Indian team for T1
With the way things have gone in the practice match, the 11: Sewhag Yuvraj (not that I agree with this, but i will trust gangs more than myself) Dravid Laxman ...

Ind-Aus TV / BCCI mess
Here in India, the BCCI imbroglio is getting quite some press. Front page news on many major papers, with the latest development being the Maharashtra Cricket Board filing suit to set ...

Disapearing and Reapearing
Aaaaaaaaaaargggh OYYYYYEEEE! Aaaaaaaaaarrrgh!! Ouch!! Now you will ask Pargat what hapened? It is seeming disapearing and reapearing fenomenon is not leaving me. First Google groups is disap...

Sony Covering India vs. Australia Series
Hey Folks, Does this mean that Sony North America will be doing the same or will Dish make it available on PPV at an exorbitantly high price. I called Dish yesterday and they sai...

ind-aus telecast in the uk?
Hello, Does anyone know which channel is showing the india-australia test series in the UK? Would appreciate any info. Thanks. Meursault

Why play Clarke ahead of Hodge in the test?
Call me wierd,uncanny, this or that - it's a conspiracy, here is why. If Hodge plays, being a seasoned cricketer, he is likely to score a lot of runs, get a hundred or even bigger on...

Cricket's D(almiya)-Company targets coach Wright
Cricket's D-Company targets coach Wright [INDIATIMES CRICKET ] NEW DELHI, Sep 30: After Pawar, the next target for Indian cricket's D-company is likely to be coach John Wright. Th...

Cricket's D(almiya)-Company targets coach Wright
Cricket's D-Company targets coach Wright [INDIATIMES CRICKET ] NEW DELHI, Sep 30: After Pawar, the next target for Indian cricket's D-company is likely to be coach John Wright. T...

India's New Selection Committee
Kiran More (Chairman), VB Chandrasekhar, Yaspal Sharma, Gopal Sharma, Pranab Roy => Can't they find better cricketers?

To whom shall I address my appeal?
May either umpire give a batsman out? Or at least are there situations where either umpire may do it? If so, is an appeal considered to be made to both umpires simultaneously? O...

145 in last 10 overs
Pakistan scored 145 in the last 10 overs of their innings. Is this a record? Wonder if 15+ RPO in last 10 overs will ever become a reality Shariq

WICB pays Dessi Haynes US$50,000 ?
++++ The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has settled its long-running legal dispute with Desmond Haynes, a move that clears the way for the former opening batsman to play a more promin...

BC Pires chats with the Greatest batsmen of em all
ANDREW GANTEAUME thats who. ++++ ..Do we need to change the structure of the Board, then? That comes up often and, though I am no advocate for the Board, the <...

Indian squad for 1st test should be
Based on the class of players + recent form, the Indian squad for the Bangalore test: Sehwag Jhadhav/Yuvraj Dravid SRT/Laxman Ganguly Laxman/Kaif(if SRT is out...

Mumbai's surprise
The Mumbai team had promised that they had a few tricks up their sleeve. I guess the first of those is Powar opening the bowling....a la Dipak Patel! I am not sure if its such a good idea in...

I admit....
I was holding onto the Klusener legend - but after what Morkel did last night, I think we can put him to bed!

Mark Butcher :So I called up dad
+++++++++++ ...I love touring, but when things aren't going well for you or when your domestic life is in crisis, it can become a very trying experience. There is really no place ...

Pargat is Angrry. Konfusing and perplexing. BCCI thugs at working again
Please read below story. How come this richest cricket board in world is paying like chaprasi (peune) wages to working class people who working in office. This is very agravating and emotion...

Pietersen arrives with baggage
++++++++ ...But England's call did not cause an outburst of pride. He was abroad when selected and, receiving a phone call from a Nottingham paper, tactlessly responded that he wa...

Bowden criticises increasing use of technology Quoting: 1. "For lbws, for example, what good is technology?" he asked. "Are we going to u...

Symonds on Kaspa: He gets a wicket every four balls

Modifying a baseball pitching machine to a cricket bowling machine
Hi, I am currently investigating the feasibility of modifying a baseball pitching machine to a cricket bowling machine. I am based in atlanta ga and getting a proper cricket machi...

New BCCI Chairman on Ganguly
During India's Australia tour in 1991-92, Ranbir Singh Mahendra labelled Saurav Ganguly "guy with attitude problem". Ganguly countered that Mahendra was biased because he was at loggerhead...

Fire at The Wanderers
A match is taking place at The Wanderers tonight - SA 'A' v NZ 'A'. Camera shots in the latter stages of the SA 'A' innings started picking up a very fierce fire. The commentators were...

Solution to NZ's problems bowling at the death provided by NZ A.
In a magnificent piece of bowling, Martin and Walmsley manage to stop SA A getting 20+ in any one over denying them well at the end and only allowing an average of 14 runs an over off t...

Joginder Sharma will be selected now for sure (Ratra too...)
BCCI chairman is from his state so JOGINDER will be selected for sure very soon. On a flip side, it might be good as we need a alrounder for our one day team. Who kno...

ICC Global Academy in Dubai
"The Global Academy is a very exciting development not only for the ICC but also for cricket globally. Dubai is an ideal location with its ease of access for the cricket playing world ...

Tendulkar hopes for return Surely he cannot be serious. Wonder if this is some sort of mind games :-) Prakash

Indulkar all set for the Aussies Not a typo :-) And amazingly the Man may also play. Prakash

The Turbanator says he has a new trick up his sleeve.
If "Turbanator I" was like a horror film for Australia in 2001, "Turbanator II" promises to be no different. Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, nicknamed the "Turbanator" for his ...

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