Ganguly - What an insult?
According to Gavaskar in TOI "Home team advantage has to be there. I am surprised at some comments made by the curator about how he would love to see Ganguly do the lezim <...

Aus 1999/00 'Great', 2003/04 'Weak'
The averages at home of the 1999/00 attack which is supposed to be 'great': McGrath : 23 Fleming: 24 Warne: 24 Kasprowicz : 37 Lee: *debut* While the average...

Congratulations to Warne.
He has now taken 50 or more wickets in a calendar year on 7 occasions. It is also interesting to note that his two lowest years as far as SR are concerned are 2002 and 2004, so he seem...

Question for Aslam
How often has the wicketkeeper not had the mist catches in a Test series. Dravid currently has three more catches than Patel, so the new keeper has a bit of catching up to do to c...

Leading batsman dropped mid series.
Just wondering how often a player who is leading the sides batting averages gets dropped during a test series. As I noticed that the 'player' leading the Indian batting averages has

Tendulkar and Age catching up on him.. bullshit.
Sachin started International cricket in November 1989. Which means he is completing 15 years of cricket in a few days. Most of his dissappointing knocks from recent times have been

OT House of Flying Daggers
Anyone seen this? Or the other Zhang Yimou flick, Hero? -- Cheers, ymt.

Attn Aditya Basrur
Got a workable email address I can send a 2MB file to? Reply to my freeserve address. -- Cheers, ymt.

Gambhir or Jhadav
Who should open with Sehwag in the fourth test? Gambhir(GG) or Jadhav(DJ). GG (23 yrs) has a FC avg of 56 from 57 matches. He is known to be a fluent stroke-maker though ha...

Jadhav or Gambhir?
both are lefty, but appear to be natural right handers (bowl rh). Gambhir is a bit younger and appears to have been in the national test team frame a bit longer. Jadhav though appears to hav...

Nehra or Paul
With the zonal politics being rampant, I won't be surprised one bit if Shib Paul makes it to the playing XI ahead of Nehra. (If Ganguly gets fit for the Mumbai test). It may not be that...

Selectors 1 QCCC 0

Vass nearing a milestone.
An aggregate of 1998 and 2* at the end of Day 4. He will be third cricketer to pass 2000 mark without a Test century. Chauhan's second position is under threat - just 86 runs to ...

The Test match slips fast from the Lankans
Sri Lankans were well placed at the Tea Break on Day 4 with a 25-run lead and 7 wickets in hand in their second inning (295/3). Sangakkara was going strong. Drink break passed th...

The Australian / India Thing- The Final Frontier.
I think it's all over rated. Not so much now, as previously when saying what a great job Bill Lawry's team did. Lets face it. When Lawry and his team arrived no Australian had ever lo...

Story of Cricket
I was going through the BBC site after a long time. I found the page at It effectively seems to be an oral...

Runs galore in ING Cup
WA 329 (Voges 100 off 62 balls), NSW 6/325 (Haddin 120 off 110 balls). The Australian senior team's attitude to scoring is trickling down to state level and below. It is great to...

live cricket online
tune into for live cricket from the IMG cup + pak vs sl 4th day. cheers. marco.

Adam Voges astonishing IMG knock
100 not out (62), the last 50 from 24 deliveries. Anyone see it? Was the bowling crap, the batting lucky, was he just brilliant, or was it a combination of all three? His cu...

Now that the series has been decided
We should see some meaningless performance from Indians in test 4 at Mumbai Two people who immediately come to my mind are Sachin and VVSL. What do you guys think?

Four changes... One from each zone!!
Somewhat predictably, Patel and Chopra are gone! Yuvraj and Agarkar have also been asked to trudge back to their respective homes. Laxman is there... but only just? Cricketers who...

Sensational Win by the Aussies
So, the Final Frontier has crumbled. Well done to the Aussies. They were just far far superior to the Indian team and so, the better team has won. No doubt about that. Michael Clarke and Sim...

The 2002-03 Mumbai test between India and WI was special from an Indian p.o.v. because there was something in the composition of the Indian team that was happening after more than 15 years. ...

Sky News poll
Now that Foxtel is digital, one way of squeezing another $0.55 from subscribers is to vote on stupid questions. One was "which was the greatest victory of all?" and the options were

Aussie Cricketers in the Pipeline (Team for Ponting's Final Test)
Well, this may not be the time to think about the future of Australian cricket. However, with the oldest Test team among the current Test playing nations [Look at the ages in the batting or...

Parthiv Patel: End of the road?
Some folks in India have been so shaken by his ineptitude behind the stumps that they reckon his test career over, 4 months short of his 20th birthday! Points of interest, if this indeed is ...

Yet more stick cricket
Diverted once again by this annoyingly addictive game. Using the method described (play late, play onside), I've run up 215-4 against the offspinners, a slight improvement from the times ...

For people who are calling VVS Laxman to be dropped.
VVS Laxman in the last 6 tests (3 in Pak and 3 in India) had a chance to bat in 10 innings. OF which he scored one fifty and failed in 9. Yes, he is going through a bad patch and people ca...

Well the Black Caps are fucked,2106,3080505a1823,00.html "The Black Caps' next test assignment in Australia offers contrasting conditions to the subcontinent but Vettori will still rat...

Pitch deal hurts BCCI
The deal between CA and BCCI in which they would prepare opposition friendly pitches for one another seems to have benefited CA more than BCCI.

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