India in Jamaica
Anyone here know where India will be staying in Jamaica when they play WI there on June 30th? Anyone here planning on being in Jamaica for that match?

100% Legal Paypal Plan!!
Follow the directions below and in only two short weeks, you'll have up to $10,000 in your paypal account. And Just and FYI: THIS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER ILLEGAL CHAIN MAIL SCAMS, THIS ONE I...

That great Irish leggie, Shahid O'Fridi
Figures of 8-6-4-3 (with 2 wides) against Gloucestershire, who'll be quite happy now that the C&G's no longer a knockout, having just lost to Ireland. Ouch. -Salil

Fleming tells Kallis like it is
>From CI's match report on day 4: "Kallis creamed a series of delightful drives which left the fielders motionless, and led to a change of tact from Stephen Fleming."

HHTC SAvNZ T2 D4 close
Player scores: Papps (32) 54 Smith (-22) Dippenaar (57) 21 Fulton (36) Phlegming (262) 117 Amla (...

WC2011...will this prolong..
WC2011 in India/pak...etc...did this bit of news just prolong carrers of sachin, dravid and ganguly till 2011? what better way to bid adios from cricket for sachin and dravid...winning in 2...

England lands Cricket World Cup
England will host the 2019 Cricket World Cup and inaugural Twenty20 World Championship in 2009. FULL STORY:

WC 2011: It's Asia
So is Eden Gardens getting any match? Did Dalmiya give any date constraints?

Stupid game played by stupid countries
70% income of ICC comes from india and pakistan. Even though australia,uk,newzilana are rich countries, they don't contribute much. Indeed people in rich countries do not play much cricket. ...

who are the rest?
In the beeb link Waugh, Hayden? ? Punter, Warne ??

Holding a 100 test average
Has anyone who has achieved a test average of 100 or more held onto it for 8 or more consecutive innings, apart from Bradman? Fran

120+ Pak Cricket Videos Free - Sign up to view and Register
Check out - The Pakistan Cricket Supporters Forum. Video access is only open for two days so get it while you can!!!

World Cup 2011 should be held in Australia
Personally, for crickets sake the World Cup in 2011 should be held in Australia. The pitches in Australia will be fairer for all teams than the ones in India/Pakistan/SL/Bangaladesh. Also, u...

Wicket in a bowler's 1st over in Test cricket
Here is a long list of players who have taken a wicket in their first ever over in a Test match (the ball of the over is listed first; in some instances it is known that there was a wicket i...

HHTC SAvNZ T2 D3 close
Player scores: Papps (22) 44 Smith (-22) Dippenaar (57) 21 Fulton (36) Phlegming (262) 216 Amla (...

Pathan climbs up
Irfan Pathan climbs to #2 in the ICC ODI bowler ranking 1 Shaun Pollock SA 858 903 vs West Indies, Centurion 2004 2 +1 Irfan Pathan IND 765 7...

OT: What the hell was Rooney doing still on the pitch???
With ten minutes to go and Chelsea leading Manchester United 3-0, Wayne Rooney has gone down with what seems to be a serious ankle injury. The days remaining to the World Cup can be counted...

Stupid game
Only 10 or so countries play cricket. It does not need athletic skill like football. Even inzamam can play cricket. Cricket take more time than any other game. Cricket is stupid game. ...

Not a moment too soon
Thanks for reading my mind, Peter ;) Ramapriya

Crickets fans fly free
Great forum to discuss indian travel info at

is this too much?
now they are going to show A matches on live TV

Bulls vs. Sharks game sold out
The Bulls home ground, Loftus is sold out for todays game. Last tickets went yesterday morning Just over 50,000 fans. Obviously there will be mainly Bulls supporters Although there...

Video: BSNL Eurasia - PAK A Wickets

BSNL Eurasia: PAK A Wickets

Venu Rao the ODI player
How did Venu Rao play in another ODI match? He played for Ind A against Pak A. Very clumsy innings with just 1 FOUR in 74 balls. Total lack of fluency. A lot of runs through edges.

Video: BSNL Eurasia - India A Batting Highlights v.s Pakistan -- HI

HHTC SAvNZ T2 D2 close
Player scores: Papps (22) 64 Smith (-42) Fulton (36) 26 Dippenaar (10) Phlegming (262) 266 Amla (...

Captains with more than one double centuries
Here is a list of players who have scored 2 or more Test double centuries while captaining their sides. FOUR: DG Bradman (Aus) - 270, 212, 234 & 201 BC Lara (WI) - 213, 209,...

NRD Compton of Middlesex
Is he of Denis Compton's lineage, by any chance? Ramapriya

Eurasia cup - Ind A vs Pak A update
India 'A' captain Venu Rao won the toss and elected to bat against Pakistan 'A' in the Eurasia cup today. The next big batting hope from Mumabi Rohit Sharma comes in to the...

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