New York Times op-ed on cricket
Bowling for Democracy By ORLANDO PATTERSON and JASON KAUFMAN Published: May 1, 2005 Cambridge, Mass. CRICKET, the quintessential English game, is nonetheless one of the ...

County Cricket or State Cricket
Which one do you enjoy better? English County Cricket or Australian State Cricket. County Cricket is like the Champions League (soccer) of Cricket, but Australian Cricket breeds homegrown pl...

The Guildford Cricket Festival 2005
Surrey play Kent at Woodbridge Road, Guildford in Division 1 of the Frizzell County Championship (four days) commencing on Wednesday 20th July 2005. Play begins at 11.00 am. Pay at the gate ...

LTTE Gets Its Own Medicine
LTTE gets its own medicine. LTTE is the most brutal terrorist organisation in the world. This organisation receives hardly any attention from the western media for their attrocoties, ma...

Cokers! Its official
I guy goes to the shrink complaing of having an inferiority complex. The shrink examines him for a long time and then declares "Sir, you do not have an inferiority complex. You *are* inferi...

HHTC WI v SA T4 D2 close
Player scores: de Villiers (114) 138 W Hinds (-24) G Smith (126) 123 Gayle (3) Dippenaar (5) 7 Sarwan (-2) Kallis (127) 127 Lara (0) Gibbs...

The standard of English county cricket must be worse than I thought
Andre Adams - almost certainly the worst bowler to ever be selected for NZ - takes a hat trick for Essex against Somerset. Somerset must be truly awful...

HHTC WI v SA T4 D2 tea
Player scores: de Villiers (114) 138 W Hinds (-24) G Smith (126) 111 Gayle (15) Dippenaar (5) 5 Sarwan (0) Kallis (74) 74 Lara (0) Gibbs...

HHTC WI v SA T4 D2 lunch
Player scores: de Villiers (114) 126 W Hinds (-12) G Smith (126) 118 Gayle (8) Dippenaar (5) 5 Sarwan (0) Kallis (21) 21 Lara (0) Gi...

HHTC WI v SA T4 ruling
For those interested, I'm crediting the runout of Dippenaar as 40 to Deonarine, 10 to Best and 10 to Browne. I would prefer to go with CricInfo's crediting it solely to Deonarine since it wo...

Flintoff update for Uncle Alvey
Freddie says (today) - "Iíve been trying to step it up every day and I bowled around five or six overs on Friday at about 75 to 80% which is an improvement on just a few days ago and th...

HHTC WI v SA T4 D1 close
Player scores: de Villiers (103) 115 W Hinds (-12) G Smith (106) 139 Gayle (-33) Dippenaar (0) 0 Sarwan (0) Kallis (0) 0 Lara (0) Gibb...

Brainless Sinhala government and their Sinhala buddhist chavunist thugs in action - TAMIL NATION HAS LOST A TALENTED WRITER
Brainless Sinhala government and their Sinhala buddhist chavunist thugs in action - TAMIL NATION HAS LOST A TALENTED WRITER TAMIL NATION HAS LOST A TALENTED WRITER, SCHOLAR AND A POWER...

Ian Bell
Is Ian Bell a likely candidate for the Ashes?? Who would he be replacing?? Cheers Chacko

Wadekar eyes coach's job again
Shishir did you not claim that Wadekar was not keeping well??? Interesting that Wadekar was pimping for the job all along when he said there was no need to hire a foreign coach Sh...

All time Australian ODI XI
<tips hat to outsourcing for motivating me to post this> Adam Gilchrist Mark Waugh Dean Jones Greg Chappell Allan Border (C) Ricky Ponting Steve Waugh (1...

The limits of sledging
Apparently Warne and Chris Adams have just had a row over sledging. I personally have no problem with it - great contests (e.g. Atheron and Donald 1998) involved a lot of sledging, but is ...

Malik follows Malik Do people see anything wrong in this? Imagine this were a WC tourney wherein a strong team's loss would result a "much wea...

A new Cricket site: feel free to join
Hope that more users joining can help build the community, all are welcome to register and join, the address is: thanks *** Sent ...

Randon thoughts
Er, first time reader, first time poster. I've played and enjoyed both cricket and baseball for some years. I love watching both. Test cricket is the ultimate zone out, like going to sleep w...

Best innings you've ever seen?
For me, Graham Gooch's 154* v WI at Headingley in 1991 has to be a very strong contender. Amazing skill & concentration against an attack that included Walsh, Ambrose & Marshall. ...

Warne in the News
Something about sledging a player . Anyone have the facts ( well seeing its rsc something close to what happened ) ?

Sinhala Buddhist bastards silence exposer of Sinhala Buddhist brutality!!!
Body found in Sinhala suburb in Colombo [TamilNet, April 29, 2005 02:37 GMT] Unconfirmed reports say that a body of the...

First-class centuries watch
197 JB Hobbs 170 EH Hendren 167 WR Hammond 153 CP Mead 151 G Boycott 149 H Sutcliffe 145 FE Woolley 129 L Hutton 128 GA Gooch 127 GA Hick 126 WG Grace...

4-person Cricket with points???
I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find it. Is it possible to have 4 people play cricket with points (no teams)??? We can't seem to figure it out. It always ends up ...

All time Best XI
This might already be discussed at length, but what do you think would be the greatest team ever? You can include Bradman, Sobers and Tendulkar in the same team. And I mean for test matches....

Ron Grossi is the devils whore. He cheats on his wife with barnyard animals, male prostitutes, and takes it up the Arse! What a degenerate.
Ron spreads them for $5.00

Question for John Hall
How many different sponsors have there been for the various English domestic cricket Championship/tournaments? Since you seem have all the Wisdens (at least of the recent vintage), you proba...

World XI
Gavaskar and team is going to select World XI for test and 1Day-- Whats yours? My 1Day WORLD XI (off course, excluding AUS!!) Virender Sehwag Sachin Tendulkar Bria...

1 bil Indians deserved the humiliation by pakistan
Ouch......that hurt asimbhai big time.... asimbhai ([email protected]) ran away like a typcial white american christian government sadistic and perverted soldier who only f...

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