Dravidian excuses? PS: Ganguly has nothi...

SL Team for T3
Samaraweera must make way. Also noticeable is Sangakkara's failure to get a big score in four innings. One fifty and three failures does not cut it for arguably our best batsman. I think thi...

We were not outplayed, asserts Dravid
http://us.rediff.com/cricket/2006/may/29drav.htm?q=cp&file=.htm Yah dude your batting was at par with them, your bowling was at par with them and your fielding was at par with them - n...

Is Dravid going to open in tests too ?
Apparently, there is some talk of once again loading the middle order and so Dravid might open with both Laxman and Kaif making it into the team.

India losing to No 8 team
Congrats to all the West Indian cricket fans. You deserve this win. Indians, it is a shameful day for Indian cricket. Having lost like absolute bitches 4-1 to one of the worse sides in the w...

Gafoor you moron
You think Agarkar dosen't deserve a place in Tests? Are you sleeping with More? Every goddamn cricket expert watching the ODI series in WI said that he should be part of the Test team on cur...

Agarkar kicks Bosadnath's arse royally
1. Agarkar becomes the fastest Indian to score 250 wickets. No such records for Bondanath. 2. Agarkar holds record for fastest 50 wickets. No such records for Bondanath. 3. Agarkar...

Windies cricket search
I searched google for the words windies cricket http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=windies+cricket&btnG=Google+Search #2 on the results is the site http://windiescricket.rival...

The Guardian: some very interesting articles over the last couple
FYI. <http://sport.guardian.co.uk/cricket/> Duncan Fletcher laying the law down about Monty's fielding. Vaughan looking sharp for Yorkshire. How does one bowl at ...

I will not be running a HHTC on WIvI, because it coincides with the football World Cup and I am therefore taking refuge in the USA and will not be online for the duration. Cheers,...

HHTC EvSL T3 selections
Here, please. Cheers, Mike

Absent Friends and other stories
India has suffered what some might consider a humiliating defeat in the Carib ODI's. However, if this is taken as learning experience it will come in handy, the same way as the Kiwi wake up ...

Openers making the 10th out
Here is a list of players who opened and were the tenth batsman dismissed in the same Test innings. Score Total L Hutton 30 52 Eng v Aus The Oval ...

Comeback for Jadeja?
If Sachin does not heal in time for WC is there a possiblity that Jadeja, who had a superb domestic season and some significant scores in exhibition games, will be recalled to the Indian sid...

Jaidev u owe me $5000
Jaidev u owe me $5000. sorry for the long delay i just came to work today. so how r u going to send it to me. dont say that there was no deal it was u who asked for it and i said the deal is...

Why are they declaring the 5th ODI as Lara's farewell ODI in Trinidad?
I do not recall him saying that he is retiring from the game Shariq

Pakistani Training Camp Pictures
http://cache.gettyimages.com/xc/71075096.jpg?v=1&c=MS_GINS&k=2&d=08A8BA3C818346D072FE9C90029A138C http://cache.gettyimages.com/xc/71075093.jpg?v=1&c=MS_GINS&k=2&d=08A8BA3C818346D073F7...

Team India are realising it takes more than processes to win matches
After taking some time off to recover from their shock, some CHAPRAASIs (as is mandatory for them) will come out now and put forth the comical argument that the 4-1 defeat was actually very ...

Not in my House
Deepak Narayanan makes some good observations about Dravid's reaction to the ODI series loss. In my personal opinion Dravid's reaction has been very interesting. He was touting the "inexperi...

The high emotional standard deviation Indian fan
Nothing new. When we are winning, barring a few diehard GAALIs, many fans start claiming that the world cup is a lock. When you lose a series, the same start talking of paper tige...

Yorkshire Cricket
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_00E1_01C68357.A8F10900 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Nehra all set to play county cricket
Nehra all set to play county cricket Press Trust of India Posted online: Friday, May 26, 2006 at 1822 hours IST New Delhi, May 26 : India discard Ashish Nehra is ...

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