The return of match-fixing
"Today India, tomorrow the world Cricinfo staff March 29, 2006 The Indian cricket board (BCCI) has announced that India could soon be playing home matches at a nu...

What happened to Agarkar?
Is he injured? I thought he did OK in Pak ODIs. Atleast the batting improves with him. For 2nd ODI the team should be: Sehwag, Gambhir, Kaif, Yuvraj, Dravid, Dhoni, Raina/Laxman, ...

More questions than answers... Maybe they can look at Cook in the middle order and let Trescothick open. How come the famed British press still hasn'...

Why wasn't Gambhir out?
I was watching the highlights of the 1st ODI last night on Sky and saw that one funny incidence: Gambhir went for a pull, top edged the ball, and the ball got stuck in Gambhir's helmet. Ga...

Sachin 1997-1998 v/s Ponting 2005-2006
How would the two compare in terms of batting prowess, quality of opposition, Test, ODI averages? Who was the better of the two? Manish

India: a rookie's dream opponent -Samarth.

Most Tests in career all home/away
A. Most matches in Test career without ever playing away from home: 20 FS Jackson (Eng) 14 H Ironmonger (Aus) 11 WW Wade (SAf) 10 RH Spooner (Eng) 9 Zahid Fazal (P...

Most Tests in career, all against the same country
Most tests in complete career, all of which were against only one opponent: ENGLAND: Ms v Aus 35 AC MacLaren v SAf 10 MC Bird v WI 9 FC Hayes ...

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HHTC SLvP T1 D4 close
Player scores: Tharanga (92) 42 Malik (50) Farhat (121) 103 Jayasuriya (18) Sangakkara (210) 182 Y...

Catching record
Taylor took 51 Test catches off Warne's bowling. With the first catch in the Pakistani second innings, Mahela Jayawardene took his 51st off Murali's bowling. Dravid took 43 ...

Tendulkar retire on own / forced
Biggest question even difficult for the master batsman to answer: Is it time already for Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ... or rather what is he trying to prove everyone.. With all...

Small crowds at South African test cricket
I was amazed at how small the crowds are at the tests in South Africa. Is test cricket losing support everywhere except Australia, England and India?

Well done Ozzie
I enjoyed the last day of this match, but the reality was that it was lost a lot earlier than that. Once SA collapsed from 200 odd for 3 to 260 odd all out they were behind the 8 ball all th...

Coming soon: Reality TV's Cricket Special +++ It's reality television, cricket style, and it's what Harish Thawani, head of production house Nimbus, has in mind. ''The BCCI

Pakistan to bat soon?
Probably bat for one hour before tea? Why did they send Samaraweera? My choice would have been Dilshan... and certainly Mahroof before Samaraweera. Samaraweera is trying to main...

Live scores and all Best Cricket websites
Please check here you can find all best cricket websites and Live scoreboards

when and where did this happen? -Aravind

The bronze medal !
Ponting's and Dravid's amazing performances over the last couple of years have started an interesting discussion. Keeping aside the masterful Tendulkar and the brilliant Lara, (there i...

HHTC NZ v WI result
Player scores: Gayle (30) 30 Marshall (0) Ganga (38) 38 How (0) Lara (83) 73 Fulton (10) ...

His stock in RSC must be really low. Usually after consistent terrible performances in tests, one good outing in ODO is good enough for the player's supporters to come out thumping chest b...

Symonds' place in the Test team
It is obvious that Australia has been looking for a decent all-rounder to be in the Tes team. Bowling average (45.62) looks like a batting average ... and batting average (19.46)...

Amar Singh v Nissar (Episode 273)
Bill Edrich's "Cricket Heritage" recounts that one of his earliest appearances in major-ish cricket was for Norfolk against the Indians in 1932, when he was but 16. Edrich's perso...

Scorecard of the day 20060328
Posted this yesterday but it attached itself to another thread of the same name. Zimbabwe v English Counties XI at Harare Sports Club 1,2 & 4 March 1985 English Co...

Will India win 5-2 or 6-1
India's terrific victory today raises the question that will India win the series 5-2 or 6-1. Of course the answer will be known in about 18 days from now but just how large will ...

Why is he so crap against Australia? seems to never cause us any trouble at all. averages 35 against us with the ball, which i sway above his 22 av overall. only time he did anything was his...

Potheads vs Bed-wetters?
Smokers vs Non-Smokers from Cricinfo. No wonder the non-smokers were good. ...

HHTC SAvA T2 result
Player scores: Langer (102) 56 de Villiers (126) 49 Hayden (132) 12 ...

HHTC SLvP T1 D3 close
Player scores: Tharanga (92) 79 Malik (13) Farhat (77) 58 Jayasuriya (19) Sangakkara (104) 84 You...

RSA Call Ups: Amla and Steyn
Amla and Steyn added to Test squad I really like this move. The series is lost, so its the right time to ...

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