I need my supporters to give me encouragement
My dear fans, I know that you have been disappointed that despite being the best batsman I am not scoring the highest number of runs in my last two series. The main reason for ...

Laxman clean bowled
The procession goes on. --

Chappell - lone support for Agarkar
"If Greg Chappell had had his say in picking the playing eleven for the Karachi Test, Sourav Ganguly may not have been in the team". "The Team India coach, keen to play a fourth seamer...

Congratulations, India!
They managed to last till lunch on D4 even though Pak bowled as many as 9 overs. They didn't lose all 10 wickets but lost only 2 of them. It's quite an achievement. Congratulations to t...

Tendulkar to get an unlucky decision
Since his track record of saving test matches isn't that great, the above is the only way he will be able to salvage some reputation. Sigh.

DRAVID-- great batsman third rated captain.
Last series in Pakistan lost us the match.. major blunders in this match..changing pa than when he could bowl them out at 125 .. over insisting on ganguly..bringing kumble very late.. cant c...

Lover of Pak bowling goes also
Mohammad Asif to Sehwag, OUT: just short of a good length, on the off, that comes in off the seam, goes through the gate and knocks the middle stump out of the ground! W...

Have you noticed the HUGE difference between the Indian and the Pak bowlers?
Of course, the same can be said about the batsmen too. --

Now the great Sehwag has gone too
And just in the second over. --

Shoaib gets Dravid in 1st over
Caught by Akmal for 2

One down
0.5 Shoaib Akhtar to Dravid, OUT: good-length ball outside the off stump, that is pacy, came in with the arm, pitching and straightening, Dravid plays at it and the ball fl...

The Wall Crumbles....
Akhtar has him caught behind after being him like a rented mule a couple of times....

The caravan back to the pavilion has begun
Dravid out in the first over. --

Congratulations UP
A great fightback from Bengal despite AV Jayaprakash. Congrats UP on the Ranji triumph. Well played Bengal. Thanks for the good work, Paras.Lots of positives to be taken. We have ...

Pakistan odds on favourites ( IMRAN KHAN)
Pakistan odds on favourites BY IMRAN KHAN WITH EVERY Pakistani batsmen getting amongst the runs, full toll was taking of pretty ordinary Indian bowling attack. As the day came to ...

Pak declared earlier than I expected
I thought they'd bat till lunch and try to put up 700. Perhaps, the two quick wickets made them realize that that wasn't going to happen anyway. --

Pakistan wasting time
Pakis need to declare. Nobody has ever chased 600 plus to win a test match. Come on declare and bowl the Indians out. Our batsmen may comply !

Can someone get CI to stop ...
... calling the Indian bowling an attack. Its barely an apology for a defence - what with all the legside and short pitched generosity.

9 Overs So Far
And 71 runs...

Iqbal Going Nuts....
My word what clinical hitting

The knows and the know-nots
Some Indians on RSC (like Spaceman) don't know what constitutes abuse even though they understand English perfectly well. OTOH Steve Waugh knows he was abused in Urdu by the Pakistanis even ...

Gangu's appeal to Dravid
The first short video can be enjoyed by someone who understands Hindi. http://media.putfile.com/Gangus-Appeal And some sound effects for Irfan's Hattrick, enjoy befor...

Test 3 Day 3 Highlights(see em while its up)

What Happend between Kumble and Afridi...
Courtesy of Syed Alizaidi @pakcricbuzz.com =================syed alizaidi ======================= this is the transcript of what went on the field. the words were somewhat mixed u...

Only way India might draw Test 3...
Is if Pak bats right through Day 4, and declares on D5 morning at 900/8 - setting India 908 to win. Then India *might* save the game - assuming the pitch is even more docile than ...

Indias chances to win
As bright as the chances of allah coming to Earth.

Indian batting strategy for tomorrow
The batting strategy should be to play a normal game slightly skewed towards a defensive mindset. Should be careful to avoid 9 players around the bat. Preserve good ba...

highlights of T3
someone post these please ! Aqeel

Excel Statz Sheet Wanted
Hi there, Nelson Bay Cricket club is looking for any Excel stat forms which could help us keep record of our player's performance etc. Could anybody out there who has somet...

'Ducks' by all 3 victims of a hat-trick
Here are all instances in Test cricket where all three victims of a hat-trick were dismissed for 'ducks'. Bowlers Victims GA Lohmann FJ Cook Eng v SAf Port Eliza...

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