Pointing a Great captain
His side is good enough to score the largest total in a onedayer and he is good enough to loose the game for them as captain. Yep Keep bowling Lewis he'll get better no really I'm a good Ca...

Why Why Why
Is Lewis still bowling after being pounded over after over.

Why is Lewis bowling??
Really, no one else available with a hand and 2 legs?

What is Pointing thinking bowling Lewis
I am nit watching the game but following it on Crickinfo but can someone tell me why Ponting is bowling Lewis? What a stupid bit of captainacy

Murali's record was almost broken
by the death bowler Lewis.... His 96 took him to tie with Blignaut. Two Sri Lankans, Asantha de Mel and Muralitharan, and Snedden are the only ones in front. Vicky: <...

How well is Martyn fielding?
The Cricinfo commentator keeps having a go at Martyn's fielding. For example: 42.1 Bracken to Kemp, WICKET, drives a wide slower ball to backward point, _Martyn finally does so...

Tony Greig
He should not be this neutral. Greig, it is ok to show some emotion when SA is doing well ;-)

Records broken during the Wanderers ODI
Highest innings total - setting Highest innings total - chasing Highest aggregate in a match Highest # of sixers in a match Highest # of boundaries in a match Highest # of bow...

No Gibbs No Runs
SSIA... Someone needs to take the washers off the kitchen sink... Are the Aussies really bowling that well at the death? Cheers! -- Vig

What the hell is up with this wicket!?
The highest total ever, the most 6's ever, the most 4's ever ... wtf is going on? time to start doing drug tests on the wickets maybe?!? Seriously though can anybody elaborate on why this i...

The Highest score by a chasing team in an ODI
Pakistan's 344.... just erased.....

Run rate: Boucher/Kallis
Run rate of 4.9 so far for these 2. Field must be spread but theyll need to get cracking as the required rate will be over 9 soon. Problem is that risks will need to be made - who will...

Congrats to the South African crowds also
Very well behaved - there hasn't been a single incident has there?

First test wicket c&b
Munaf Patel's first test wicket was c&b [KP Pietersen c & b Patel 64]. How many times has this happened before? Regards, Sandeep

Kemp or Boucher
Cricinfo is going mad

Greatest ODI innings of all times!
Gibbs may well be on his way to the greatest ODI innings of all times regardless of the result of the match. Is there anything like Wisden's 10 best ODI innings? Kapil Dev 175 Coll...

Mr. Bracken.. You've Just Dropped the Series?
SA vs Aus once again.. and Gibbs must have told this to Bracken...

Gibbs 175 off 111
Doesn't get much better than that - AND considering it's chasing a world record score ... take a bow Hershey

Another one bites the dust @ Wanderers?
Record number of sixers hit in an ODI: 21 and counting Vicky: [sleep deprived]

De Villiers goes....
might be a very good thing for S.A...he wasnt doing anything anyway.

Turn on the tv now, this is nothing short of extraordinary
Australia have posted a world record score, but South Africa are posting a very galant response, including some extraordinary and record-beating batting by Gibbs and have now put themselve...

Why on earth isn't Gilly standing up to the wickets?

Lewis..what a dumb bowler
How on earth does Lewis get a place in this Australian team. He is such a bad bowler...who is worse Lewis or Dorey

has started the woofing... If GIbbs doesn;t make it, I am spamming their server 28.1 Lewis to Gibbs, FOUR, full outside the off stump, Gibbs drives it away behind point, he's g...

Banner is ready....
Prepared...... and the Name-line will be filled at the end of the match @ Wanderers. Title: The Chokers Vicky: [South Africa may still lose with dignity.... they were...

Only if we had one more spinner....
...we would have wrapped up the match by now. It was really sad to see Kumble fighting a lone battle out there with Harbhajan and Chawla being completely ineffective. Bhajji was ...

Nobody will go back Disappointed!
What a Match at the Wanderers!... Gibbs playing innings of life time... Even if SA going to loose this one, I believe no-one in SA will be disappointed from the effort... Brilliant Fight.. <...

Gibbs 101 off of 79 balls. I have no idea who is going to win this match, but it's clear that SA aren't going to let the notion of a world record run chase put them off.

Expensive bowlers
Five of them from South Africa gave 70 or more runs @ Wanderers... It seems the match is not over yet.... Vicky: [Would someone break Murali's record as well?]

Live audio anyone??
Can anyone tell me where I can hear the 5th Australia v SA ODI. Who was that dope that asked for the 4th ODI???? Not me...

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