Who is your fav commentator?
I used to like Geoff Boycott and Tony Greig cuz they were hilarious. But I would say that Benaud is in a different class. I am listening to his commentary in the Ashes and it just seems so n...

Thanks for the Memories.....
Apparently, Richie Benaud will commentate his last Test in England at The Oval next week. Interestingly, an article in CricInfo characterises Benaud as "cricket broadcasting's most comfortab...

Hodge in the field
Brad Hodge was in the field during the recents Tests for 'noticable' amount of time. Did Australia cover-up any injury to their Test players? Obviously, I trust Ponting's credibi...

Super Series - Australian Team
In an (unlikely?) event of an Australian victory in the fifth test , the same team will play in the Super Test. Probably MacGill would be in as the fifth bowler. Who would *you* ...

Who decides what is a disgrace to the spirit of the game.....?!
I think Sledging is a disgrace.... Shouting at umpires after being given out is a disgrace (a remark or a question or dropping of a jaw is not).... Screaming at the opposition's ba...

Jadhav replaces Tendulkar for Zim Tests

C&G Final
It's the C&G Final on Saturday, though I shan't be going myself. In the olden days, the last Test was on the August Bank Holiday and we had the knockout Final the following weekend, during w...

Numbers of players used in Ashes series
Hi, Lots of very knowledgeable people here, so I'm hoping someone can advise. Can anyone (CiL?) give me a run-down of the numbers of players England and Australia, respectively, ...

whats your vote for the worst LBW decision of all time!!!
My vote is for trecothick against india in a oneday in 2001. Pitched about WAY outside legstump...hit him above the roll. Made katichs lbw in T4 looked a good decision!!

Last Word on Subs
Australia has nothing to whinge about over the poms upgrading of the 12th man as Aust has had the best 12th man in the history of cricket. Billeeee Birminghammmm! Come on down!

Tendulkar pulls out of Zim test series

Kiwis in dire straits 149/7
Complacency ????? ~Adipoli

More on third umpires
Interesting incidents during the NZ-Zim odo. Off-spinner Ewing bowls to Oram, who hits back a checked drive. Ewing kneels and scoops a catch at ground level. Celebrations straightaway....

Bombay domestic team
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/india/content/story/217320.html The Bombay team has lost Bahutule, Kulkarni & Munaf to the Maharashtra team. And also coach Chandu Pandit. Wi...

Health fears for English Stars
More here http://www.thebladder.com.au/content/news/displayContent.asp?CID=3186&EID=317 Colin Kynoch

Question about weather in different countries
Is it possible to find out which country has lost the most days or the most time to rain? I have no idea how one would go about looking for such information. It would seem that England would...

Wicket-keeper Substitution
As we all know substitution has been a major issue in the Ashes at he moment (thanks to a cry baby). But, apparently Bangladesh 'keeper went out after 19 overs and returned in thr...

The Toss = The Ashes
Whoever wins the toss in the 5th and final test will choose to bat. They will win the Ashes.

No run outs
Just realised that not a single English player has been run out this series. This sounds pretty unusual to me - anybody able to produce stats on how often a side gets through a series witho...

subs rule rules...
Fielders full of piss and shit can't play good cricket....

Gilchrist's keeping - bad for his batting?
There is a theory going around that says Gilchrist's keeping has hurt his batting. Gilchrist's record shows something very interesting. Gilichrist batting record in the 1st ...

Ideal Result for T5
Australia 670-6d ( by late Friday) [Hayden 250, Warne 100*: both dropped by KP on 0] England 125 and 88 for 9 (by tea on Saturday) [Warne 12-45 for the match) ... the...

Sub time limit? If so why such a big fuss
Simon Jones latest column has the following: "After being run out by Gary Pratt, who was fielding for me, Ponting wasn't a very happy chappie. I proved I had an injury but f...

Non-Test playing 'subs' with cacthes in Tests
Here is a very long list of players who have never been selected to play in a TEST match however have taken at least one catch as a subsitute fielder. HF Mosenthal Eng v Aus ...

Alternative therapy for Jones
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/cricket/england/4196678.stm Maybe he can also get a few colonics & sleep with magnets under his mattress. http://tinyurl.com/d9d8f ...

Brett Lee enjoying contest with Flintoff
Read more on.. http://tinyurl.com/cykm3 Some interesting comments especially on the tight contests where he mentions they didnt deserve to win and finally his view on "dodgy...

Last born-and-bred Irishman to play Test cricket?
Hi all, I've been forwarded an article on Ed Joyce and his role in getting Ireland into the 2007 CWC. The second last paragraph of this article reads... "If he gets the...

FINALLY, TV rule on LBW's.........
DUBAI, AUG 30 (PTI) The next ICC Under-19 World Cup will be held in Sri Lanka from February 5 to 19 next year with 16 teams in action. The decision was taken yesterday at an ICC C...

Agarkar's last 10 games..
Ooops getting a bit ahead of myself here.. I'm sure that if Agarkar is dropped after a bad performance against a decent side, these figures will serve to tremendously boost his "record...

McGrath and Sarwan Sledge Match
I was sitting in the physio waiting room the other day and was reading some snippets about what really happened during the Sarwan/Mcgrath slanging match a couple of years back. ...

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