Breaking News: Chappell Quits
The Indian coach Greg Chappell, in a highly charged press conference at Goa, the site for the 3rd One Day game between India and England, has resigned. According to PTI sources, this followe...

Kaif in last 3 OD series
Kaif in the last 3 OD series plus the current Eng OD series so far 38*, 13, 1, 46, 16*, 8, 5*, 0, 0, 4, 0 And the best part is there was NOT EVEN ONE post on rsc about his streak...

OT - US Soldiers kicked a severed iraqi head like a soccer ball
TORONTO (CP) - A "trigger-happy" U.S. army squad leader shot the foot off an unarmed Iraqi man and soldiers kicked a severed head around like a soccer ball, a U.S. war deserter told an Immig...

Sach back for ODIs! Quoting: In a dramatic up-and-ready case, Sachin Tendulkar has made himself available to play the last thre...

Morton-Chanderpaul Runout

What is Gilchrist on about
Here....,,2-9-839_1908879,00.html "I thought Matthew Hayden got it, my gut feel was that it was there," said Gilchrist. "Our stance ha...

India and Lloyd's immortals
Dileep Premchandran wrote today in Cricinfo" "Of the 14 successful run chases that have allowed this young [Indian] side to draw level with Clive Lloyd's immortals, this was easily amo...

All, I'm interested in what you think the chances for Dizzy Gillespie to get back into the Aus national side. I'm interested because now Dizzy has brought his caravan to Headin...

Raina's Amazing "Scoop" Shot For Four
I don't remember seeing anything like it before. The action was like one uses the pan to flip an omelette! Is there a name for the shot? I think Ali was the bowler. Is ...

'Shoaib should be fit for England tour,' says team trainer
any thoughts on this? Aqeel

Dravid's Run Out
What was he thinking, I wonder. He seemed very angry as he walked back; I hope it was at himself. I don't think it was "caller's error" there. I can't make up my mind which was wo...

Jayasuriya to retire from Test cricket
A fiery player who could make the opposition go nuts. Plagued by injuries recently. Timely decision.

England VS Pakistan Summer 06.
I know this might be a bit early, but I wanted to get to talk about the series with England this summer. Any thoughts ideas and comments lets hear em all. Aqeel

Aussie Sledging
Can we have some funny or otherwise sledges from anyone who heard what Tony is talking about?

Indias win
looks like they enjoyed it!

Hyden takes rough catch?
He claimed a catch which he didn't took.

<><><><><><><>The Net's #1 Joke e-Book!<><><><><><><><>
That's Comedy - Over 460 Pages of Little Snickers, Medium-Sized Chuckles, and Great Big Belly Laughs:'sComedy.htm **...

2nd ODI - India bowling
Glad to hear India winning under pressure situation.... I did not get to watch this game. Not sure why Gambhir was asked to bowl. His one over went for 13 runs. Isn't Raina a more e...

100th Test Blues
One hopes Justin Langer has not looked at the record books for inspiration. Australians playing in their 100th Test - M I NO Runs Avg 50 100 9 15 3 573 47.7...

Gibbs bowled again
What are the odds of that happening?

India will lose this one.
Bhai ka phone aaya.

Kallis - captain?
Does Kallis captain regularly in FC cricket? If yes, what's his record like? Kallis is probably a more astute cricketer than what he gets credit for - his sea level comment notwit...

OT: Sanjay n Kathy the trolls?
Read the third post on the following message board.... OR ...

First unintentional pun of the test match
"The taller you are, the more likely you are to have a short leg" Fran

Glenn/Jane McGrath update - sounds promising
Sounds good for Glenn, they dont mention anything about Jane's progress though apart from "Things are going well at the moment (with Jane). I can't say great because we won't know for a few ...

Is there anyone in the top 20 test batsman........
Apart from Langer and Hayden who don't play one day cricket??? It is amazing the number 2 batsman in tests can't get a ODI knock anymore....

Aslam #673710
Aslam, Any chance of listing who the winningest current Test players are? (%age) Sayyy players with a minimum of 50 Tests? alvey

Will KP skip tomorrow's breakfast as well?
Still 6 overs to go. Good innings again. If India can keep them down to less than 230, they should chase it. Blackwell looking all at sea as did many other English batsmen. -Aravi...

Fuckface is losing it? Gambhir into the attack.
Sehwag and Yuvraj are bowling tight spells. Between them they could clean up the fifth bowler's quota and for that matter cover for Sreesanth. See figures below. RFD brings on Ga...

Harbhajan and Powar bowling well
Harbhajan and Powar are bowling well in tandem. My prediction is that they should share 4 wickets between them. Now if India can restrict England to less than 225, then we might have a ...

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