Robin Uthappa
Assuming Robin Uthappa plays on Wednesday; would he be the first Coorg ever to play for India? Are there many Christians among Coorgs or is Robin just a 'fashionable' name? ...

Bravo Australia
Two players got the first 5 wickets in the first Test. It is interesting to note that these two could not even find a spot in the team in the recent tour to Australia. Vicky:

Aleem Dar and Wasim Akram
Did Wasim say that both of them played for the same team? If I heard right, Dar was in the playing eleven, and Akram was the 12th man... and both of them were classmates. Vicky: ...

Is there an official DVD of South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI?
Hi guys, I want to get a present for my cricket loving friend, and was thinking of getting a DVD of the 5th One Day International between South Africa and Australia 5th at The New...

HHTC BvA T1 D1 close
Player scores: Omar (27) 27 Hussey (0) Shahriar (138) 128 Hayden (10) Basher (76) 76 Ponting...

What a shot!
The last ball of over # 81. Ball at the arm pit level on the leg side. Aftab Ahmed went for a 'tennis ball cricket' shot. He went for a scooping type shot, and the ball went ove...

Poor Warne.....!!!!
For years I have been reading absolute bloody rubbish here about how the great Murali got "cheap" test wickets by bowling the the useless Bangles batsman, and how if only Warne had the sam...

When are Bangladesh going to declare?
Couldn't resist. -- Cheers, ymt.

An Australian experiment went wrong?
No polishing of the ball.... Vicky: [Hope Bangladeshis know that the Test match is longer than 75 overs]

Bloody Cricket Australia
What in hell are they doing ? Why would you agree to a two test tour with no warm up matches. As for the Australians, maybe someone should have shown them the video of the 1st O...

Guwahati question
Is it a twodo or a nodo? -- Cheers, ymt.

India in the FTP - a wish-list (long)
On going through India's planned tours in the Future Tours Program (FTP), I found that the ones below were slotted. Either the ICC or I missed the slot for India's away tour to NZ - could so...

Confused about the Oz XI v Bangles.
Didn't see the start, am zipping through a lot at > 1x and the CI scoreboard's no help, but I've now seen the following Oz bowlers in action; Clark GB (snicker) Dizz ...

Bangladesh already doing better than South Africa
During the recently completed series South Africa did not get past 100 before the fall of the second wicket Colin Kynoch

Warne feasting on the tail
#8-#11 wkts Warne - 36.8% of all his wkts Murali - 31.1% of all his wkts. Murali is still a chucker, though.

Another stunning opening Golden Buttocks effort.
The redheaded fast bowler, described minutes before play by Airhead as "the best opening bowler in the world", opens the bowelling against the might of Bangladesh. Result? A new 1...

Bangladesh v Australia
Bangladesh made 145 runs in 25 over Is it ODI or TEST match?

Warne is on
before lunch on the first day against Bangladesh. What a joke! Is this the worst Australian team to tour Bangladesh?

Indian Cricket - Ilusions and Lies
Why do Indians pretend to like and play Cricket? The reason that the fat leisured class will offer is that we are good at Cricket. Far from true sirs. Pakistan, Australia, UK and South...

Happy Tigers
Like Sri Lankans and WIndies.... Lots of noise, drums play in the background.... After some early nerves, Bangladeshis are playing freely (hope I am not jinxing here). ...

First Test pitch
In his four sentences, Wasim Akram used "flat pitch" five times. Vicky: [Gillespie - with a hair cut!]

Shane Warne: South African Domestic Cricketer?
Here's something of interest, though I think it unlikely Warne will sit out the Ashes for RSA domestic cricket. R10m to tempt Shane to play in SA Stuart Hess April 0...

Flintoff batting highlights From the 2003 (?) series against RSA in England. Worth a watch on a cricketless day. -- Chris W...

A new era in ODI avg?
In the last 18 months, we have seen the arrivals of players like Petiersen, Dhoni & Hussey. They all average more than 50 in odos and all have incredible strike-rates of 98, 106 & 99. Is th...

2006 Cricketers of the Year (Wisden)
I reckon Makhaya Ntini will be chosen this year as one of Wisden's 5 Cricketers of the Year. He took the 8th most wickets in 2005, and of those ahead of him, McGrath, Flintoff, Murali, Warn...

Pack Sehwag, Kaif off to National Cricket Academy,001601190000.htm I'm wondering does BCCI send batsman to rectify their flaws.?? Piyush

agarkar Bowling Speeds 4th ODI
I might have missed the posting but has any one commented about Aggie's impressive bowling speeds, though sometimes problematic vis a vis line and length. I saw at least four balls in the 8...

How many wickets would Warne get?
In the first Test, I mean.... Vicky: [Four?]

Symonds is dumped
He could not get a run against even against Bangladesh. According to an ABC news item, all-rounder Andrew Symonds has been dropped from the Australian team for the first Test against B...

Whats wrong with Shane Bond?
Oh Ohh... He bowled 10 overs yeaterday & got hammered. Then nothing more did we see off him... Still not bowling this morning I see... Anyone got a heads up as to...

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