Good start for England
Having declared overnight England made quick inroads into the Patron's XI, having them at 22-2 after 7 overs. Anderson took both wickets although he's been fairly expensive, Hoggard on the ...

NZ-SL odos, Dec-Jan
Hi, A couple of questions for the Kiwis on this ng. I've managed to wrangle a little vacation in NZ around New Year's (woopie!) and to talk the wife into budgeting for a day at th...

Why is Gavaskar coming down so heavily on Venugopal Rao
and supporting Ganguly so much ? Whether Venugopal Rao should have or shouldnt played at number 3 in earlier match at Mohali is none of Gavaskar's business. He isnt the captain an...

Discounting the age-old traditional rivalry
with Pak, I have always enjoyed the Ind-SL rivalry in cricket over the past decade. Ind-Pak havent played many matches in the last decade with each other in a series, but India-SL rivalry ha...

A Tail of Two 183s
A Tail of Two 183s Once upon a time there lived two 183s. The first 183 was called 183-G that took 158 to come to life. The second one, 183-D, was delivered in 145 bal...

3rd ODI Highlights

Useless innings
This just in. Everyone has agreed that Dhoni's innings is overrated as the opposition was already demoralized because of the first two ODIs. Please tune in to our NZ feed to get the ex...

Scyld Berry - for a few laughs ...
From rediff report ( "If there is any cricketing intent behind the selection of Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Mumbai, it must be that the B...

Mahabali Shaka Dhoni + ODI 3 tidbits
MS in MS Dhoni now stand for Mahabali Shaka ( The sixes were a treat to watch! 1. Nice Gesture by Venu to let Dhoni score t...

Greatest Innings in a Chase
Considering that the next highest score was 39, does Dhoni's innings qualify as the Greatest Innings by an Indian in a chase?

Agarkar at #3
It is about time that the Indian think tank try Agarkar at #3 too. He is too fine of a batsman to not to capitalize on it. Atleast Dravid is not coming at the fall of an early wicket. I...

Useless YV Rao
19 of 39. Clearly trying to protect his wicket. Can't see how he is better than Ganguly, Sriram, or Mongia.

Re: ODI cricket - The Race to 200
Wow ! the wave was spotted back in Apr05! Dhoni almost got it - too bad the target was reached though there was enough balls to score. [email protected] wrote: > Wi...

Whether Sehwag or Gilchrist or whoever
gets their double century or not is something to debate about, but at the moment Dhoni is the candidate who looks to do it for sure. Also, I dont think sehwag and Dhoni think too diffe...

Both WKs scoring tons in ODIs
Does anyone have the list?

From PP's blog "Meanwhile -- when a bowler gets under pressure, his action tends to go a touch; Murali's is, unfortunately, going a bit more th...

Whats wrong with SL think-tank ?
Oh my god!! They've brought in Chandana(super-sub) for Samaraweera!!! Someone please explain the logic. Is Samaraweera that bad a fielder?? Why couldn't they replace Ja...

Oram supersub?
Really super didn't bat or bowl. I Agree with Coney, WHY IS HE THERE?? BRING BACK HARRIS

Q for Aslam/DP/Brian
Can you give the top 10 list of bowlers who bowled the 50th over of the innings, most number of times, in matches which were scheduled as 50 over per inning matches? (50th over, not las...

No-ball rule in ODI...
I was of the impression that ball sailing over the batsman in his normal stance is a no-ball in ODI. Has this changed now? ( Agarkar bowled one bouncer that went well over Mahela...

A silent hundred...
.. I mean literally.. There was no big cheering or applause when Sangakkara scored the 100. Wonderful spectators..!

SL top order...
The first three batsmen in SL batting order are their best 3. The rest are dummies. Is it wise for SL to expose their best 3 when the ball is new and swinging.. especially w...

Looking for Software for Club Stats
Hi. Our non-profit club, Nelson Bay Cricket Club, is looking for non-profit software to keep our player and team stats. Can anybody inform me of free software for this purpose or email me ...

why does sa send kemp so low down the order?
If he is the reason your team wins, dont you want him to send him a bit higher? atleast higher than Boucher? In the 2nd ODI, he faced too few balls to make any difference and I think in the ...

The Bell situation - 3
Mike Holmans wrote: > On 25 Aug 2005 08:36:55 -0700, "Paji" <[email protected]> > >> Instead of 'resting' him after the 3rd and 4th Test, > >>why not g...

msg to OLDTRAMP: is dead
The site has disappeared ...

Good assessment of India......
India eyes treble, Lanka unlikely to be third time lucky With back-to-back drubbings in Nagp...

Chris Hartley
It sounds as though Chris Hartley batted pretty well against WI in the tour game. Dis anyone see his batting or his keeping? Does he have a serious claim to being able to take the glov...

Myth Vs Reality
Myth Vs Reality: Is this about SG again? unfortunately yes. After reading several "cricket obituaries" on Ganguly, I thought there is one more credit where dues need t...

The Test team
Even though India have won their first two ODIs emphatically, they can still lose from here as luck with the toss can so easily turn. In any case, ODIs are little preparation for Tests. ...

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