More Gone Asshole, Ganguly now gets Scapegoat image
Selection Committee chairman Kiran More's Declaration that Ganguly will never wear India Cap again during his tenure defies logics of all kinds. Kiran More's declaration represent...

The Press In Melbourne - Any Thoughts
Every station I have listened to today has had a right old bitch about Hodge being dropped from the test team. I have heard how bias in the selection committee has shone out. As a Victoria...

May i know the future of Venugopal Rao and J P Yadav Regards,

Unusual CoC Charges
The Code of Conduct charge brought against Brendan McCullum following Saturday's 5th NZ v WI odo wasn't widely mentioned in the media. McCullum played at a ball from Dwayne Smith, whic...

Night cricket: Pakistan Twenty20 Final
This young tournament is no stranger to controversy. I'd be interested to know if anybody watched the final between Faisalabad Wolves and Sialkot Stallions and could provide us with a match...

Deodharant Trophy
I see Ganguly had a good all-round match for East Zone, smashing a whirlwind 17 off 43 balls before cutting a swathe through the Central Zone top order as first-change bowler (3-0-28-0).

I'm pleased, anyway
Last week, I thought England would be doing bloody well to save the match. Four senior players out, a new captain, preparations all over the place what with players flying in and out and hal...

Racism needs to be wiped out: Brett Lee Racism needs to be wiped out: Brett Lee London: Brett Lee thinks that "a very small minority of the Aussie crow...

Ganduly clobbered for a last ball 6 JAIPUR: A last-ball six off Sourav Ganguly made little-known Rajasthan wicketkeeper Dishant Yagnik an instant hero at the ...

Q for Aslam/Brian
Hi Aslam/Brian I know you guys have been busy recently, but could you post some stats on how many century partnerships someone has been a part of? A cutoff of say 25 century partn...

Panesar's wicket of SRT - video?
Dear All Just wondered if anyone happened to save any of the play from the first Test had an mpeg/avi etc. of Panesar getting Tendulkar for his first test wicket? Man...

First season wonders
With the first season success of new superstars like Micheal Hussey, Peter Fulton and yes even Mahatma Dhoni I was wondering which other modern day players (over the past 25 years) had sim...

Aslam (or someone) - Test team ages
At Nagpur, England fielded a side of under-30s - none of the XI have yet reached their 30th birthday. When was the last time, if ever, that England fielded such a young side? ...

Congrats to Jaffer
He has done a great job and has certainly earned all the kudos coming his way. After hoping and waiting for several years now, I had lost hope that he would be picked or that he would p...

Which match is this?
>From the rediff report "The move to keep the fielding side on tenterhooks was straight out of the Australian playbook; this scorecard references the game where Australia playe...

Sehwag: The Most overrated player ever?
Not suggesting that he isnt a good player but overrating of batsmen has nothing to do with their skills and records. Sure, even Tendulkar at times got overrated, so did Warne and...

What happens when Kallis comes back?
JK has said that he should be ready for the last two ODI's against Aus on Friday and Sunday - I'm not sure if it'll be just as a batsman or if he'll be able to bowl as well. The question ...

IvETC 2006: T2 Selections
Please post your selections for T2 in this thread. Remember, the cutoff time is the toss on Thursday. Also, no reserves in this TC. Vijay

IvE TC 2006: T1 standings
Here are the player points for T1 251 Jaffer 244 Cook 221 Hoggard 220 Collingwood 155 Pathan 151 Dravid 135 Kumble 133 F...

HHTC NZvWI T1 selections Please make sure that your entry consists of a list of players separated by commas, alternating between teams, otherwise I may well rej...

HHTC IvE T2 selections

HHTC BvSL T2 selections

Crazy for Cricket: an article from Time magazine,13673,501060313-1170023,00.html "India is the new cricket superpower," says Thawani in the Bombay office of Nimbus Communications, a Si...

bishan's vision!
bishan bedi apparently "lost his cool" at press and media when he said "we should not blow such issues (Ganguly dropped,Chappel etc.) out of proportion. Let cricket and the cricketers get on...

caught and bowled decision
i can't believe how the 3rd umpire could rule that not out. i mean it was not even close to being not out. cost indis runs, but more importantly Kumble's reputation of being...

crowd behaviour in SA
We've heard a lot of talk on rsc about how the SA crowds are the worst behaved and most racist supporters in cricket. Have there been any incidents yet that haven't been reported over ...

crowd behaviour in SA
We've heard a lot of talk on rsc about how the SA crowds are the worst behaved and most racist supporters in cricket. Have there been any incidents yet that haven't been reported over ...

17 Ball Over??
Can anybody upload the 17 ball over video. I assume bowled it. Missed the transmission. But I assume that would be halarious. Plzzzz

AQB ODI Ratings (6 March 2006)
The AQB International Cricket (ODI) ratings have been updated to 6 March 2006. India completed a 4-1 ODI series victory in Pakistan, and moved up another place to second in the r...

True Krap
From odo 3, RSA v Oz WHO R B SR Fours Sixes Clang 25 33 75.8 3 0 Krap 49 80 61.3 4 1 Punter 62 82 75.6 5 0 Marto 51 69 73.9 1 1 BB 25 23 108.7 0 1 Mr ...

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