ODI innings with 3 indiv scores of 75
Here is a list of Limited-overs International innings which contained three individual scores of at least 75. SL (398-5) v Ken Kandy Mar 6, 1996 AP Gurusinha 84; PA de Sil...

Highest ODI totals without an individual 100
Here is a list of Limited-overs International innings totals of 325 or larger achieved without the benefit of an individual century. Hig...

Victorian Test Batsman
We keep hearing about the "V" in "NSV" but how many Victorians have played more than 10 Tests since peace deal with Packer. I can only think of three in Graham Yallop, Dean Jones and ...

Fixed odds sports betting
For all information relating to sports betting visit The Daily Punt discussion forum at http://www.thedailypunt.com/forum/

Collingwood does a McGrath
Collingwood eyeing tour whitewash http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4374454.stm England's Paul Collingwood believes the team can achieve a 3-0 whitewash in the...

What's up with Harbhajan?
With Dada not around, guess he finally decides to deliver. Quite possible that Chappell passed on the word, "chal bachhu ab teri baari hai.." Glad he is among wickets now. <...

D/L target for Sri Lanka....
Assuming that the match would come to a premature finish, can someone post the target for Sri Lankans to win the first ODI? Vicky: [Hope to read the response before the match fini...

Doesnt matter whether the batsmen is Gilchrist or Afirdi or Gayle or Sangakkara
or Fleming or Trescothick,. Indian bowlers cannot win any match for you... No matter you score 350 runs or 200, they will always make life tough...bowling all over the place. Cant...

ok, so his Indian baptism hasn't been very pleasant. I have every confidence he can come back from this pasting during the series, perhaps in this very match with his batting. Mai...

dead pitch
BCCI made a dead pitch so that they could make money. Too bad SRT could't get his hundred. I bet it was custom made for him.

Tnedulkar goes for 93...I guess critics will now say
he couldnt even get 7 runs and couldnt carry his bat through,what a shame!

Excellent effort by Pathan
His highest score in either ODO or List A matches Colin Kynoch

after seeing the atmosphere in Nagpur and the condition of the ground, Arjuna
Ranatunga should better stop b1tching about the so-called "lesser" known grounds and better take his statement back. It really doesnt matter in India where you are playing for an ODI, ...

Questionon Nagpur ground
Cricinfo has one end noted as the 'church' end. Adelaide I could understand, but in India? Colin Kynoch

The problem for Pathan is that going by
the proceedinds right now, and unless Pathan plays the innings of his life, the day will go to Tendulkar... Tremondous blows by Pathan. Ganguly sealed ? Kaif will come back ...

Which side does God support?
Indian team and Indian fans in general OR Ganguly and a massive Bengali fan club, who may be praying for a Sri Lankan victory....? Vicky: [Wish we had a visual feed]

Yuvraj and spin
How much would he score in ODI1? Vicky: [Vaasy, Vaasy, Vaasy...]

If Tendulkar gets out for less than ..
15, will the spectators throw bottles? :)

Why not Gambhir?
Raina has scored at an average of 12.33 in 3 matches, Rao has scored at 14.59 in 5 innings. Gambhir has scored at 22.6 in 5 matches. Gambhir has batted in tests at a fairly fast rate and h...

Can anyone tell me what Sachin was thinking?

If its Duleeps, it must be Jaffer
Guy seems to have some strange affinity for Duleep games. He scores big and vital runs for WZ in Duleep games. It was sad and frustrating that he was unable to translate that abili...

Ind v SL - UK coverage?
Does anyone know if (and if so where) UK viewers can watch India v SL? I've checked Sony TV Asia, Zee TV, Star and Setanta - nothing obvious - or I may have speed read and missed it. ...

Which bowler would you pick?
You have to pick your main strike bowler for an upcoming ODO. You are given their records over the past 12 months. Whom do you pick? And who would be #2? Bowler Matches Wickets A...

To the lucky b**ds in Canada -- live cricket.
.. for $15++ pm http://www.asiantelevision.com/cricket.htm

A place to mourn, condemn and discuss the pathetic state of Indian cricket
On the lamentable television show, Match ke Mujrim (Culprits of the Match), he has been voted chief culprit so often that they disqualified him on the last occasion. Nowadays you can log on ...

Nimal Mendis launches Sri Lankan Cavaliers Tsunami CD in the Long Room at Lord's
Nimal Mendis is one of Sri Lanka's greatest singer/songwriters - he recently played his hits in front of thousands of fans at two concerts in Colombo. Nimal Mendis recorded 22 songs on the D...

sachin's bat

Sri Lankan Cavaliers Tsunami Dinner in the Long Room at Lord's
The Governor of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Kingsley Wickramaratne is flying into London from Colombo for the Sri Lankan Cavaliers Tsunami Dinner. The fundraising event will take pla...

india vs sl thru dtv
guys just ordered india vs sl for 99. just call 1800directv they dont have any info on website but they do have the package believe me

Most consec wkts from the top by non-opening bowler
Someone had posted this question during the Eng-Aus series - what is the record for most consecutive wickets that from the top of the order taken by a non-opening bowler in a Test innings? ...

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