Killer mystery disease in Sri Lanka
WHO team to combat mystery disease in Sri Lanka COLOMBO, Feb. 28 (Xinhuanet) -- A special World Health ...

Sri Lanka Is A Failed State under Buddhist Sinhalease
Yes, Sri Lanka Is A Failed State By Thamilan Feb. 27, 2005 According to Stoddard 'A failed state results when the leadership and institutions of the state are wea...

SBS showing Ashes
Heard something on the radio this morning about SBS getting free to air broadcast rights for the Ashes series. Anyone have any more details?

Ind pak live
where can I get to watch Ind pak online live? does anyone know??

was PWC(is LG ICC) rankings
Is there any other website where one can look at historical ratings now that PWC is not the sponsor of the Cricket ratings? Apparently " Historical records and extra functionality...

HHTC NZ v A T1 selections Cheers, Mike

HHTC I v P T1 selections Cheers, Mike

HHTC SA v Z T1 selections Cheers, Mike

Pakistan's test 11
Hi Shariq and other people knowledgable about Pak cricket. Could you let us know what the likely team will be ? The pakistani team I see for the tests is Taufeeq Umar ...

Indian selectors - a bunch of assholes
Indian selectors are a bunch of 5 assholes who don't know a shit about cricket. The problem is that Indian cricket has been hijacked by people who were shit in cricket themseleves and...

Consecutive 300-run totals in ODIs
Here are all instances where one side scored 300 or more runs in at least two consecutive Limited-overs International innings. The results at the end of the lines are from the perspectives o...

Consecutive 100-run losses in ODIs
Here is a list of sides who have lost two consecutive Limited-overs Internationals by 100 or more runs. NZ 123 v WI Gauhati Nov 1, 1994 107 v Ind Delhi ...

Consecutive 100-run wins in ODIs
Here are all instances when one side won two consecutive Limited-overs International matches by 100 or more runs. The winning margins are in the first column. 134 SAf (303-5) v Z...

LTTE is the only body that can give protection to the Tamil people
LTTE is the only body that can give protection to the Tamil people Eastern University community informs UN Secretary General The Eastern University community has strongly condemn...

SRT can go lick his own arse.
Jus hav a luk at the pic of Gavaskar at Does SRT even come remotely cl...

Indian XIV for T1
Some fairly bizarre selections, IMO, among the 3 reserves, though the XI is almost surely the expected one (except for those who want VVSL's head). Yuvraj for Kaif is a head-scrat...

Lee and more beamers
Did anyone see the beamer Lee directed at McCullum on Saturday? There seems to have been a complete absence of discussion about this here, though Roebuck has a lot to say: h...

S.Bond back.
S Bond is going to play for Canty in the next match in the State competition I hear,there is some hope for the Kiwis after all,lets hope he comes right soon,the black craps sure need someon...

All-Rounder stats
I am looking for a list of all-rounders who have 500 runs & 50 wickets. I have tried all the main sites but they only go from 1000 runs. Can anyone help? (Info wanted for b...

Sinhala Buddhist couldn't have crossed Lanka with lion fuck
Experts: Tamil civilisation over 4,000 years old Compiled by WANI MUTHAH, SYLVIA LOOI and S. ARULLDAS TAMIL civilisation existed more than 4,000 years ago, said archaeologis...

Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka victimized by Sinhala Buddhist!!
Sri Lanka re-directs tsunami aid Sri Lanka has so many tsunami relief supplies it is now distributing them to those unaffec...

MacGill gets the weekend duffer award
with NSW struggling to keep out the bowling, Packman hgitting the ball reasonably well, Williams about to be spelled in favour of Edmondson, Macgill, desperate to get away from the bowling, ...

NZ gotta find some bowlers quickly...
Arghhh.... No Oram or Styris... Vettori looks like he will be out for at least a match. No one in their right mind will bowl Tuffey again. And Mills could n...

Damien Wright -- Opinions?
Has bowled well (especially to lefthanders) and batted pretty well (450 or so) this season. Future in ODI ..? Fran

talking of boring batsmen ....
Greg Mail? Watching him bat must surely be up there with the chinese water torture. At one point ABC crossed to him on 97 for the impending century then had to leave and come back 12 minutes...

Terry Alderman to run naked around the WACA?
if Michael Lewis gets a spot on the Ashes tour. Stacky had recommended Lewis get a spot ahead of Tait who had "just not done enough". Now there's something to look forward to. I wonder...

Gary Keedy "I've been criticised for not scoring as many runs as I should do but looking at my record, and without being bi...

To Ken Higgs...
die you dork!

interesting Pak press articles This guy wants neutral umpires for the India-Pak series (in a time warp), and does not want Darrel Hairs (sic) and Rudi.

If you can't play sue your county.
Apparently so ; Chris Schofield and Jon Dakin are taking their respective counties to court.... Apparently CS is claiming he did not have an assessment at the end of the season. <...

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