Sabotaged relief reaching East of Sri Lanka?
Relief supply to Muslim, Tamil villages in Muttur sabotaged? [TamilNet, December 31, 2004 19:00 GMT] The relief supply ...

Sri Lanka making third tragedy for Tamils
First one is Sinhala army killing Tamils second one is Tsunami Third one is Sinhala government block the AID that goes with Tamils money and get AID showing Tamils death and...

Any news of CiL and the others
Colin Lord wrote: >Been too quiet. Hopefully they are OK and have much more important things to Hey me pretty okay Maan. My place didnt get affected by the tsunami, I just...

Youhanna robbed
Prakash Melwani wrote: I presume that you saw the incident. If you appeal for a catch, you must be convinced that the batsman has hit the ball unlike for an LBW appeal ...

Lehmann's last hurrah?
This just in ... Lehmann dropped for Watson, and Kasperowicz dropped for MacGill. Ponting just claimed that Lehmann was dropped for MacGill rather than Watson, and claimed that th...

South Africa
Right ok. Not being funny like but sa are pretty wank at the moment and we shouldnt take too much from this. I mean shaun pollock is class but without an "allan donald" at t...

1000 runs in the debut year
Strauss nearly missed it. AJ Strauss 9 18 2 971 137 60.68 Has anyone ever done it?

HHTC RSA v ENG 3rd Test
I'll get the ball rolling here. Give me Thorpe, Kallis, Harmison, Rudolph, Strauss -- JPD

FD AvP TC 3rd Test Selections
Please post in this thread. Note that Shane Watson, if he plays, will probably bat at #6 and so he qualifies as a non-opening batsman for the selection criteria of this TC. I am ...

HHTC SAvE T3 selections
? Cheers, Mike

HHTC AvP T3 selections
? Cheers, Mike
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Tsunami Disaster Relief - Get Involved
Tsunami Disaster Relief - Get Involved <...

Tsunami Disaster a Double Trajedy
Tsunami Disaster a Double Trajedy Coming on the heels of heavy rains and floods in the Northeast, mother nature has struck hard again with a vengeance. Massive tidal waves t...

Tamils in northeast are also human beings
Tamils in northeast are also human beings - LTTE commander [TamilNet, December 31, 2004 01:25 GMT] "The Sri Lankan government should not look at this as a Sinhala or Tamil i...

UK internationals next year
Do Leeds have any international cricket fixtures next year?

Indian age-group cricket
Kids cheating their ages has long been the bane of Indian cricket, and apparently it hasnt gone away :-) Polly Umrigar Trophy - national Under-15 tournament - at the QF knoc...

Question mark over Pollock for T3
Shaun Pollock was hit on both hands by Steve Harmison yesterday and has badly bruised index fingers on both hands. No decision will be taken until the morning of Jan 2nd.

20 years ago...
January 3rd. 1.30pm. Back from dad's office. Starving. Food not ready yet. Big feast planned. Guests invited. Why? Don't know. Don't care. Women overworked, running late. Hold your horses. *...

2004 Test Averages
Highest Test batting averages for 2004, min. 399 runs Name M I NO Runs HS Avg SR Tendulkar 10 15 5 915 248* 91.50 JH Kallis 11 21...

Intuitive computer software for Cricket scoring
Download an intuitive software program for Scoring a Cricket Match. It uses the familiar paradigm of the manual system without the inaccuracy and inconsistency of the Manual system of pen an...

I'm undefeated playing NFL Street Vol. 2 on Xbox Live
I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever lose a game or not. I've played about 15 different people and none of them are even close to being as good as me. In the last game I played, the guy c...

Relief fund match info,5478,11815934%255E11088,00.html

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunamis Relief Efforts Donation Sites

Salim Malik = Cockhead
"Cricinfo staff December 30, 2004 Malik, 41, also took a swipe at Shane Warne. "Warne has never been good against India, and if our batsmen played him with patience he wouldn't g...

England are killing cricket on TV
On a magnificent Brisbane summer's morning Alvey blearily wrote: Am catching up on the RSA v Eng 2nd Test via videotape and I'm just appalled. Once Upon A Time telecasts from the Repu...

Brett Lee's Future
Mike Holmans cited [email protected] (Fran) saying: >I read on Baggy Green that Lee was negotiating to play county cricket >in the UK. At the moment, I'd be against NSW droppin...

Drawn Test needing 1 or 2 opposition wkt/s
Here is a long list of Test matches which were drawn with at least 8 wickets down in the fourth innings. The sides batting last are listed second. The first column gives the target (Tgt).

Let us be civil
As the year comes to an end it is time to take a stock of what we did in usenet.I must admit that I behaved like an immature kid all the time.My apology to all and I promise that I will...

New "sport"?
Has anybody heard of a new type of hunting called "hunting for bambi"? Mind you, it's probably not real, and done strictly for entertainment purposes, but who would have ever thought of ...

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