India - Start preparing for the Aussies
Indian Think Tank needs to start preparing for the Aussi tour instead of playing blame games. Yuvraj Singh & Sehwag need a break. Give somebody else a chance. Our biggest strength...

Good for Harmison ...
... pulling out of the Zimbabwe tour citing "moral objection to President Mugabe"! Now, perhaps if the rest of the squad develop the same sort of backbone and pull out! CD ...

Parky chats up with Fred Trueman
++++++== Michael Parkinson talks to sporting legend Fred Trueman. The first genuine fastbowler in postwar English cricket, Fred played for Yorkshire for nineteen years and for Eng...

Destroy BCCI for Indian cricket
BCCI is owned 30% by ICC and the damn body runs the richest franchise in Indian sports. Where are the left parties and their fear of foregin ownership. The ICC has not invested a single dime...

There goes the Border-Gavaskar Trophy
The way the indians are batting right now, all the test matches are going to get over within 4 days. They really need to pull up their socks. I mean, it is Ok if you are rusty for a couple o...

NZ selectors see half of the light
Craig McMillan has been given the elbow from the Test squad for Bangladesh, which is all he deserved after the way he batted Lord's. An obvious replacement was available in Mathew Sinc...

when did min overs for Duckworth Lewis become 20
wasn't it 25 ??? is it just for champions trophy... effect of 20-20 ???

Hayden was right
There is proof and so there is pudding. Look at Gibbs in SA v WI. Nervous at first he then gets his 50 and starts heading for the magical figure that will get him headlines and adoration in ...

AQB ODI Ratings (20 September 2004)
The AQB International Cricket (ODI) ratings have been updated to 20 September 2004. Little change in the latest International Cricket (ODI) ratings, after the final round robin m...

Perfect Timing
Good thing about IND-PAK match is Murali is out of newsgroup. Entire day MFNG (Murali Free NG) and now just bfore I am going napping LDS guy is again posting Murali subject. Which is good ti...

Omission should not bother Murali
Omission should not bother Murali Muttiah Muralitharan's omission from the team of the year has caused such anguish in his homeland that it might easily have been thought that he had <...

Who should be rested now (Indian One Day Team)?
The candidates are - Sehwag Laxman Yuvraj Gavaskar Kumble Nehra and Ganguly (not yet but may be soon...)

This is why I am suporting Ganguly Puttar
Please read words first: **************************************************************************** Sourav Ganguly blamed his batsmen for India's defeat to Pakistan in the...

Pargats Award for Posting of Week Weekending 9/19/04
Best post Award for week is going to Puttar who is asking to start diferent newsgroup for Murali. Most original and refresing and thoht-provking sugestion. Kudoistic efart. Sorry I could not...

R(e) Pargats money on England.
Clarifikation Puttars. Warne not playing. So England without doubt. Pargat Singh

Looking forward to England v Australia
Well actually I'm not because I think we'll get caned, but nevertheless I'll be watching it. It seems to me that we've become obsessed with Harmison and Flintoff, almost to the ex...

Looking for critical references to Mankading and googlies
Greetings. I'm trying to track down references to the following: 1. Critical remarks made by Australian press or cricketers in response to Vinoo Mankad's "Mankading' Bill Br...

Agarkar v Tauseef
Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St Agarkar 21 420 109* 14.00 1 0 52 6/41 44.34 1 4 0 Tauseef 34 318 35 17.66 0 ...

Pargats money on England. I am smeling Ashes.
After long time match other than India involving is excieting for me. This is having smell of ancient Ashes series when both teams level. Like as in Tony Greig vs Ian Chapel. After mismatchi...

The last four months (sic) - Ganguly.
Ganguly speak : "We've not been batting well for the last four months," 4 months !? Let us see - The season started in July with the Asia cup (July 15/16) - that make...

it's settled then - Tendulkar is the key
Tendulkar et al took us to 10 finals now we did not even qualify

R(e): trubble at
Wise guys like me are using google to posting and kornet for viewing. Pargat Singh

Can India win Odi matches without SRT?
Please discuss.

Downward path at #7
We have seen it and now comfirmed - the speedy plummet downwards of the Indian team. Just a few months ago, there were people in important places claiming to be the #2 team i...

clarifications on No-ball situation
Say the ball is called a no-ball, I hit the ball high in the air and cross for two runs. The ball is now caught by a fielder. Am I granted the runs 'of the bat', or are these runs not consid...

Pargats review - IND-PAK match
Good job by Indian bowlers after demoralicing job by bating Putars. It seems comon heritage from Gavaskar days that if superstar of team not playing team is going down drain. Same case with ...

Agarkar crosses 1000 runs
He joins other illustrious Indian players like SRT, RJS, MP, KD with 1000 runs + 100 wkts. If treated fairly, very soon he will be the 2nd Indian after Kapil to have 1000 runs + 2...

Good Match( Ind vs Pak)
Excellent fight from the Indians ! I expected Pakistan to blaze thru to 201. Thanks to Pathan who made this possible.( I know he messed it up in the final overs!!) Wonder when the Indian b...

Gavaskar is MoM and MoS of ICC Championship series
I'm not saying that India can beat Australia if Tendulkar is able to play in place of Gavaskar. But Gavaskar was certainly the difference between the 2 teams in the nail-biting contest that ...

What a match!
Congratulations to Pakistan on their 3rd consecutive win over India. Well fought by India. Despite the loss, India shouldn't be ashamed for they fought very well. The match was equally poise...

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