A disappointment
Oh, if only Ashes had been around last night to tell us all to set the video for something special from Gilly.... Cheers, Mike

They should have played on last night ...
They should have played on last night ... Sure batting in the fading light is risky, but I'll take than over a fresh start and a new ball anytime, especially if you're on top.

Queensland ensnared in the Bracken -- break out the Bollinger
Queensland ensnared in the Bracken -- break out the Bollinger!! I've been wanting to do that pun for ages. Well done NSW in ING. FRAN

SRT-Ganguly fight
http://www.deccan.com/home/homedetails.asp#Sachin%20spiked%20Sourav "There has apparently been a lot of bad blood between the two seniors after Ganguly called Sachin a "tourist" in a c...

Super Test Day 1 Report
Well I actually decide to pay out for platinum seats ( which actually are padded ) and ended up with a good view, the bar 20 paces behind me and toilet next to it. Langer didnt last long ...

Anand Vasu, ghosts, and captains
Anand Vasu puts himself into Dravid's mind and even Chappell's in: http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/india/content/story/221964.html Which makes one wonder.... 1. Did Dravid an...

Wet Feet
Hello everybody I am here to put some pictures for you.... I hope you like.... : -) http://www.brazilfeet.com/divulgacao/wetfeet1.jpg http://www...

Supertest - does anyone care?
yet another ICC moneyspinner falls on its face. does anyone think Australia will need the 6th day to beat this Woefull XI? Amazing that Woefull chose to go in with only 4 main bo...

Zoysa Impresses
Zoysa has been called up for the ODOs against India. According to Cricinfo: "Chairman of selectors Lalith Kaluperuma said that left-arm fast-medium bowler Zoysa got his call after...

India Playing XI
Given this squad: Rahul Dravid (captain), Virender Sehwag (vice-captain), Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Venugopal Rao, Suresh Raina, M S Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh, Murali Karthik, Irfan ...

Latest News on BCCI politics.
http://inhome.rediff.com/cricket/2005/oct/14dalmiya.htm And mid-day says Ganguly is ugly... http://web.mid-day.com/sports/national/2005/october/120972.htm So I g...

Picking Gambhir over Laxman is CRIMINAL
Gambhir failed in the challenger series and Laxman scored a century at better than 90 strike rate and was in sublime form. My prediction is India will LOSE the first two ODIs with Srilanka ...

Kids say the damndest things
I picked up the 12-year-old after work today, and as he was still in his cricket browns (well they were whites when he went out in the morning) I asked him how the game had gone. ...

With Dhoni in -- Dravid should be out of ODIs
Dravid is prone to slow batting. Without Dhoni in the team, Dravid as a wicket keeper + batsman made sense. But with Dhoni in as a wicket keeper, we need to evaluate the role of Dravid in th...

HHTC Sideshow D1 close
Player scores: Smith (60) 60 Langer (0) Hayden (111) 101 Sehwag (10) Ponting (46) 46 Dra...

Ricky and Chappelli shaking hands
http://specials.rediff.com/cricket/2005/oct/14cric1.jpg Each must have been trying to break the other's knuckles after http://content-aus.cricinfo.com/australia/content/story/219...

The Poms got Hayden again!
I see the English took Hayden's wicket again today (111 :-) ) Or seeing as we are blaming Martyn maybe it was him. Gerrit

Third umpire gives an lbw
At least one notable piece of history to emerge from the Supercircus. >From CI, of course: 82.3 Muralitharan to Watson, OUT: tossed up and on the middle and off, this one...

IND squad for SL announced
Kaif not in due to injury. Not surprisingly Ganguly, Laxman, Kumble are not in the squad -- neither is Zaheer Good choice - Sreesanth, RP Singh selected and VenugopalRao, Raina c...

All-Star Game Stats
That is where these performances belong. Perhaps, not being Americans, we can find another name for it but a category that is superior to First Class but not equal to Test status would be <...

Murali's Test bowling average in Australia
Will remain above 100 when he takes (if he takes) his next wicket in Australia Colin Kynoch

Murali knows how to cheat
Never mind the chucking, he now leaps in front of batsmen running for the crease. It's legal to stand your ground, but that was blatant and intentional interference. Murali gets a...

Martyn runs yet another batsman out
46.2 Muralitharan to Katich, no run, RUN OUT! fuller and on the stumps, played down to the mid-on region and they go for a dangerous single, Smith there is spot on with the t...

Clarke sawn off!
What's the point of having a bloody tv official if he can't get it right? Clarke clearly missed that ball, it hit pad and then glanced off his arm/elbow region. Not out!

World XI just going through the motions
It's kind of disturbing to watch this World XI team just grinding it out there. No one appears to be playing with any purpose. I question Smith's captaincy in using Flintoff as a stock bow...

It's that sinking feeling - Telegraph is in mourning.
Unless Sourav Ganguly makes the biggest comeback of his career - even bigger, perhaps, than the one which ended a nearly five-year exile in the summer of 1996 - his last appearance in India ...

Smith's bowling change
Flintoff's fifth ball of his ninth over. He takes Ponting's wicket. He bowls one more ball to Clarke - the new bat. End of the over. Murali bowls a maiden over to Hayden. Harmison comes t...

Langer's short Christmas?
A CricInfo quote: "This Super Test will be a bit like Christmas day for me." An on-message Justin Langer gets excited. So his day will involve overeating, lots of presents and a morning...

youd be a bit gutted to be made 12th man - by your own countryman..

Definition of incorrect team selection
Kallis bowling first change for the World XI. Andrew

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