laxman and kaif both dropped!
According to cricinfo. Sreesanth also not to play ... So I guess a 5 bowler attack with the fight between chawla and RP singh Squad Rahul Dravid (capt), Virender Sehwag, Wasim Ja...

Nicky Boje received expert tuition
From Murali from the look of his new action.

Munaf might play T2 Sreesanth is reportedly recovering from a viral fever. The article says that he is the second keralite t...

Gillespie's stat woes
In his Last TEN Test matches, Jason Gillespie bowled 300.2 overs, picking up 22 wickets at an average of 43.45. Strike Rate: one wicket every 82 balls bowled. His first innings pe...

OT: Finally a funny crush calculator
Let your mind go back to your school days and have fun with this link.
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HHTC BvSL T2 D1 close
Player scores: Omar (35) 35 Vandort (0) Nafees (36) 14 Tharanga (22) Bashar (69) 23 Bandara (46) ...

As per Yuvraj is fit (great!), will play (of course, after his wonderful performance in Pakistan), and will replace Kaif!! N...

kaif out for T2 "It's a tough one," said India captain Rahul Dravid on the eve of the match. "But we try to be as honest as possible and tell the perso...
+++The latest SPORT-NEWS and message boards where you can post your opinion...Free tickets to win for a major sports event+++ - click here >>> ...
+++The latest news and message boards where you can post your opinion...Free tickets to win for a major sports event+++ - click here >>>

Name your 11 for 1st Test v SA
from the Test squad which is for all you lazy people Hayden Langer Ponting Martyn Clarke Hussey Symonds Gilchrist Warne Lee Kas...

Ind vs England series avialble in Aus/NZ
Visionasia are covering India vs England series. 2 tests are free but the ODI are PPV. 7 games for $79 Aus

Have Oz conceded the Ashes?
Looks like Martyn and Kasprowicz have just crawled out of the box labelled "Past sell-by date, not to be used again". This season was meant to be the one where "Generation Next" was

If you could draft 1 player...
If you could draft 1 player from any other country in the world to play for you test team who would it be? -- "Hope is replaced by fear and dreams by survival, most of us get by." ...

live cricket server info
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0010_01C642C8.2806BB20 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Poor ad response for cricket series to hurt Nimbus Still, it's only England. Andrew

Bangladesh v Australia: the rematch
I know how excited all Australian fans are about the tour to Bangladesh next month. The dates have been announced, which I post here in an effort to help you all get your flights booked:

ICC to hold Six6 World Cup in Estonia? Andrew

Tennis to use hawkeye Saw the nes that the US open would be going to electronic line calls. Here it says that the ...

My SA team of players never to have played a Test
Hylton Ackerman Henry Fotheringham Kenny McEwan Kevin McKenzie Clive Rice (c) Dale Benkenstein Ray Jennings (wk) Garth le Roux Vincent van der Bijl Denis...

Is Dunford entering the contest?
------------- The use of cricket to promote products is well known, but a New Zealand booze company might have overstepped the mark when it decided to run a competition (pre...

Panesar's "patka"
It is a different model from that used by Indian sportsmen. It appears to be more along the lines of a "hair-net". The Indian SIkhs appear to tie the hair in to a top-knot. However, Panesar ...

Downloading youtube videos -- Cheers, ymt.

Pietersen not out video

Dalmiya raises doubt over TV rights deal
A new twist in the saga of the BCCI feuds. Dalmiya now says that the BCCI had occured a loss of 18 million USD in awarding the contract to Nimbus. He doesn't explain how he arrived at t...
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Gavaskar on the attack
No, not in an ODI but with the pen (or keyboard) - his views on T1 EvI Late surge ok, but... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ...

test 2 team for india
India's biggest worry is Sehwag- he is an opener and getting out so early is going to trouble india. After Jaffer, i am afraid Indianeeds to find another regular opener, as India has Dh...

Warne makes acting debut in soap opera
Shane Warne makes his acting debut in the popular Australian soap opera 'Neighbours'. Warne filmed three scenes in two hours and the entire cast of the widely watched serial welco...

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