one day madness
first it was fifty/fifty, then it was twenty/twenty. it seems that popularity of modified cricket games is directly proportional to the attention span of the spectators. let's introduce...

Dunford and kiwis - Grant Nesbitt
Need more info on Grant Nesbitt - Did decent commentary during the 1996 world cup and some All Black games that year...since then havent got a chance to listen to him. Is he still around? An...

J Wilson golden one...huh?
The Golden one made a golden 18 and those golden overs he bowled,sighhh !!,only the great golden one can bat and bowl like that,what is this romance between the and the N.Z. publ...

Most runs in one over?
What is the most # of runs in the one over, and by who/which team? And, which book(s) are the best for cricket records like this?

Exploiting the time limit in 20 overs cricket
Random evil thought: If the batsmen take just 6 seconds with every ball delivered (6 balls per over x 20 overs = 120 balls) to kill some time in an 'acceptable' way (example: looking ar...

Clarke form slump continues.
Andrew Conn 17 February Micheal Clarke's worrying form slump has now extended into both his favourite batting position and another form of the game. While Clarke's ba...

Congrats Matthew Sinclair!!!
The 1st player to record a duck in three different froms of international cricket. alvey in briz, Obscure Stats'r'Me

Obstructing the Field
7.4 Kasprowicz to McMillan, one run, drops it as his feet, rolls back towards Gilchrist and they take off. McMillan covers the stumps as he runs Aussies perfe...

mute button
most valuable button on the remote with the NZ commentary team christ, they make the nein mob sound reasonable

Dalmiya: The blots thicken.
Make of this what you will. ------------------------------------------------------- Cricinfo: Jagmohan Dalmiya has declared that he has no interests in matters regardi...

Time Warp in NZ.
Fuck me! Turned on the teev just after the start of the 20-20 and thought i'd been transported back to 1979! Kiwi's wearing the fabulous two-poo outfits. Ye Olden Times white terry towelli...

20/20 on ABC
Is the 20/20 match on the ABC??

Cricinfo? OMG!
From cricinfo's online commentary... NZ have taken the extra effort of growing facial hair The NZ players are on the field Hamish Marshall sporting a giant afro head of hair Who th...

Oi! Holmans!
Please account for your movements yesterday:,,2-2005072792,00.html Andrew

Worcestershire signs Vaas
Worcestershire sign left-armer Vaas Feb 15 2005 Worcestershire have signed Sri Lanka bowler Chaminda Vaas on a two-month contract for the early part of the 2005 season. The ...

Dhoni in Gwalior
In the East vs Central Duleep Trophy game, at lunch on D2, the CZ scorecard reads: FY Fazal c Dhoni b Paul 0 SB Bangar c Dhoni b Paul 5 *...

Ashes 2005
The upcoming Ashes series is going to be one of the best series in the history of cricket. I think England will lose at Lord's but win at Old Trafford and at the Oval to regain the Ashes. ...

"Tiger flag is Tamil nation's flag" - Mannar Bishop
"Tiger flag is Tamil nation's flag" - Mannar Bishop [TamilNet, February 15, 2005 11:39 GMT] "There is nothing wrong in the Tamil nation raising its national flag. The Tamil ...

OT(not entirely) : News.Individual.NET not free after April 1 Peace, Lenin

the right moves makeing money at the speed of the internet
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Parents of 15 year old find $71,000 in CASH in closet! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Do...

Awesome Aussies
Awesome Aussies by Elmo Rodrigopulle Awesome Aussies. That is how best the Australian cricketers have been described for a near decade or more after their resounding victori...

Paul Collingwood's contact information
Hi, Can anyone here please suggest me that how can I contact English cricketer Paul Collingwood? I'd be extremely grateful if it is possible. Thanks! Tritha

NZ odo squad for first two matches
*Stephen Fleming Nathan Astle Mathew Sinclair Scott Styris Craig McMillan Hamish Marshall Chris Cairns +Brendon McCullum Jeff Wilson Daniel Vettori An...

Viswanath at Melbourne
When at Melbourne for the Boxing Day Test, I had many older and more knowledgeable Cricket followers tell me about Viswanath's heroics there in scoring a century in, IIRC, 1980-81. The peopl...

Hi, Where can I view videos of old cricket matches for free of charge? Those who know pls be kind enough to provide me the URL of those sites. Regards, Hifni ...

McGrath's targets
'Glenn McGrath has jumped in five months early to set his always-eager sights on a target for the Ashes and is torn between Michael Vaughan and Andrew Strauss. Australia leave for New Zealan...

TURN $6.00 INTO $60,000 really works
TURN $6.00 INTO $60,000 I cannot believe this ACTUALLY worked!!! TURN $6.00 INTO $60,000!!! IT'S SIMPLE AND IT'S LEGAL!!!!!!! Six Dollars! That's it! I had to at least try it! I fo...

No Sinhala Buddhist thugs in Sri Lanka but tourist and kids are raped regularly next to South Africa??
No underworld in Sri Lanka says IGP IGP says police is working hard to crack down the criminal gang...

Why arseholes of Buddha's disciples are lunatics as in Sri Lankan???
Thailand: The riddle of the South By Roger Hardy BBC Islamic affairs analyst Survivors allege they were ...

nsv on the waugh path
++++++++ .... NSW are a formidable influence on Australian cricket. We're the most populous state, with the most players, and we have a good performance record. It stands to reason we s...

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