Proud cricketing nation, Australia
With just one match winning bowler in the team, the Australians defeated the best of the Rest. Well done Australia! Pundits thought the weakness of the Word XII, if anything, was bowl...

Border and Viv and the ROW captaincy in 1987
I had come across an article on cricinfo or somewhere else about the captaincy saga for the ROW in the 1987 match and why Viv was miffed when the captaincy went to Border and then went to pl...

Australia's surprising and unconvincing win
Before last night's game, I thought it most likely that the ROW team would win handsomely. I also said that, given the highly credentialled opposition, and Australia's form slump, if Austral...

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Batting ave >50 & bowling ave <20 in a Test series
Going over some old stuff, I came across an old inquiry about players who have averaged more than 50 runs with the bat and less than 20 runs per wicket with the ball in a Test series. The l...

Aus win emphatically !!
Truly amazed ? Was this rigged for viewership ? ~Adipoli

Will they bring in in White in 1st Inn?
Spinners have been doing well from WorldXI.. Ponting has Symonds, Clarke and Katich, but he may want to bring in White in the place of .. may be Watson. Not sure if the super-sub rule ...

Flintoff brought back to earth ??
8 overs for 54 runs, no wicket. The six Ponting hit over squareleg off him was lovely. Not sure why Pollock stopped Vettori. V has been bowling brilliantly, 4-1-7-1. Hope he'll ge...

flintoff off -color ?
I am not watching the match. But his bowling analysis doesn't look so good. A Flintoff (RF) 8 1 54 0 6.75 (1nb, 3w) Any comments from somebody watching-

Martyn Sawn off!!!
Martyn was sawn off!!! There was never an edge in that!! They should have sent it upstairs at least. Vettori only dived to stop the four really. After his tremendous series in Eng...

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Pass Mark to Gilly ...
Given Gilchrist's recent form and the quality of the opposition, his 45(48) will probably count as a pass mark -- not great -- but certainly not a complete failure. It was disturb...

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Isn't this Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism of Barbarian, Uncivilized Sri Lankan State Terrorists?
Bindunuwewa Massacre Sri Lankan mob kills 25 former child soldiers ASSOCIATED PRESS COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Oct. 25 - Angry that former Tamil rebel child soldiers too...

Aus v ROW ODO match 1 crowd
An embarrassment. Maybe 5,000 at most. Why are all 3 games being held in Melbourne? QCCCC theorists need not respond. cheers, Calvin

Jones to miss Pak tour
Read on the beeb that Simon Jones will be having surgery on his ankle, and will miss the tour to Pakistan. He hopes to be back in time for the tour to India (in February), but surely that's ...

Sri Lanka Development XI v NZ 'A'
I gather South Africa 'A' cleaned up the triangular one-day series during my absence. Anyway, on to the SL 'A' v NZ 'A' 'Test' matches, starting with a warm-up match at Colombo. ...

Predictions on ROW v Aus ODI
ROW by 50 runs/30 balls I don't see it being all that close, which is a shame because I've no doubt that there will be some very high quality play in amongst all that. ...

Beginning of the end?
Here are two news reports: Elbow injury may keep Ganguly out of Challenger (Oct 4) Under-fire Ganguly chooses practice over...

ticket for one day in India
any u guys know how to buy ticket for oneday game in India. I will be there nov 1 and was hoping to see India vs. srilanka at Baroda. but cant find any info for the tickets. any help woul...

Dhoni on Chappell's side

Does the ICC actually know when the super series starts?
The ICC website features one of those countdown clocks displaying how many days/hours/minutes/seconds until the Super Series kicks off. Earlier on Tuesday it was showing five hours to ...

new life for WI cricket
West Indies cricket needed some impetus to return to its glory days. Can this new deal provide that?

Are Full Toss Beamers Gamesmanship?
We were playing a game of league cricket over the weekend and one of our batsmen was playing extremely well. The bowler came in and bowled a screaming full toss beamer straight at our batsme...

Super Subs for the Super Series
Akthar for the World XI, I think.....

Tickets for Super Series ODI
Are the tickets for the ODI Super Series in Telstra Dome, Melbourne still available? Can I buy them off the web? No info about these tickets on Cricinfo

Viru and Afridi will open for World XI tomorrow. What a spectacle if they fire together and rattle up 200 in the first 15... Oh well, life is real and Pigeon will get under those expa...

Prediction Time: Stars of the Super Seris
I think Nathan Bracken would do well. I always thought his low dipping full balls were very useful in ODIs. I don't know how consistent he is these days. I thought he put some weight when...

Attn Prakash
Now that Colin has sent you the prize to last year's Cricket Quiz, how about posting us some extracts? In particular, did Colin inscribe it with anything like "To Prakash, with love"? ...

Did Bradman chuck?
Yesterday I was at the Bradman Museum with my son (he broke the ball again, but I managed to stop him purloining the stump), and we were watching some old footage of Ashes tests and I watche...

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