Question for Ken
Did an Australian once shag your mum old chap? That would go a fair way to explaining your obsessive neurotic state, especially if the gentleman in question was Alvey.

Chappell on Tendulkar and India v Pakistan
Greg Chappell was on ABC radio on Saturday. I did not listen to the entire chat (missed some in the front, and had to miss some at the end). GC said "... he started his care...

New Year's Party Menu
Appetizers (1) Fish Chappello: fish finger dipped in beer batter and fried to golden brown crispiness. A middle finger licking delicacy! (2) Dhokla More: Assorted shaped, *m...

Happy New Year to all Cricket fans
Happy New Year to everyone on here and their families. May the new year bring some beautiful test cricket, and may the best team win. More than anything, may the New Year br...

R.I.P. Bunter
Edgar John "Eddie" Barlow b. 12 Aug 40, Pretoria, Transvaal d. 30 Dec 05, Jersey, Channel Islands -- Brian Lawrence [email protected] Want...

Peshawar ODI in doubt

pearls of rkmisusenet - a pathetic rsc joker...(spoiler..regarding Agarkar)
This is what the joker of the millenium in rsc had to say before. Of course Aggy has since played in around 10 more tests and is now a regular member of the test side. No wonder rkmisusenet ...

Don't you just hate...
Graeme Smith Does anyone on the planet like this guy? Is there an opposing captain that hasn't found him obnoxious? He talks tough but does nothing with the bat, is a poor o...

Nice one Aussies
Just watched the highlights and good to see another Aussie win. Things really seem to have picked up since the Ashes. Yet again another touring sides comes to Oz and completely drowns....

NZ National Open Bowls Championships
Men's Pairs Quarter Finals, at Naenae Bowling Club, Lower Hutt 31 December 2005 Rex Holmes & Brian Howman (Paraparaumu Beach) 21 Terry & Jim Scott (North East Valley) 11 ...

Shoaib Akhtar home video

Ntini a rapist?
I only just found out that he was convicted of rape. Having it overturned on appeal doesn't exactly clear his name in my book. Now I know that false accusation is common, but on the ot...

HHTC AvSA T3 Selections
Warne, Kallis, Lee, Smith, Symonds Aamir Waheed

Sehwag talk
Wonder what the Ganguly-baiters will say now. Sehwag, himself, is saying that he is better off playing as an opener instead of a middle order batsman. And he thinks that Ganguly and Steve Wa...

We must be ruthless - Smith How much of an idiot is this man? "We must be ruthless" In the next breathe" We've discussed that and we must relax and let it ...

Sehwag Opens Restaurant
Swashbuckling batsman and the Vice Captain of the Indian cricket team Virendra Sehwag makes his taste drive with his restaurant "Sehwag Favourite" in Delhi's Fun Republic cineplex to reach u...

Has anyone seen this Ashes DVD?
The Ashes - The Greatest Series - 3 disc DVD set Is this worth getting? ...

Let's not get too carried away
It was terrific to see Aust win convincingly and seemingly establish a psychological dominance that will carry into to future tests against SA. However, to keep things in perspective, it was...

Duck Ladder
Lot of movement is expected my April 2006 in the Top Ten list of most number of ODI ducks . Number of ODI ducks prior to New Year Eve ODI (Murali got oone there) 28 280 ...

Murali's shirt
Why can't he refuse to wear a shirt that carries his name with a wrong spelling? Vicky: [Muralitharan, not Muralidaran or Muralidharan or...]

Improving the state of Ranji cricket
Over the past few years, the quality of play in the Ranji trophy has gone up steadily. However, I was wondering if there is a reform that BCCI could undertake that could make a significant i...

Possiblity of no Boxing Day Test at MCG Essentially, RSA might want to have the Australians over there for the lucrative Boxing Day/New Years Tests one season in the not too distant. Seems fair ...

How's catch
It was a gutsy call by the Kiwi umpire to declare it a clean catch, and Atapattu had to go. If it went to the third umpire, Ata would have lived to get another opportuity to give catching p...

Warne's Comment, Race, and Ntini
A Foxtel trailer to Fox Sports News says there was a comment by Warne, and the target was a South African player. Few other words I heard were "racial", "Ntini" and "misunderstanding". ...

OT: images of MCG, including journey
Slightly off-topic, but for those travelling Melbournians who are home-sick, or for other cricket fans worldwide...I humbly offer you some daggy shots of the MCG, including the journey to ...

Super Sub, as explained by a commentator
Sri Lanka is struggling.... Maharoof is listed at number 12 as the Super Sub..... I understand he is a genuine allrounder..... They need him to bat..... The...

I thought Dilshan had a few 'substantial' contributions to the Sri Lankan scorecards this year. In 2005, he played 9 Tests, and scored 687 runs @ 56.5 with a century and four fift...

New keeper's gloves?
Gilchrist discarded his orange pieces and got a new slim line cream colour pair. Now, McCullum appears to wear a pair looks very similar to Gilchrist's. Does anyone know more about this ne...

Jayasuriya is back, but is he really?
Looks absolutely out of touch. Even he misses his favourite 'just wide outside the off' balls. On a noraml day they would clear the small NZ ground(s). Vicky: [hmmm lot of...

Hey, hey, it was a joke - Super Sensative Seth Africans
Isn't it time to get a grip on reality and stop looking for every opportunity to play the race card. Its also time Au employ a legal-ethics man to censor, re-word re-phrase all ...

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