Brief report on ProCricket final match (NJ Fire v SF Freedom, 3 Sep)
Last night was the finals for the first season of ProCricket, and I was there. The New Jersey Fire were facing the San Francisco Freedom on their home ground, and calling the Comm...

Brief report on ProCricket semi-final match 1 (NJ Fire v SF Freedom, 28 Aug)
The New Jersey Fire earned a place in the ProCricket finals on 28 Aug by beating the Texas Arrowheads in a match that went right down to the wire, in several senses. New Jersey wo...

Re: Who will replace Tendulkar now?
Numero Uno wrote: > Mongia, Badani, Gambhir, or someone else? Mongia has been named as the replacement.

Who will replace Tendulkar now?
Mongia, Badani, Gambhir, or someone else?

Calling Sadiq
Hey Sidi, I'll be in Chicago Sept 7 and 8 -- I'm catching a couple of Cubs games, but maybe we can get together before/after one of the games... Email me... ...

Bangalore's gonna be brutal -- stupid $#*($& scheduling
Pavillion tix -- check (ok, still working on the pavillion bit) Air Tickets -- check Lodging -- check Indian team showing up at Bangalore??? -- oops Man, am I going to ...

Man among boys??
Pathan 10 1 58 0 (4w) Balaji 8 0 77 0 (1nb, 6w) Agarkar 6 0 60 1 (1nb, 2w) Harb...

Seems Freo players will do almost anything to play finals football.
From the AFL article on the Essendon v Melbourne game today. "Best: Melbourne: Yze, McDonald, Robertson, Johnstone, Miller, Brown, Rivers Essendon: J Johnson, Solomon, Murphy, Hille, H...

Urgent!!! Wanted Questions for interviewing Tinu Yohannan and Sujith Somasunder is interviewing Tinu Yohannan and Sujith Somasunder in about 3 hours from now. We request you to send in your questions and we would get them replied by the 2 pl...

Ganguly - how to bowl at him in ODIs
Just watching yesterday's and Wednesday's game, it struck me that while England have got him fairly cheaply, Ganguly can be a very awkward customer in ODIs. He's been around a lon...

Re: This table proves Hyden wrong
Take it easy wrote: > "India Fan" <[email protected]> wrote in > news:[email protected]: > > > Take it easy wrote: > &g...

Re: Drop Rohan Gavaskar and play Karthik in the last game
I suggest moving Sehwag down the order to no.5 and have Laxman open with Ganguly. Also I would have Nehra in place of Balaji. So my XI would be Ganguly Laxman Dravid

Re: This table proves Hyden wrong
Lenin Maran wrote: > "India Fan" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] > > I like only centuries because it makes ...

Re: This table proves Hyden wrong
Shariq A. Tariq wrote: > "India Fan" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > > The topic is not about who has a...

Re: This table proves Hyden wrong
Mad Hamish wrote: > On 1 Sep 2004 20:51:48 -0700, "India Fan" > <[email protected]> wrote: > > > > >Andrew Dunford wrote: > >&g...

What makes the Eng bowlers tick?
sky sports video at

Slater is pretty decent at comm box
It was a pleasant surprise.. Not bad at all. Good Slater Bhai. CiL In India where two channels telecast the match, one in hindi with Akram, Waqar, Arun lal , shekar suman! n...

Aus Vs Pak at Lords
Live Commentary at schedule at

Re: New Indian Team
Lenin Maran wrote: > "Numero Uno" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] > > > > It is not ...

LUCKY Kaif given NOT OUT
Giles who should have dismissed Kaif with his fifth delivery, as the ball came off pad, arm and glove and was caught by Geraint Jones behind the stumps. But umpire Mark Benson was unsighted ...

Drop Rohan Gavaskar and play Karthik in the last game
Sehwag Ganguly Laxman Dravid Kaif Yuvraj Karthik Pathan Harbhajan Kumble Balaji

To CLOWNS CiL, Numero Uno, Amit Malhotra, Loony Tunes et al
ODI stats for Indian team in 2004 so far. Mat I Runs Ave 100 Laxman 21 20 703 43.93 4 (3 MoMs) Tendulkar 18 ...

To Squarecut with Love
You are SHITHEAD CUM PISSHEAD CUM MAHA-MAHA-CHUTIYA as Joginder JeeJaJi would put it. HAHA. Got you. You read my post, but I cant read yours since I killfiled you. Go and change your stinky ...

Hey RACIST AMRIKAN SHITHEAD reigut, First go get a DNA test and find out your REAL GENETIC FATHER. There was a one hour tv program on CNN recently about ADULTERY in A...

To SHITHEAD Pargat Singh and other KAIF LOVERS
To all of you Kaif loving SHITHEADS, Kaif is STILL MEDIOCRE. The last two matches are NO BIG DEAL and DID NOT win matches for India. Laxman played MANY INNINGS like th...

Re: Indian team without Tendulkar is worse than Bangladesh
.....worse than nething. --- [nSr]

Bad performance and yet another reward for Ganguly and Pathan
Saurav and Pathan to root for Tata Indicom September 03, 2004 16:22 IST Mobile services major Tata Indicom on Friday made an entry into prepaid segment by launching i...

Looks like "FAISAL SHARIFF" moved to Indian Express from Rediff
No need for panic, but the soul-searching should go on FAISAL SHARIFF Posted online: Friday, September 03, 2004 at 0125 hours IST LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2: At the imposing Lord's...

give credit when credit is due
That goes for Sri Lanka and England. FWIW, SL's thrashing of SA was completely unexpected. I for one, never thought it would be 2-0 and what if it was at home. Engl...

An Interview with MSK Prasad's Interviews : M.S.K.Prasad Original Link : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

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