Should BD ask Australia to follow-on?
If Australians lose all their wickets in the morning, I mean. I think they should not. Batting on the fifth day on this pitch would be the worst one would want. Vicky: ...

Reaction of Australian players on LBW decisions
Hayden reacted angirily to the decision. Ponting stayed for some time before his long walk, still saying something. Hayden was a metre or so in front of the crease. But, th...

Australian's struggle on sub-continent pitches continue....
Australian's struggle on sub-continent pitches continues....

Modi masterminds India's billion dollar bonanza: Atherton profiles Modi Excerpts: ++++++ As a result, Modi will be as influential as a...

Who would have thought ...
Who would have thought ... Australia would lose Ponting, Martyn and Clarke cheaply on a pitch that the Bangles could score at 4 per over on for a day conceding only five? How many would gues...

Clarke's Dismissal
Just wanted to see what anyone else thought of that ball. Was a fantastic delivery, I have watched it over and over and it just seems to get better.

Aussies - doing some "interesting" stuff of late
a. Losing an odi to Bangladesh b. Losing an odi after putting up record score c. Coming close to following on against Bangladesh I know politically correct thing to say is how won...

Bangladesh vs. Austrailia from a Seff Effreken perspective.
Ouch. I hope the Tigers beat the Aussies though. Maybe it will humiliate the South African cricket heads enough to do something about fixing our test cricket. Like a penalty of ...

Without looking it up...
Which is Flintoff and which CL Cairns? 62 matches 3320 runs @ 33.53 5x100 22x50 59 matches 3080 runs @ 33.47 5x100 22x50 Andrew [in Welli...

What is the follow on target ?

Commemorative song required
Righto rsc songwriters, gather up the tools of your trade (booze, women, drugs etc), it's a call to action. We need to publish something to commemorate The Bangles first win over a major Tes...

Aus 79/5
Only Gilly and a long tail left. Perhaps he should also be considered part of the tail! I thought Warne was sick; he didn't bowl much today. But has come to bat. One could say, Ba...

Hadn't realised how bad Clang's gone.
Batting average from start of Ashes 2005: 24 inn, ave = 22.4 Batting average for last 12 inn = 16.3 I bet the goverment & the AWB wish they could keep things this quiet. <...

Fantastic stuff by Bangladesh
Unbelievable scorecard. I still expect Australia to come back and win this but still this is a superb performance by Bangladesh. Ponting comments that he was wrong about Bangladesh deserving...

prediction ! AUS all out under 250

Aus in Trouble: 50/3!
Martyn falls just before Tea. Pontings should have gone before he was off the mark. Would have been 6/2. Ashok

Don't Aus know how to bat on a road?
50/3 at tea.

Ozzy's wobbling !!!!!!

First FC century in a test
How many such players are there? Nafees is the latest. -Samarth.

Warnes the greatest ever and proves it every match...
Warne is letting McGill get all the wickets and sitting down himself but not before getting hit around after bowling badly, proving his avg has nothing to do with playing poor sides a...

Grrrrr.... MacGill
While Warne is nursing his sore shoulder, MacGill captures all the cheap wickets (oops .. all wickets at Test levels are equal, ain't it, Warney?) available. Now, anti-Warne brig...

Ponting works on a 10% pay cut for his teammates?

Warne Denies... "Cheap Wicket"
I did not read this before. So, I shall share it with others like me... uninformed.... According to an ABC report, Warne stated that all Test wickets are important. ...

Unruly crowd inflicts huge loss on Nimbus DH News Service Guwahati: The unpleasant scenes at the Nehru stadium on Sunday afternoon left the A...

Bad crowd behaviour:- comments V arson
Australian crowds very fairly get comments made on these ngs about inappropriate comments but it is interesting that when crowds riot and commit acts of arson no comments are made by certa...

Aus team has five specialist bowlers and Symonds. Why wasn't he given a bowl? DB.

Chris Martin stats update
Batting in first-class matches: Runs/wickets ratio at 9 April 2006: 0.99 Longest innings (in minutes): 131 Canterbury v Northern Districts at Gisborne 2001/02 103...

BCCI is a private club but what about "India Test caps"
BCCI takes note of Gavaskar's complaint Special Correspondent Mumbai: Sunil Gavaskar, capped 125 times by India, has told the BCCI that none other than an Indian Test cricke...

Assam Cricket fans behavior

BD v Oz Test 1 prediction
Oz win by 8 wkts. After Day 1, I realize that that's a precarious call to make but I'll go with it. Both teams will be more or less level after the first innings, then Oz will run...

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